With the end of the season in sight, it is time to announce that tickets are now on sale for the first annual Razzball pancake breakfast.  It is a bring your own eggs affair.  A dozen is good but the amount of slackers that we have that will attend it is best to bring a dozen and a half.  I will be your DJ in the kitchen cooking up hash browns on the ones and twos.  Not sure if anyone else will be accompanying me in the chef department, if not, so be it. I am used to going at things on my own.  So get pancake hungry y'all!  Now to the lecture at hand, week 36 is here and it gives us a real strategy look at what to do the rest of the way.  Whether you have the WC still at your discretion or not.  Two teams, Arsenal and Southampton have fantasy assets in name only this week as both teams only offer the extra set of fixtures and not the allure.  So don't go crazy with bringing in hopes and dreams of positive thinking this week and concentrate on Week 37 instead.  But for now stay here enjoy my rankings and hell even stay and leave a comment or three.  Happy transferring.  Cheers!
Yikes folks, three-game weeks in 10 days and if you don't have the need for adult diapers, now may be the time.  Excitement personified!  This is the last stretch run of games that come in succession like this for the rest of the year, and if you are big proponent of taking a minus and not having it affect you this is the time.  I say that because if you simply take a minus a week for the next 3 and set yourself up with one player for the week, and one for the DGW in 34 w/ United, Soton, and Palace... you will be ahead of the game and hold onto that coveted wildcard for the better looking DGW fixtures after Week 34.  But what the heck do I know? Enjoy the week.  Happy transferring and here are the Week 30 FPL rankings for all positions.  Cheers!
The whole hub-bub this week will be to take a minus or not. I don't care what other research of quadratic jargon that you peruse on a daily basis, that is the only question that matters. The quick answer here is do what you think is right by your team in setting yourself up to compete in Week 29. That is the more important question. This week is basically a wash and everyone, and I mean everyone is either working at a disadvantage to get a starting XI, or will take a minus to get there. The run out is more important than a four game slate that features a less then attractive depth solution to this week's problem. Get your team to 9 and then if you want 10 at a minus 4, go for it. If not, relax, be on top of your team for Week 29 so you can bring in Kane or Costa. You can think about midfield with Hazard and Sanchez and defensively you should be all set and gambling with the guys who get you through Week 28 until you are ready to wildcard. I am no genius in this, it is all common sense. Don't play follow the leader, play the I own my own FPL team game. Here are the sexy rankings for Week 28. Cheers!
With Blanks draw contempt. A brilliant man once said that, and that man was Wayne Shaw's brother Bernard Shaw. Smart guy, wandering transfer fingers though. So with week 26 here, and as I have so elaborately explained in the transfer post, don't be a lemming! Unless being a lemming in the transfer market is to defend your throne. If you are chasing points in your money leagues or mini-leagues, think differently. You kinda have to with the blank weeks and soon-to-be double game weeks. Going with the flow wasn't cool for the Fonz, so it shouldn't be cool with you. You think Pinky Tuscadero would have paid him any attention if he was boring? Hell nah. Where was I, oh that's right, week 26 rankings. So this week is broken down into basically defense and attack with midfielders and forwards coming your way manana, so stay tuned. But stay in the here and now and concentrate on the keepers and defense. Rostering too many blank players leaves you with a blank expression when Monday rolls around and you are sitting 10 points below the average score. So sit back, relax and enjoy week 26 because the roller coaster that is the FPL is now in full effect. Cheers!
International duty, or doodie if you have a three-year-old's sense of humor like me, is going to make some of the rankings this week a bit fun.  Yeah, I will use fun because it's really not going to be because speculating on stuff only makes me look bad and invites you to point the finger of your choosing at me. The news on Antonio Valencia and other South American based players returning on time for Saturday? Sunday duty is sketchy to say the least.  So if you own or have any inklings of going that route with your roster, I would strongly encourage you to look elsewheres.  So with that, we get into the clean sheet crapshoot purveyors, the defenders of both the box and goal line and like any game played it is tied to both luck and skill... unfortunately.  It is still a little early to completely rely on form of fixture, and I would still use my gut on the form thing.  If it look's like a duck and doesn't score like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  So keep that in mind as there are some interesting clean sheet options this week with Arsenal, Chelsea, and West Ham looking like stronger clean options, but others still exist like Burnley.  So good luck this week, Cheers!
The whole point of this ranking exercise is to get you, me, and the strange guy eating a portobello sandwich at the bus stop on the same page. The techniques for ranking teams, keepers, and defense is narrowed down to two key factors: Those factors aren't new by any stretch of the imagination and haven't changed in the years that I have been partaking in this fabulous game. The things to hone your skills on every week are form, and clean sheet predictability. Yeah, other things matter, like their favorite color... mine is Robin's egg blue if you were wondering, but for the official game, it's like making the same breakfast everyday for 38 weeks and enjoying the outcomes. So when you are analyzing who to roster or transfer in/out; look for those two things. So with Week 3 upon us and some mid-week cup action to either give us light or make it completely shaded we take you to the rankings for keepers and defense.
And so it begins...  People can write hundreds of articles prepping you and singing the praises of dozens of players.  To me, they all scream the same thing: "We are all guessing."  Fantasy footie is one of the true sports that scream beauty and fantasy worthiness is in the eyes of the beholder... that's you lads.  So this week at Razzball, I will be giving you positional breakdowns, starting with keepers today and Forwards by weeks end.  I am basing my rankings on a few factors: job security, team as a whole, and value.  Match-ups come and go with every changing week, that's why I give you individually ranked positions every week for the next 40 weeks or so.  So get comfy, litter it with your opinion, and here are the preseason rankings as I see it for the upcoming FPL season.  Cheers! Oh, and for giggles, I called in some of the industry elite in Kevin Devries @Kevrov ,and usual draft style specialist John Wallin, @Fantasy Gaffer of Togga.
BIG NEWS EVERYBODY! BIG NEWS! If you couldn't figure it out by the headline then you're not very good with context clues....Come on it says DraftKings dude....Well regardless of your reading comprehension skills we're in the DraftKings business! That's right, just like we do on the other sites, Yours Truly and The Smoke Monster will be covering Weekly EPL every Friday. Here in our first installment I'm going to break down the rules and scoring a bit, alert you of some sweet promotions, and in closing let you know who I'm buying this week. Sound good? Cool then let's go! First and foremost, scoring. As with any game in the fantasy universe being 100% aware of the scoring is important. How else are you going to know what to target? Right? This is where you nod. Are you nodding? Alright good! So scoring is as follows...
So, week in and week out, we will be giving you our loves and hates for this week in a segment called Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em.  We will each pick one option from each position, and then, for a bonus, we show you our genius line-ups for the week.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  The best part is, you get two opinions for the price of one.  We do this as a tandem, it’s the Smokey and Ralph show.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So, Week 11 has a slew of lopsided match-ups and two intriguing games on each end of the schedule. Fear not though, as there are no lopsided matches in Fantasy EPL. Well, there is if you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you are doing, or just don’t listen to us. So have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value.
Damn you Charlie Austin and your beautiful goal. If it wasn't for your tricky back heel I might have nailed my top two picks last week. Such as life, and the tricky mistress that is fantasy EPL. To rehash wins and losses, I won on Wojciech Szezesny, Fraser Forster, Ben Foster, Tim Howard, and Lukasz Fabianski. I missed on Hugo Lloris, Julian Speroni, Simon Mignolet, And Adrian. My biggest omissions were Tim Krul who I embarrassingly ranked way too low at 17 and Joe Hart. Hart played great in last weekend's Manchester Derby and you'll see he's tops on our list for round 11. So maybe last week I let my United allegiances get the best of me. Shoot me okay! Onto the rankings!