Cuz picking captains is definitely a form of a degenerative and debilitating gambling addiction! Black Jack: If we don't hit black jack, then at the very least I'm going to double down on Raheem Sterling's last week's performance. He's in form, he didn't play midweek, and Man Shitty face Bournemouth at home recovering from a midweek match. I'd take a stab at you getting a big pay out by captaining Mistah Rahz this week.
Rankings are the gift that either keeps on giving or ones that you quickly wanna re-gift.  Either way, I am giving you them with a fake smile on my face.  So you take that as a ehh, or a ehhhh.  Either way, I am content.  Week 19 attacking players got a bit of a shock as Morata got accumulation suspension in the Cup game and will miss.  This basically sends a ripple effect throughout all the rankings.  So if you are in the mood for those type of things keep reading and get to them.  Or you can stay here and listen to me wax poetic about almost nothing, as I have the innate ability to just lull you to sleep with nothing.  Screw that skip ahead, enjoy the rankings.  Happy Holidays to all and good luck this week.  Cheers!
With a two day turn around in between fixtures this week, it all leads to one thing: Bad decisions.  The time between games leads to rash decisions and remembering too much of what just happened.  It doesn't allow for news to sink in.  It doesn't allow for 2-3 drunk nights staring at the computer second-guessing the drunk transfer conundrums that are blurry right in front of our face on your FPL device of choice.  We all just saw the week that was and the thing that sticks out most to me is the amount of goals scored this past week compared to two weeks ago.  For those of you at home calculating, it was 22-32 respectively.  Ten goals is a good hump to get over with, while the scores this week for most are average to acceptable, it wasn't that far off that people were braggadocios about a triple-digit week.  This game is about patience, until there is no more time to be patient. So exhibit as much of that trait this week before doing something stupid, drunk dialing your transfers in, and if you can help it, rest on your transfer laurels and bank it up.   For those needing a seeing-eye dog approach to transfers for the truncated week, here are the transfer ideas and targets for week 14 of the FPL.
We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called “Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em”.  You should know the drill, but if you don’t, we pick one option from each position.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  It is more based on my feelings and gut approach for the week’s upcoming and changes from week-to-week.  I look at match-ups and form to formulate my craziness.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Fantasy Premier League Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em, Week 11 (plus a sleeper/under-owned fella that should be owned and isn’t.)
In now over a decade of competing a ton of different fantasy sports, the dubious task of ranking a bunch of dudes chasing after a ball/puck for the sheer shake of scoring points has never rested on my shoulders. This week, I'm gonna try my best to step up and tell you which players are gonna shit on the competition and give you the big returns that fuel your green arrows of eternal joy. This is not about value, but who will get you points this gameweek. I seriously have no idea how this is done, but I'll be using a mixture of form, fixtures and gut feel - for the record, I have a case of the bubbleguts right now as I write this, so that's probably the X factor in all of this. TMI? Nah, just tryna be transparent, yo!
Now that the back-enders are out of the way for Week 29, we can get down to the meat, potatoes and goal scorers. The quintessential fantasy meal. Getting the right set-up for midfielders is a lot harder than getting the forward ones correct right now. The options are seemingly endless, and given the shape, health and suspension levels going on in the forward ranks it is hard to get that right set for now and for the upcoming weeks. So play for now, grab for form, screw fixture through the middle. As far as the strikers go, it is kinda of weeded out for you through attrition really. With Kane and Ibra gone, it makes the forward ranks Lukaku, Costa, Manolo and maybe a roll of the dice with Sergio. Well, if you came for advice and ranks you came to the right place. Keep reading for the Week 29 Middies and Forward ranks. Cheers!
The whole hub-bub this week will be to take a minus or not. I don't care what other research of quadratic jargon that you peruse on a daily basis, that is the only question that matters. The quick answer here is do what you think is right by your team in setting yourself up to compete in Week 29. That is the more important question. This week is basically a wash and everyone, and I mean everyone is either working at a disadvantage to get a starting XI, or will take a minus to get there. The run out is more important than a four game slate that features a less then attractive depth solution to this week's problem. Get your team to 9 and then if you want 10 at a minus 4, go for it. If not, relax, be on top of your team for Week 29 so you can bring in Kane or Costa. You can think about midfield with Hazard and Sanchez and defensively you should be all set and gambling with the guys who get you through Week 28 until you are ready to wildcard. I am no genius in this, it is all common sense. Don't play follow the leader, play the I own my own FPL team game. Here are the sexy rankings for Week 28. Cheers!
Well, now that we have gone over the back-liners, let us move to the sassy portion of the rankings. Those, of course, are the managers and physios. I mean who doesn't love a guy who is the minister of fitness for their club. I know I do. But in all seriousness, middies and forwards are where the fantasy bread is buttered. And now that the possible DGW is possibly in play for next week, it does change some things around. City and Stoke players now have some attention staring at them for next week, and it does throw a blanket over some transfer ideas that we may have concocted. Regardless, this is Week 26 and for now, let's just try and take our ADHD medicine and worry about today rather then tomorrow. So with a lot of star power on blank this week, we get a few newer names to the rankings then normal. As Arsenal, City, United and Southampton all blank it eliminates a few staples from the rankings that would otherwise normally appear. so avoid the blanks, and may your points be fruitful. Cheers!
In a perfect world, I could drop these on you last minute, right before gametime kick-off,s and have them be just as effective.  Unfortunately, we can't do that because the FA Cup fixtures get in the way and mess things.  So posting the rankings pre-FA Cup is a dangerous and possibly a worthless venture, but I am doing it anyways.  Take in mind that the games over this weekend will impact what happens in the FPL fixture on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Injuries, new transfers and just plain bad luck do happen.  I mean, I just finished my weather controlling device, so now my attention will turn to the prediction of all things fantasy.  So take these with a grain of salt, and use some common sense when it comes time to use your transfers.  Waiting is usually the best advice.  Cheers!