The long drawn out week is going to bring out the dreaded "R" word.  That word is: rotation... maybe.  With two teams playing three games in a weeks time and some playing two in 4 or 5, fitness is going to be tested this week as we steam towards the end of the Premier league season.  Trust me, I don't want the rotation stuff to even be a remote possibility, but in some sense of reality, it is going to happen. With nagging injuries, formation switches, and the bottom teams fighting for relegation, it just seems way to obvious of a stitch that some strange names may rear their faces and ruin the fantasy party.  Writing the lede for the rankings is the hardest post, because it is all cut and dry stuff... look up a guy see where he is ranked.  So if you made it this far into the opening, good on ya.  If you skipped it, don't really matter and don't let me waste anymore of your time.  So without further adieu, here are the Week 35 FPL rankings.  Good luck on the DGW setup and with this week's transfers.  Cheers!
The DGW makes rankings seem like a person who has a stutter.  Every third guy is from the same team, and are basically only enticing because of the extra fixture.  This week, that is not the case.  The fixtures are bordering on blah and the options to gain fantasy aptitude are limited.  Yea the Palace players seem interesting and then you realize their opponents.  Then you move onto United and realize that, who do you really trust there?  Then you have Middlesbrough who's favorite soccer stylings seems to be stuck in neutral.  Not very appealing my friends, like I said.  The best case scenario for the week is to take a minimum hit transfer wise and bring in the usual DGW faces that you hear about all over the inter-webs, and of course use some of that good ole common sense. So good luck with transfer ideas and enjoy some DGW rankings for week 34 of the FPL.  Cheers!
The conclusion of the third match-week in less than 10 days is always fun for me because it actually allows me to do nothing with my life but rank, write, and then write some more. I do it all for the love people. So the one thing that jumped out to me for this week is that there might be a bit of rotation coming up for a few teams. Most notably Chelsea, and at least for this week, Leicester. Chelsea is basically 2-3 wins away from clinching the league title outright and may just start tinkering with their roster just enough to make it fantasy hell for everyone. So don't be all surprised when it happens, Uncle Smokey told ya so. The second team is Leicester, who have a more important game in the Champions League coming midweek. Now they seem to be sorta safe from relegation and that tournament is way more important to them right now. Once again, I hope they don't take Vardy or any useful pieces away, but anything can happen in FPL. Enjoy the Week 32 rankings and comments are always solicited. Cheers!
I sorta love it when retread guys come back around and become a viable fantasy entity and a must-own. That is basically what is going on with Jamie Vardy. Dude is on fire, is an unstoppable force, and I may want to reckon with him from a rostering standpoint. Who am I kidding, I am definitely rostering him. I want this guy on my team regardless of fixture right now. Form is winning out and the 5 goals in his last five speak volumes. The better part is that he has 7 goals and 2 assists in his last nine, all comps. So he has basically been in the zone for the better part of six weeks. His price continues to rise and as it sits right now he is a cool 10.0. The forward ranks are becoming a bit more puzzling as we enter the home stretch and it becomes more of a decision making process, rather than a "Well I will take the three best guys. Vardy, in my mind, has entered that Kane, Lukaku, Ibra, Costa and Aguero group. Which is good for chasing points as it seems that there isn't a template, knocked on three and it falls on personal preference. So with that here are some other ideas and tidbits for the FPL Week 32 transfer window. Cheers!
The whole hub-bub this week will be to take a minus or not. I don't care what other research of quadratic jargon that you peruse on a daily basis, that is the only question that matters. The quick answer here is do what you think is right by your team in setting yourself up to compete in Week 29. That is the more important question. This week is basically a wash and everyone, and I mean everyone is either working at a disadvantage to get a starting XI, or will take a minus to get there. The run out is more important than a four game slate that features a less then attractive depth solution to this week's problem. Get your team to 9 and then if you want 10 at a minus 4, go for it. If not, relax, be on top of your team for Week 29 so you can bring in Kane or Costa. You can think about midfield with Hazard and Sanchez and defensively you should be all set and gambling with the guys who get you through Week 28 until you are ready to wildcard. I am no genius in this, it is all common sense. Don't play follow the leader, play the I own my own FPL team game. Here are the sexy rankings for Week 28. Cheers!
When is being too offensive too offensive? This is fantasy, so anything goes really. I mean, the term fantasy and play goes as far as to include Magic the Gathering and D&D. So with loose terms come loose terminology. I read that on a fortune cookie the other day. So make fun of the machine that wrote that, not me. But is stacking your offense too much off a good thing? I say hell no! However, if you wanna spend your allotted money, be my guest. This week sees four of the top fantasy producing teams; Arsenal, United, Chelsea and Liverpool, all with favorable fixtures that are most certainly (or we hope) to give some fantasy goodness. So with thinking positive thoughts and some luck for all, here are the Week 22 Fantasy Premier League Rankings. Cheers!
Boxing Day Rankings!  That alone should be all that you need, but I have the gift of gab.  That and I think I am funnier when I am being all didactic.  The Monday slate is the goods, and then two solo games to follow.   Then a day of rest and then back at it again.  So the action in the FPL is fast paced, and not for the casual fan.  Which, if anyone is paying attention to the words around the Twitter speak, the zombie teams number (39%) is a staggering number compared to the number of teams.  I think that number is skewed by the number of teams who started bad and set the reset button, but whatever.  To each their own, I believe the expression is.  Regardless, we are in the here and now of Week 18 and here comes the FPL rankings for all positions.  Good luck with your transfer choices and Happy Holidays!
This month is like a whirlwind covered in toasted almonds. Three match weeks in 8 days, and it only gets worse here after for the Smoke Dawg. With matches upcoming for Boxing Day and thereafter, there won't be a day off starting that game week until January 4th. That;s right that is like 9 days of consecutive football. So let's not get ahead of ourselves and concentrate on 17 and let 18-20 figure it out. As always, the rankings are based on the metric of form, fixture, and sense. So for you following at home, that would be FFS. And when something goes wrong, that is what we can blame and then shout what FFS actually means at someone close to you. Not at me, though I probably deserve it. Here are some rankings for FPL Week 17. Cheers!
Short weeks lead to an abbreviated schedule... Everything feels rushed and out of sorts.  But rankings are rankings, they gotta be done.  So this week, I called in some helper elves, because why not?  Tis' the season for FPL cheer.  So I brought in my PIC to give me his perspective for the Week 16 rankings.  Kevin DeVries (@Kevrov) handles basically everything fantasy-wise that I do, and is my co-host on two separate podcasts we do together.  So if I trust him, you should as well.  He will handle the Keepers and Middies below, and I will tackle the Defense and Strikers.  A collaborative effort amongst the masses.  Here are the Week 16 FPL rankings for all positions!