Now that the Champions League is finished for the week we can jump back on the FPL wagon and take a look at the match-ups that are more pressing in the official game.   Unfortunately rotations are going to be a major factor.  That and the injury to Paul Pogba.  His ownership is too much to look beyond.  My advice for him is this.  If you have owned him from week one then you can bench for the 2 weeks he most likely misses and not lose anything to your accrued team value.  If you only just bought him in the past 2 weeks then you can transfer out and look for some kind of reprieve for fantasy points.  But back to the rotation risks.  All of Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Everton are all at risk and the rankings will shy away from a few players that either played full 90's or that didn't see the pitch as much.  So be heady and keep your ear to the gossip for who will sit and who will play before making a atransfer this week in a trivial yet pivotal game week 5.  Enjoy the rankings and good luck.  Cheers!
So we attack the long first break of the year with some Week 4 goodies. As we all know, the basis of any good team is a good defense.  Without it, the goal would just be pummeled with shots and no goalie to stop them, making the score infinite.  That for the sake of all that is holy doesn't actually happen, so much like reality, fantasy has to have keepers and defense.  they round out every nutritious fantasy breakfast, and if played right can be more prosperous than some striker combinations.  For the sake of this week's match-ups though, the teams with some normal fantasy usefulness are turned into just fodder.  I am staring glaringly obviously at the City/Liverpool match which kicks of this week's action bright an early on Saturday morning.  So to start the week yesterday was Transfer ideas and targets and now come the cavalcade of rankings for your viewing pleasure.  Cheers!
Listen, I pay attention to the masses going crazy on the Twitter-verse.  We all do as proactive owners of an FPL franchise, but this Wildcard already stuff is ludicrous.  Not the rapper either.  There are so many factors that apply to this that it shouldn't even be an option.  First, it is only Week 3 my friends, chill.  A minus 4 or even a minus 8 for a one game situation (which Week 3 is) is a far better alternative than using the wildcard.  The second and third reasons divulge further into it... so patience.  Second, the international break is one week away, which makes this a one week payoff.  What does it hurt to wait... nothing!  If anything, more knowledge and news will aide in your quest for a perfect line-up.  Lastly, the transfer window in real life ends when there is a break.  That is it shut off the lights, what we have is what we play with.  It brings names back into the foray like Coutinho, Hazard, Alexis and maybe some unknown.  As sexy as it sounds to start over now, because your point returns aren't up to snuff, just don't.  Wait it out.  We still will have 35 weeks to play, which if you play it out right, is a ton of time to achieve top 10k or beyond status. For some S's and G's here are some keen transfer ideas for Week 3 of the FPL.  Cheers!
The transfer market is set by what a player just did. Lukaku was the "sexy pick with questions add" last week. He came through with a four sack of goodies. Now add in the second coming of Jesus with his brace and benching of Kun again. Is he Pep's dude? It's starting to look like it isn't. Two straight starts and results to show for it. The only thing is the price and the possibility of another blank in Week 28. Do you maximize the two games for sure this week and 27 and forego worrying about him as a rotational striker with a hefty price tag? I would like to say yes, but 9.2 million on the bench when three other teams, all fantasy stalwart teams for fantasy are on break at the same time, is tough. I asks the question, since Arsenal is blanking in Week 26, do you keep Alexis and bench him given the same set of circumstances? Questions and second guessing is what this fantasy game is all about. It is easier to say sure is my friend and move on, but then they play the game you get zero results and throw fruit at me. Nonetheless, I try and parlay what I say into helping rosters even at the behest of my own team. Still, I have fun talking footie, especially transfers. Speaking of transfers, with 13 weeks to go and several blanks and doubles on the way, here are some looks down the road for production in an otherwise empty room. Cheers!
To quote a movie that we have all heard, or have been forced to listen to if you have kids or nieces: "In the first time in forever" we have a non-double week, non-truncated week, and no blanks from anyone.  My memory is bad as all get out, but it feels longer than a few weeks to me. So the week before the big double it is sorta like a moving week.  You can't really afford to bring in anyone that isn't on a double for Week 37, but you can't completely trust in some teams that have a double next week for this week to contribute.  I am firmly looking at Chelsea, Norwich, and Everton.  We have all been burned by the Toffees, and I, as your friend and local FPL expert, advise against all moves in that general direction.  Even the other team in the Sae Town is iffy with rotations and the Europa's still going on.  So that leaves a whole sixteams with which to roster.  Now you know why I am all on the Cats this week and next, because to me, they have shiner appeal, especially defensively than a lot of other clubs.  Add in the fact that they are fighting relegation and boom, fantasy asset...  So here are the back-enders for Week 36 of the FPL. Cheers!
It's so nice that I have decided to just do it again and just lump all the rankings together.  Everyone hates waiting, so why make them wait? Week 23 seems to be a intricate match of the fantasy variety from the perspective that teams who are struggling face tough must show up.  Will Liverpool continue to struggle at the Canaries?  Will West Ham show enough and do enough defensively to slow the City slurry?  Is Southampton for real or was it just the Baggies? Can the Fox do it against a top defensive, and table climbing Stoke? The highlight game between the Gunners and Chelsea looks better on paper as Arsenal is poop... haha, just kidding.  For that to be the last game of the week, it's going to be a viewers delight as it precedes the start of American football.  For my money, the best teams for a shot at cleans are Everton and Spurs.  So gulp that down and get ready for some football of all types.  Week 23 rankings are here and they are delightful.
No need to break 'em up this week, as we are in a hurry.  So you get all the rankings, all in one handy dandy Swiss Army knife type useful thing-a-majiggy.  I know that's not a word, but spell your ambitions for a bit and just enjoy the rankings as they are.  If you wanted word-smithing, you would go to a more proper site that likes to stick it's pinky out.  Though in fairness, those are the same guys, who two weeks after I call out a guy, they make a proclamation of their own and endlessly promote themselves as genius.  Well congrats, to them and their vanity.  Pfffft.  So enough with the side-winding talk and the endless barrage of non-information.  Here is the Week 22 Rankings for the FPL.
The New Year brings a flurry of goodness. Or that's what the fortune cookie I just opened said. It was probably a gimmick set up by the fortune cookie gnomes to sell more cookies. Any-the-way, Keeps and Defense is all the rage this week with lots of tasty match-ups to sink your fantasy sweet tooth into. Especially since, and I am squarely looking at myself, to relinquish the poor showing last game-week that had me put up my lowest point total in three years. Go me. The match-ups that have the best chance of clean sheet goodness are Palace @ Villa, Norwich @ Stoke, Watford @ Southampton and United @ Newcastle. So if any of those or the couple other fixtures wet your whistle from a CS perspective. then have at it. Cleans make this post and the weekly rankings of Keepers and Defenders go round. It's the truth.
Back-enders on a holy week.  On a short kinda-double holy week to boot.  As always, it's all about the cleans.  No matter what else happens, that is what augments the scoring for you.  So a brief but thorough look at this week's fixtures leads me to believe that the best bets for a clean sheet result are: West Ham @ Villa, Sunderland @ Man City, and Norwich @ Spurs.  These three, especially with special emphasis on several other matches that pit struggling offenses and poor defenses.  Add that with the usual smattering of stout keepers and defenseman, it should litter the ranks with tons of ideas and transfer tidbits for you to munch on in the Christmas/Boxing day aftermath.  So here's the rankings for the keepers and defence for the first game of the quick turn around before week 19.
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend! Step inside, step inside.  Well, it ends in 22 weeks, but that is a whole lifetime away it seems, especially with the beautiful string of nice weather going down in my neck of nape. So like every other Wednesday, we start with the back-enders.  The clean sheet OCD'ers.  To put it bluntly, if they don't keep a clean sheet, they better score.  Goalies on the other foot, never do anything but stand there with goofy gloves on that smell like feet.  Seriously, they smell like feet.  Go ask your local club keeper to sniff his gloves.  If he doesn't tell you to go screw, I bet he lets ya.  Let me know how the results work... I already know.  This week brings on some fixtures with some sneakiness.  Not extra sneaky but some that could be viewed by some (not me) as no-brainer CS options.  Yeah, I am really staring at the BOU vs. Baggie, Swansea vs. West Ham, and Chelsea vs. Sunderland fixtures.  They, to me, seem like a huge trap that Admiral Akbar warned you about.  My general advice this week is go with your gut.  I think the Baggies have a great upcoming set, and Chelsea are dead to me. Add in the Arsenal and City match, and the defense is a muddled up mess of mediocrity.  So enjoy the first installment of the Week 17 Rankings.  Cheers!