Hey campers, I’ve decided to change the format this week because I’m not sure how informative any of my past takes have truly been. While the tables below are literally just the top scoring players by position per last round, I feel like giving it a try.  The MF list this week was pretty long, so I’ve left out players that didn’t score above 3 points (90 min + 1 CS for those of you scoring at home). It may not be waxing prose, but who scored the points is as relevant as it gets to our lovely pocket of the football universe, since the currency we deal in is indeed FPL points and not effort points or gold stars.

GW 8 Highest Scoring Forwards

Player Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Season)
Jesus, MCI 2 3 BP 13/47
Abraham, SWA 2  3 BP, 1 CS 13/39
Gabbiadini, SOU 2  –  3 BP, 1 YC 12/28
Rooney, EVE 1 3 BP 9/32
Diouf, STK 1 1 9/31
Pérez, NEW 1  – 2 8/21
Wood, BUR 1  2 BP, 1 YC 7/24
Deeney, WAT 1 1 BP 6/28
Calvert-Lewin, EVE 1  – 5/21
Long, SOU 1  – 5/15
Ayew, SWA 1 1 CS 5/23
Slimani, LEI 1  – 4/9
  • Jesus (£10.7m) and Tammy Abraham (£5.7m) were flying high at the top of the forward pack with 13 points each. Jesus should be able to bag a brace a week until Aguero is back (he was on the bench this game, keep an eye on his status), but even when Aguero comes back Jesus should continue to stay in form.
  • Abraham scored two no doubters right in front of the goal mouth, the first was gifted to Swansea by Huddersfield’s goalkeeper Lossl. Crazy to think how deep your team could be if you would have gone with Abraham from the start of the season and invested in some bigger midfielders – Abraham is 5 million cheaper than Jesus and has scored only 8 points less than him on the year. Abraham has done it playing every match for a total of 625 minutes, whereas Jesus has done his work in 475 minutes. In either case, Abraham is playing and having fun. and That’s insane value.
  • Gabbiadini (£6.6m) stopped sucking, yay! 2 goals and now he’ll disappear for another 20 matches. Southampton’s next 3 fixtures are about the only time I could see myself owning any of their attacking assets: West Brom (H), Brighton (A), Burnely (H).
  • Chris Wood at £6.6m might be the 3rd forward if any of the high priced Midfielders start pulling their weight (Sanchez, Hazard, De Bruyne – well at least he finally is). Burnley’s next 6 aren’t the easiest – Man City (A), Newcastle (H), Southampton (A), Swansea (H), Arsenal (H), Bournemouth (A) – but they are servicable and


GW 8 Highest Scoring Midfielders

Player Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Season)
Sterling, MCI 1 2 2 BP 15/50
Eriksen, TOT 1 3 BP 11/56
Sané, MCI 1 1 10/47
Cleverley, WAT 1 3 BP 10/30
Chadli, WBA 1 3 BP 10/10
Bakayoko, CHE 1 3 BP, 1 YC 9/23
De Bruyne, MCI 2 1 BP 9/46
Knockaert, BHA 1 2 BP, 1 YC 8/20
Mahrez, LEI 1 1 BP 8/33
Carroll, SWA 1 2 BP, 1 CS 8/24
Antonio, WHU 1 1 BP 8/24
Zaha, CRY 1 7/9
Cabaye, CRY 1 3 7/14
David Silva, MCI 1 7/51
Fernandino, MCI 1 7/27
Krychowiak, WBA 1 2 BP 7/19
Gross, BHA 1 1 BP 6/42
Bernardo Silva, MCI 1 6/13
Hayden, MEW 1 1 YC 6/18
Redmond, SOU 1 2 BP 6/25
Xhaka, ARS 1 5/30
Fàbregas, CHE 1 5/23
Delph, MCI 1 5/14
Atsu, NEW 1 5/29
Richarlison, WAT 1 5/45
Gudmundsson, BUR 1 4/14
Jesé, STK 1 4/22
Capoue, WAT 1 4/13
  • Too many midfielders were popping off this week – we had 28 total goals scored – well 27, since at least one was an OG by Kyle Walker, douche! – 14 of which were scored by midfielders. They also produced 18 assists, meaning a pretty sizeable number of random, lower priced midfielders scored or bagged an assist. We even witnessed the return of the Capoue!!!!! Two takes on the midfield scoring bonanza:
    • 1) Personally, I’m ecstatic to see more midfielders getting returns, as it should help everyone be able to fit some higher priced players that might explode over the next few weeks…you know, your Sanchezes, your Hazards, your Agueros, your Kanes, your whathaveyouz. It should lead to less “cookie cutter” thinking as people begin to take chances on lesser known, more attractive players. Results may vary.
    • 2) After having Eriksen and Mkhitaryan since Weeks 1 and 2, respectively, it’s time for Mkhi to go. I will 100% bring in a Man City midfielder, maybe two. Beyond that, any £8.0m-£10.0m middie you acquire should be treated like a cash cow; Sterling started week 6 at £7.8m, and is now up to £8.1m early in week 9. You don’t need to go crazy changing them every few weeks to bank a price rise, but just be smart about fixtures and rotations from non-prem related football activities.
  • 6 different Man City midfielders scored this week, and I had none of them ::facepalm emoji:: what do we make of this? Sterling is owned by 10.8%/£8.1m, Sane 8.5%/£8.4m, De Bruyne 17.9%/£10.0m, and the great bald wonder David Silva 26.9%/£8.5m. De Bruyne seems like the odd man out for me, but I’d roll with two of the three esses until that Man United Fixture December 9th.
  • Richarlison‘s dive to set-up the Troy Deeney pen was a dive. I know, and he might also get a 2-match ban for said play if the review committee decides against him. Honestly, those 3 points against the Gunners at Vicarage Road were well worth it. From the most recent win, the Hornets sit in 4th in the Premier Table, 2 points clear of both Chelsea and Arsenal. They will clash with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this weekend, a crucial game for both sides in the early part of the season. If he getsa ban, get a replacement cheap middie and let him sit. They play Everton (A), West Ham (H) and Newcastle (A) the three weeks after he would come back.

GW 8 Highest Scoring Defenders

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Season)
Mertesacker, ARS 1 2 BP 9/9
Gomez, LIV 3 BP, 1 CS 9/28
Trippier, TOT 2 BP, 1 CS 8/42
Sakho, CRY 1 2 BP 7/7
Lovren, LIV 1 BP. 1 CS 7/13
Moreno, LIV 1 BP, 1 CS 7/21
Jones, MUN 1 BP 7/48
Fernández, SWA 1 BP, 1 CS 7/35
Alderweireld, TOT 1 BP, 1 CS 7/34
Duffy, BHA 1 CS 6/25
Matip, LIV 1 CS 6/24
Valencia, MUN 1 CS 6/53
Darmian, MUN 1 CS 6/7
Naughton, SWA 1 CS 6/35
Mawson, SWA 6/29
Olsson, SWA 2 BP 6/33
Sánchez, TOT 1 BP 6/26
Smalling, MUN 1 CS, 1 YC 5/12
Vertonghen, TOT 1 CS, 1 YC 5/33
  • Only Liverpool, Manchester United and Swansea bagged clean sheets this week. Mertesacker got his first goal with Arsenal since 2013.
  • After all those clean sheets to start the season, we hit a dry spell. That should even out again next game week, relax.


GW 8 Highest Scoring Keepers

Player, Team Saves Goals Against Bonus Points, Cards, CS, Assists?  Total Score (Week/Season)
de Gea, MUN 5 0 2 BP, 1 CS 9/51
Hart, WHU 4 1 3 BP, 1 Assist 9/31
Mignolet, LIV 1 0 1 CS 6/25
Fabianski, SWA 2 0 1 CS 6/39
Lloris, TOT 2 0 1 CS 6/35
Pope, BUR 5 2 1 BP 4/25
  • Leave it to Joe Hart to bag an assist in the FPL universe. Ridiculous, and Antonio actually hit it off of the keeper so I’m not sure that still counts as the same long ball. Whatever, an assist for the poor guy.
  • Keepers are boring. Don’t waste transfers on them.