Away: Man City (6) – Home: Watford (0)

Man City is flying through the early portion of the prem – through 5 games, 16 goals scored and only 2 against (1 by Everton and 1 by Bournemouth). Aguero dominated the attack with a hat trick, Jesus netted a goal, Otamendi burried a header and Sterling scored on a late penalty. So many points to miss out on when you don’t have any of these players, which begs the question, why don’t we have any of these players? Clearly it’s time to reevaluate who you like the most between Jesus and Aguero, allocate funds and bring one of them – my advice would be to trust your gut and don’t ever look back, as they will both return points and hopping back and forth will make you lose out on consistent returns, which they will provide throughout the season as long as that attacking midfield and defense remain healthy.

For all of the talk of Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva is the one leading the charge from the midfield. This past week he netted 2 assists, the second a perfectly placed cross to Nicolas Otamendi, giving him 4 total on the season. At 8.3m, he is a much cheaper option that KDB and I think is the must-own of the attack just because of his price and consistency. Silva looks to be the least likely to play in the midweek games and should be able to find plenty of assists between the bevy of attacking options up top for Man City, especially with their very appealing upcoming fixtures. One note for my boy o meu Senhor Richarlison – he missed a beautiful opportunity to open scoring in the 23rd minute (when it was still nil-nil…), barely missing a set piece delivered into the box with his dome. Oh what might have been…

Man City Next 5 Fixtures: Palace (H), Chelsea (A), Stoke (H), Burnley (H), West Brom (A)

Palace at home next week should be a laugher, althought it also makes me wonder how extreme Pep’s rotation will be given the midweek League Cup match versus West Brom, followed by Palace, Shakhtar Donetsk and away to Chelsea in 7 day stretech. Seems ripe for one or more of the big name players to make way for some of their bench players, as Pep is looking to win multiple trophies this season. If I were to really commit to any player, it would most likely be Otamendi in the back or one of Walker or Mendy – potential attacking returns versus easy fixtures area  very good thing.

Away: Swansea (0) – “Home”: Spurs (0)

Wembley really needs to get Bill Murray on speed dial and excorcise some demons ASAP. The Spurs’ season thus far has shown to be a tail of two venues, and while I don’t believe that they will struggle to win games at Wembley every home fixture, I do think it raises valid concern over the viability of investing money in 3 expensive Spurs options that may not consistently return at home. Home fixtures versus lesser sides are bread and butter of Fantasy Premier League, and if this team isn’t getting the job done then I think your money needs to be elsewhere until something changes for them.

Ben Davies not playing after clearly showing the best form of his career over the last several weeks was a huge gut check, and I may be forced to use my Wild Card and remove him from my squad (after taking a -4 for him last week) since he will most likely play this week in a meaningless League Cup game and I won’t take the risk of having a 5.7m defender rotated two weeks in a row. Eriksen, despite having nothing to show for it points wise, was a monster, taking 9 corners and making 87/100 passes (3 key passes) in the match. He is Spurs everything at the moment, all points this season will flow through Eriksen. I think Kane will have his games (he hit the crossbar in this one), but at this point I would recommend you picking between Kane or Lukaku and blending your choice in with a Man City forward. If you really think you can afford to have all three on your side, please by all means do, but just remember we can’t have all of the shiny new toys if you want your team to be able to compete for the long haul.

Spurs Next 5 Fixtures: West Ham (A), Huddersfield (A), Bournemouth (H), Liverpool (H), ManU (A)

Away: Stoke (1) – Home: Newcastle (2)

Surprisingly one of the most entertaining matches of the weekend (or unsuprisingly given how little offenses was scored outside of Man City), Newcastle edged out Stoke at home 2-1 on Saturday. Matt Ritchie finished on 11 points with a pair of assists, both from beautiful crosses that led to a first and second half headed goals within the 6 yard area by Atsu and Jascelles, respectively. Currently priced at 5.9m, he has now returned 4 assists in his last 3 matches and Newcastle are playing a relatively good brand of football that he and Atsu are running. While bringing in one of those midfielders may seem like a good way to save cash, the best investment from this side would have to be Newcastle Defenders. Their most expensive defender, Jascelles, is only at 4.6m, but Mbemba at 4.0m, Clark at 4.5m, and ‘Merican Deandre Yedlin (who just played his first 90 minutes of the season in Saturday’s match) also priced at 4.5m provide great value for a backup starting defender coming off your bench. But wait! Just look at these fixtures:

Newcastle Next 5 Fixtures: Brighton (A), Liverpool (H), Southampton (A), Crystal Palace (H), Burnley (A)

The only offensive threats they face coming up are Liverpool and possibly Burnley, who usually do well at Turf Moor. If your 4.6m or cheaper defender pulls 3 CS out of the next 5 fixtures, you my friend are going to love how much money you free up to spend on premium position players. Do it!

Shaqiri scored this week! That’s right, just after Choupo-Mouting was the flavor of the week last week. Don’t chase these points, Stoke player a ridiculously difficult stretch over the next 5 weeks:

Stoke Next 5 Fixtures: Chelsea (H), Southampton (H), Man City (A), Bournemouth (H), Watford (A)

Not worth bringing any Stoke players at this time.