It’s your sometimes weekly, mostly when I’m not lazy, update for Gameweek 27. We have FA matches over the next few days, so PLEAAAASE HOLD ON TO YOUR TRANSFERS! This is not the time of year to be rushing around and trying to save team value. Get information on players and blank schedules, react and make smart decisions with the players you decide to unload and who you replace them with.

Please feel free to leave questions, comments and criticisms below.

GW 27 Highest Scoring Forwards

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, etc  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Agüero, MCI 4 3 BP 21/29/162
Mounie, HUD 1 2 3 BP 15/17/63
Niasse, EVE 1 1 3 BP 12/16/70
Firmino, LIV 1 1 3 BP 12/22/141
Chicharito, WHU 1 1 BP 7/20/79
Kane, TOT 1 6/12/167
Giroud, CHE 1 5/7/43
Benteke, CRY 1 5/19/64
Vardy, LEI 1 1 YC 5/18/126
Gayle, NEW 1 5/8/56
Morata, CHE 1 4/4/101
  • Kun is legend. The legend is Kun. If you missed out on his major hauls, then you probably dropped quite substantially in both overall and mini-league rankings. However, if you somehow survived, realize that Aguero might start getting saved for Champions League Matches and Jesus is nearly back to playing on the pitch. I would not transfer Aguero out for anyone right now, but Man City’s potential blanks could make it necessary to get rid of some assets from their side. Kun probably won’t have another 4 game stretch quite like this for the rest of the year, but don’t worry about him until we see his playing time start to dwindle.
  • 5 assists and 1 goal in 6 straight gameweeks for Mr. Benteke. If you didn’t already get on that train, well it has already left the station. For anyone to even consider bringing him in, look at Palace’s fixtures: Spurs, Man Utd, Chelsea, Huddersfield and Liverpool over the next 5 weeks.
  • Morata somehow has just nudged over the century mark on the season. Still, price can’t justify his crazy bad returns since the end of November. Don’t buy.
  • Firmino is honestly the forward I want the the most for the rest of the season. Schedule is great, team is flying, he’s not going to be replaced anytime soon. Go get yourself some Bobby Digital!

GW 27 Highest Scoring Midfielders

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Hazard, CHE 2 3 BP 16/26/138
Salah, LIV 1 1 2 BP 13/36/217
De Bruyne, MCI 3 2 BP 13/29/174
Sigurdsson, EVE 1 1 2 BP 12/17/89
Pritchard, HUD 1 1 2 BP 12/12/14
Ritchie, NEW 1 3 BP 11/14/86
Ki Sung-yueng, SWA 1 3 BP 11/21/44
Shaqiri, STK 1 3 BP 10/21/110
Milivojevic, CRY 1 1 BP 8/19/90
Sterling, MCI 1 1 BP 8/21/173
Arnautovic, WHU 1 8/8/88
Stanislas, BOU 1 7/20/53
Stephens, BHA 1 2 BP 7/10/67
Izquierdo, BHA 1 7/17/64
Davies, EVE 1 7/10/42
Mooy, HUD 1 2 BP 7/10/94
van La Parra, HUD 1 7/10/48
Antonio, WHU 1 6/7/47
Fraser, BOU 1 5/10/67
Foden, MCI 1 4/4/5
  • PHIL FODEN!!!!!!!! 2 appearances, 17 total minutes on the year for potentially the least deserving recepient of a possible four titles in 2018. Good for him nabbing an assist, and it might be hilarious if he singlehandedly runs the Manchester City offense once they have the league sewed up by mid-March. He’s currently unowned in FPL, but not as interesting as another unowned asset…
  • I’m a fan of Alex Pritchard. He’s cheap at £5.4m and literally unowned (0.0%!!!!), and if Huddersfield lose to Manchester United in today’s FA cup match, then they don’t blank until GW 35. Their next fixtures are pretty enticing: West Brom (A), Spurs (A), Swansea (H), Crystal Palace (H), Newcastle (A), Brighton (A), Watford (H). Plus, if Aaron Mooy is out with a knee injury until the Spurs clash, I could see Pritchard being a potential bargain monster as Huddersfield look to fight off relegation if Mooy’s recovery is delayed at all.
  • Miliovjevic has scored 4 goals in his last 6 matches, but just like I mentioned for Tekkers above, avoid him. Although at his £4.8m price tag, you could do worse than having the penalty taker for a team that will be looking to get points anywhere they can the next few matches.
  • Arnautovic ended up missing just 2 fantasy matches, and came back to add another goal to his tally. Unfortunately, that pretty little of run of fixtures for Hammers just ended, but with Antonio back and Lanzini nearly ready, Arno may have some more goals left in the tank to finish off 2018. I don’t like the fixtures, but I do like that he has 7 goals in 1350 minutes and 20 matches (approx 15 full matches played).

GW 27 Highest Scoring Defenders

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Moses, CHE 1 1 CS 12/12/91
Davies, TOT 1 3 BP, 1 CS 12/19/112
Naughton, SWA 1 2 BP, 1 CS 11/15/85
Cresswell, WHU 1 2 BP, 1 CS 11/13/84
Collins, WHU 3 BP, 1 CS 9/12/35
Azpilicueta, CHE 2 BP, 1 CS 8/9/136
Vertonghen, TOT 2 BP, 1 CS 8/16/100
Sánchez, TOT 2 BP, 1 CS 8/16/68
Christensen, CHE 1 BP, 1 CS 7/8/69
van Dijk, LIV 1 CS 7/8/35
Lejeune, NEW 1 BP, 1 CS 7/7/24
Mawson, SWA 1 BP, 1 CS 7/14/94
Rüdiger, CHE 1 CS 6/7/94
Zappacosta, CHE 6/7/52
Alexander-Arnold, LIV 1 CS 6/5/42
Robertson, LIV 1 CS 6/13/53
Yedlin, NEW 1 CS 6/9/53
Lascelles, NEW 1 CS 6/18/86
Dummett, NEW 1 CS 6/9/22
Fernández, SWA 1 CS 6/18/69
van der Hoorn, SWA 1 CS 6/10/52
Trippier, TOT 1 CS 6/19/86
Ogbonna, WHU 1 CS 6/9/52
Martina, EVE 1 5/10/52
Matip, LIV 1 CS, 1 YC 5/11/70
Pieters, STK 1 5/11/52
Zabaleta, WHU 1 CS, 1 YC 5/8/65
  • If you’re like me, then Christensen did a dirty by getting his first CS return since GW 19. Mind you, that is despite Chelsea keeping 5 cleansheets (6 including last week’s) during the time period. I feel for those of you who removed him, absolute FPL madness.
    • Another note on Chelsea defenders: Rudiger (94) and Victor Moses (91) have nearly the same amount of points after 1616 and 1422 minutes played, respectively. Hard to suggest either with the uncertainty of who will be starting week to week.
  • Crazy that Virgil van Dijk just recorded his 2nd clean sheet of the entire campaign in GW 27! Mind you, he’s only played 1263 total minutes (approx. 14 matches), but still, big man probably will have a few more than that the rest of the way. Liverpool play Man Utd (A) GW 30, and Chelsea (A) GW 37. Not exactly huge scoring threats from their only “red” opponents. Add in the fact that they aren’t blanking in GW 31, and Liverpool defenders are a huuuuge buy target to close the season. Find the ones that won’t get rotated, as they still have Champions league matches to play. If you can only have one defender, Andrew Robertson is my suggestion for best value at £4.7m. Meanwhile, Alexander-Arnold offers the cheapest/best sub £4.5m option priced at £4.2m if you don’t mind him not locked in to start every match.

GW 27 Highest Scoring Keepers

Player, Team Saves Goals Against Bonus Points, Cards, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Dubravka, NEW 3 0 2 BP, 1 CS 9/9/9
Ryan, BHA 1 0 1 BP, 1 Pen Saved 8/12/102
Karius, LIV 4 0 1 BP, 1 CS 8/23/40
Adrián, WHU 4 0 1 CS 7/10/45
Courtois, CHE 1 0 1 CS 6/8/107
Fabianski, SWA 1 0 1 CS 6/12/112
Lloris, TOT 1 0 1 CS 6/14/97
Cech, ARS 6 1 4/7/94
Pope, BUR 3 1 3/19/116
Pickford, EVE 3 1 3/5/98
Butland, STK 5 1 3/12/76
  • Keeper comments are just for people Wild Carding. You shouldn’t be wasting any transfers at all for a GK at this point of the season. Go with whomever you have, and figure out two keepers that are cheap and have complimentary schedules down the stretch for you once you pop your WC.