When it comes to solidifying your team and using differentials it starts at the back. Just look at the ownership of the United defenders, who are the best defense in the Premier, yet no defender is owned in over 10% of leagues.  Diversity used to be an old, old wooden ship now it is your best friend.  Pick two good match-up based defenders with flair regardless of price and fill in the other three slots spending no more than 14.0m.  That strategy seems to be the best thing I can think of.  Like I said the differentials are there you just have to find the crucial key pieces and go from there.  It's like doing an actual puzzle, find the border pieces and work your way in.  Simple.  At the ned if the day you will see the big picture.  Week 9 is upon us and it has some UCL rotation risks so be wary of the news later in the week from the managers and always use common sense when bringing and dumping a player.  best of luck and here are the Wweek 9 rakings for keepers and defenders.  Cheers!
Listen I get that the ole moniker is the key to a good offense is a good defense, but they don't score the goals.  Or get the ladies.  Keepers and defense are predicated on the clean sheet.  It is a story as old as time and will never get old.  the differentials and variety of starting capabilities are what make defenders, more than goalies the point return parity of the official game.  Their prices dictate who and what we have and it steers us in the direction of affordability over form, and the elusive chase for the ever loving clean sheet.  with the occasional goal or assist.  With the international break finally caput we can get into the goods of fantasy for the next four weeks until the next international break.  Womp, womp.  So onto the here and now here are the week 8 rankings for the FPl.  Cheers!
Rankings are fun to do in general.  Add in the flavor of this week's fixtures and you have yourself some fantasy gumbo.  I get that the City/Chelsea fixture is the premium this week but don't let that steer you clear of playing top options.  Yes, they will steal value from each other, but that is more from the defensive side of the ball.  It is full bore on the offensive end and that is where we invest our fantasy goodies.  we want goals and i think this slate will have plenty.  The Leicester/Bournemouth match will be fun to watch as both teams are taking on a mini Liverpool defensive minded approach and will have the way with each other.  So if you are waiting to make your transfers now that the UCL is over by all means use my rankings as a guide to FPL futility.  Enjoy the week and good luck.  Cheers!
Now that the Champions League is finished for the week we can jump back on the FPL wagon and take a look at the match-ups that are more pressing in the official game.   Unfortunately rotations are going to be a major factor.  That and the injury to Paul Pogba.  His ownership is too much to look beyond.  My advice for him is this.  If you have owned him from week one then you can bench for the 2 weeks he most likely misses and not lose anything to your accrued team value.  If you only just bought him in the past 2 weeks then you can transfer out and look for some kind of reprieve for fantasy points.  But back to the rotation risks.  All of Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Everton are all at risk and the rankings will shy away from a few players that either played full 90's or that didn't see the pitch as much.  So be heady and keep your ear to the gossip for who will sit and who will play before making a atransfer this week in a trivial yet pivotal game week 5.  Enjoy the rankings and good luck.  Cheers!
So I saw It over the weekend, and while I didn't even come close to crapping my pants in fear (thanks hangover!), I'm about 99% sure that Harry Kane's fear of August shares a creepy amount of commonalities with that homicidal crazed clown creature; both of them enjoy floating through open space (Kane on the pitch; the clown in a mind-altering expanse of sewer pipe only Mario would be jealous of), speaking in weird accents (seriously, listen to Harry Kane give an interview sometime), have an affinity for the color white (duh), and lastly, they both enjoy making red balloons go POP! (metaphorically speaking, that would be the hopes/dreams of all Gunner fans everywhere; FFS that's not a spoiler! he's a clown, he owns balloons!) Whether or not the fear of August (Augustamphobia?) has an actual effect on Kane's past performances (it doesn't), it's good to see him conquering his "fears" and getting on the board with a brace, a very important and necessary step as he looks to become only the third player in Premier League history to win three consecutive Golden Boots. The other two are Prem Legends Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry, who were 24 and 26, respectively, when they won the first of their three Botas Doradas. Kane just turned 24 this past July and has two under the belt. To paraphrase another mildy entertaining movie, you're [once again] a wizard, Harryyyy!
So we attack the long first break of the year with some Week 4 goodies. As we all know, the basis of any good team is a good defense.  Without it, the goal would just be pummeled with shots and no goalie to stop them, making the score infinite.  That for the sake of all that is holy doesn't actually happen, so much like reality, fantasy has to have keepers and defense.  they round out every nutritious fantasy breakfast, and if played right can be more prosperous than some striker combinations.  For the sake of this week's match-ups though, the teams with some normal fantasy usefulness are turned into just fodder.  I am staring glaringly obviously at the City/Liverpool match which kicks of this week's action bright an early on Saturday morning.  So to start the week yesterday was Transfer ideas and targets and now come the cavalcade of rankings for your viewing pleasure.  Cheers!
Titles are the window to the articles soul.  So unless you are incapable of seeing an actual soul it is fairly cut and dry here.  Every week I look at the match-up, form and ownership of players, mix that with some common sense and a sprinkle of my own general "expertedness" and formulate a ranking system for you to use at home to help you build your FPL team from a week-to-week basis.  Sounds pretty simple, I mean the hardest thing you have to do is argue with them and actually read it.  So without further hullabaloo, here are the Week 3 rankings for the FPL, keepers and defense!
Welcome back all! We have two weeks down in the books, and I've provided some insight below into what I saw from a handful players, for better or for worse. Although I wish I could write about every player, remember that while we would to amass all of the players in the Fantasy Premier League universe, we are obligated to field a starting XI from your fifteen-man squad within the constraints of our budget. Hopefully some of these players below will at least be on your radar as you move forward with transfers and potential Wild Cards.
If this is your first time here, then welcome.  But for those of you that know the gist of this intro, skip down and add your comments.  Every week I run down the weekly match-ups of all the matches on the slate and rank them based on price, ownership, and matches.  I then coagulate those in a high powered juice-maker of FPL proportions and come up with rankings for the week.  Sounds pretty cut and dry, and with this being Week 1, it becomes harder to rank because we only know what we know. And don't know what we know, besides knowing what we don't know.  There is no pattern, and it is all speculation.  So this separates the guessers from the experts in some form.  So feel free to critique, give me guff, or just stop on in to pat me on the back.  The season is here, and here starts the first rankings of Week 1.  Cheers! It's also not to late to join and compete against me and others in FPL’s season long game,  of course you do its a rhetorical question.  Join the Razzball FPL league  188358-66431 and join me and your fellow Razzballians.
This is it folks, last round-up. Finish your pints and kindly please put your stools on top of the tables when you leave. In all seriousness though, it has been a pleasure to drop knowledge on you week in and week out for the FPL. I do it for the love of the beautiful game, you hopefully come for the fresh cold cuts and stay for the light sided humor. Either way you get me, and I hope I at least helped you at least once this year. So cheers for the read. On to the last week, plenty of fixtures that look tasty but how many transfers do we use post DGW and in most cases bench boost. I personally still have my all out attack chip and am on the fence if losing one defender is actually worth the extra attacker. Crazy, but defense is shifty consistent. My advice for this week would be to bring in as viable attackers as possible and let the scoring and the results of what could be a wild Sunday of fixtures. Go down with your guns out, shirt off and get that last yellow card for celebrating. So last and probably not least here are the week 38 FPL rankings. Enjoy!