Doubles rule the FPL world, just like O'Doyle rules the Billy Madison world.  We are here at the ultimate in fantasy weeks, the last double of the year.  Last chance to but through that ton score threshold and capitalize on those chip (whichever you are using).  With 12 teams doubling up it gives us some tough decisions transfer wise.  Who do we use in the forward  position/  How many single game week players do I trust?  If one or two, whom?   All tough questions because there are so many great in form single game week players, but two is still greater than one and 180 minutes trumps 90.  So transfer wisely when it comes to committing to single game week guys, no more than 2 should be gracing your entire roster and one of them is the back-up keeper.  This week's rankings much like other double game week affairs will be littered with twice the flavor for my love towards weekly returns.  So if you are torn between one guy or the other use my rankings to steer you to the promised land of fantasy points.  Enjoy the week's games and I'll see ya tomorrow with the start's and sit's.  Cheers!
We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called “Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em”.  You should know the drill, but if you don’t, we pick one option from each position.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  It is more based on my feelings and gut approach for the week’s upcoming and changes from week-to-week.  I look at match-ups and form to formulate my craziness.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Fantasy Premier League Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em, Week 36 (plus a sleeper/under-owned fella that should be owned and isn’t.)
The elephant in the room.  The question that is firmly on everyone's mind. It's an easy one too.  Just look at your team and see that high scoring, 99% owned midfielder.  The one, the only, Mo Salah.  Now with the season only five weeks long, where does the seven come from?  It is easy actually.  That is the number of fixture that other FPL assets have as compared to the little ole 5 that Mo has.  The only tough pill to swallow is watching all that retained value get flushed down the toilet from all the gains that Salah has garnered to this point from when you bought him.  I say soooo what!  You don't need it.  Going into a thumb wrestling battle with 20% more thumbs is a win my friends.  So with the double gameweek her and staring us clear in the mug the term for this week is there are no allegiances anymore on your team.  The template is gone.  the options are a cornucopia of abundance just one click away for you to delve into the depths of differentials.  The transfers of titulations.  You get the point. Be different this week, don't go for the most popular guy, but if you are sans chips left transfer wise because 7 fixtures is better than 5.  Cheers!
Welcome back several friends and the guy who doesn't take no for an answer.  The FPl is back this week with fervert news and scheduling...finally, for the DGW. We all knew it was coming, but were a little leery on the who's and where's.  No worry here we are three weeks before the double in full set-up mode.  Whether you are using your assortment of alloted transfers every week, or using those valuable chips that you have been hoarding like that guy on Hoarding.  It makes sense just a slice bit redundant.   So this week you are either setting up for the DGW or you are setting up for the DGW, theres zero in between ground.  the double teams for week 34 are Burnley, Chelsea, Leicester, Bournemouth, Brighton, Man United, Spurs and Southampton. I know that you knew them already but healthy reminders are the preemptive set-up to the whole entire writing thing.  The best thing about this week in comparison to the last double week is that there are actually more than one team with reliable FPL options that we can bank on.  Also, just because the DGW is in three weeks the next week thereafter is a blank week for a few teams than that is followed up to game weeks later by another blank. Cafune went over strategy yesterday, so now we are firmly entrenched in week 32 transfers.  So sit back relax, grab some cool ranch Doritos and listen up.  Cheers!

Oh the weather outside is FPL frightful. Dum, de dum delightful. The weather is definitely a blind pimple on the face of the FPL heading into this weekend’s slate of fixtures. Hell it is going to affect today’s Arsenal/City clash.  So if and a big if that they do play rankings are the pivot point to a transfer strategy.  Please, blog, may I have some more?

In a week built to attack the lower level squads, I am advising everyone to treat this as a one off week.  Pick guys that help you now.  Whether that be defensive matchups in your favor like Stoke or Swansea.  Or even on the offensive end with Bournemouth and crazy as it may seem Brighton.  The lower level clubs for me are getting a ton of my fantasy eye as we steam roll toward week 28 and the potential for fixture shuffle.  The best part of that is that we will have a full two weeks before the next game week to totally overthink our teams and mess with it six ways til Sunday.  So if you are having a debate in your head for transfers this week, pick the better matchup as you see it on paper.  In form teams right now aren't the ones you may expect.  If at all possible to go into week 28 with a second free transfer by all means do it because Arsenal and City may be blanking there.  One extra in the bank is better for the heart, mind and fantasy soul.  Enjoy the week 27 fixtures and happy transferring. Cheers!
Short week means a robust, yet fast approach to FPL week 26.  Condensed into two days, we give you all the same content, just at the expense of sleep and in all actuality some news that is ahead for the next game week of 26.  With Riyad still MIA and the United and Chelsea attack's stalling last week it should be an interesting week of gambling from a transfer perspective.  Teams like Stoke and Bournemouth have decent upcoming fixtures and are the source of some really cheap and affordable differential type players. Don't forget about the looming blank, and double game weeks that are on the horizon.  If you have transfers that will help you now and later than look at the blank percentages for those upcoming weeks and invest wisely in those.  The blanks and DGW are where we all make up differences in mini leagues if you are into that type of thing... you know actually competing.  I am not one to really talk in that department as I continue to guess wrong on my transfers, but steer everyone who asks in the right.  Cie la vie.  Still having a blast reporting everything possible FPl for the Razzball universe.  Good luck on the transfers and think for yourself not with the masses.  13 weeks too!
As good as the offensive big wigs look this week, and we will get to them tomorrow.  The stoutest of the stout, the purveyors of the clean, the dukes of denial are looking very good this week.  As I stated yesterday the cream is definitely separating themselves from the rest of the field and that doesn't change on the defensive end of the ball either.  With great match-ups on paper for the better defensive teams, like City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and United the rankings this week will be littered with the likes of those teams integral players.  Better teams better chances for CS results as a probability scale dictates usually.  Don't get me wrong gambling is good when you don't have the funds to be a defensive laden team with assets from the top 6 team all at your disposal.  This unfortunately isn't the case in salary capped leagues where funds become limited, so i will mix in some of my favorite low investment players into the rankings here and there, but for the most part it takes money to earn the CS points this week.  Here are the week 24 FPL keeps and defender rankings.  Good luck and Cheers!
A good exercise with 15 weeks remaining is to look at the top five players at each position and the disparity between the tippy top, to the lonely old soul in 5th overall spot in points for the position.  I say to "do this" because it shows the transparency between the best to the 5th best and how much further ahead they are by leaps and bounds.  Let's start in the net,  David de Gea is distancing himself easily from the field of keepers with 121 points, 29 more than the 5th most pointed Lukasz Fabianski.  Now on paper, they are miles apart in talent, but in points per million they are closer than they appear (20.5 for DDG and 20 exactly for Fabi).  Important, but not always because of the ability to transfer in and out at will if you want.  Moving onto defense, Marcos Alonso has 131 points compared to hector Bellerin on 93.  Points per million is 17.9 for Alonso, and 15.25 for Hector.  Also a factor to remember is that these figures fluctuate based on players value, and buy in value point so keep that in mind to.  My favorite discrepancy position in the FPL is middies.  Mo Salah has 179 points while 5th place Christian Eriksen has a meesily 124, freaking pauper.  Salah's PPM is 17.72, while Eriksen is 13.3.  Salah is also the highest rising priced player from the start of the season, rising 1.1 to date.  Lastly is the forward spot where Harry Kane leads the line with 147, and Jamie Vardy hasn't eclipsed the century mark in 5th at 99.  PPM is 11.3 to 11.6, surprising, but on a dollar to dollar basis Vardy is the dude slightly.  Now this isn't an exercise with exactness do to buying in and transferring out properties that exist with each player.  just some handy info to sway your head as you head into the transfer ideas part of your week.  Week 24 FPL transfers are here, just like the cabs on Jersey Shore.  Cheers!