It’s your sometimes weekly, mostly when I’m not lazy, update for Gameweek 24. Pardon the formatting of the tables and feel free to leave questions, comments and criticisms below…

GW 24 Highest Scoring Forwards

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, etc  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Aguero, MCI 3 3 BP 17/28/133
Vardy, LEI 1 3 BP 9/11/108
Rodriguez, WBA 1 3 BP 9/16/65
Lacazette, ARS 1 2 BP 8/12/96
Kane, TOT 1 2 BP 8/23/155
Chicharito, WHU 1 3 BP 8/10/59
Niasse, EVE 1 2 BP 7/9/54
Diouf, STK 1 1 BP 7/9/71
Batshuayi, CHE 1 5/5/25
Benteke, CRY 1 5/15/46
Lukaku, MUN 1 5/10/109
  • Kun must really hate English brown ale, as he has consistently destroyed Newcastle over his career. The next three fixtures are good enough to warrant bringing him in, but don’t be upset if he gets benched once versus West Brom (H), Burnley (A) or Leicester (H). The resurrection of Jesus also looms on the horizon…
  • The forward spot in general has been very hit or miss all season. If you had Firmino this week, then sorry. Knee jerking out forwards seems like a waste of transfers, as you really don’t know who will score. Best strategy still seems to make sure you have at least 1 healthy forward and load up with higher priced attacking midfield attacking options.
  • Benteke now on three straight matches with an assist. If you were ever going to bring him in, the next 3 weeks would be the time: West Ham (A), Newcastle (H), Everton (A). After that, Palace has a rouuuugh run of Spurs, United, Chelsea.
  • Jordan Ayew is still my favorite “long term” FWD punt. This past week versus Liverpool was the first time he hadn’t played a full 90 since GW19, and the Swans upcoming fixtures look great through GW 31. You could do a lot worse at £5.1 as your backup, bench FWD.

GW 24 Highest Scoring Midfielders

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Hazard, CHE 2 3 BP, 1 CS 16/27/112
Willian, CHE 1 1 1 BP, 1 CS 12/14/94
Allen, STK 1 3 BP, 1 CS 11/14/74
Martial, MUN 1 2 BP, 1 CS 10/33/108
Fraser, BOU 1 2 BP 9/14/57
Murphy, NEW 1 2 BP 9/15/37
Mahrez, LEI 1 1 CS 8/25/137
Iwobi, ARS 1 1 BP 7/12/48
Milivojevic, CRY 1 2 BP, 1 CS 7/20/71
Ozil, ARS 1 1 BP, 1 CS 6/7/87
De Bruyne, MCI 1 1 BP, 1 CS 6/20/145
Shaqiri, STK 1 1 CS 6/9/89
Choupo-Moting, STK 1 1 CS 6/9/88
Krychowiak, WBA 1 1 BP 6/10/43
Xhaka, ARS 1 5/8/74
Sterling, MCI 1 5/15/152
Sané, MCI 1 5/17/118
Arnautovic, WHU 1 5/21/80
Stanislas, BOU 1 4/4/33
Musonda, CHE 1 4/4/6
Walcott, EVE 1 1 YC 4/6/10
Silva, LEI 1 4/5/5
  • Arnautovic….AND Lanzini…AND Andy Carroll. Uuuufff…where did all the West Ham attackers go? Very frustrating for owners who had just gotten on the train, especially with all of those juicy fixtures. Michail Antonio is back in training and could receive a bunch of minutes if he’s deemed match fit. Look to see who plays this weekend in the Hammer’s FA cup fixture vs Wigan Athletic and decide for next game week if anyone worthwhile is there to transfer.
  • The player nobody wants to talk about but has been on a roll is Anthony Martial. He’s got 3 straight matches with a goal, and now 9 on the season. Priced the same as Pogba at £8.0, but only owned by 3.0% of FPL managers. Now with Alexis Sanchez in the fold, I’m hesitant to bring him, or any other ManU MF, into my team, but keep him in mind if he continues to play a part in the United attack and others (perhaps Mata or Lingard) start to fade. Martial will be hungry to play the minutes with the World Cup coming up this summer.
  • Last week I said: “ Salah and Mané are just two ridiculously good players bound to keep scoring.¨ Booooo trap games. Keep your Liverpool assets. They’ve treated you far too well this season to knee jerk them out of your squad after a 1-0 loss to Swansea. They’ll be back.
  • Adrien Sebastian Perruchet Silva aka The Parachute has played in 5 minutes since he was officially transferred on January 1st (after missing the summer transfer window deadline by 14 seconds, rough). He nabbed an assist on Mahrez’s late goal, although to be honest, the Algerian did all of the work to score it. A player like Perruchet Silva only becomes interesting if Mahrez ends up leaving before February.
  • David Silva is a player to keep an eye on. At £8.0, he is the same price as a lot of the middle/high priced midfielders, and he is clearly a vital player for Man City as they try to win multiple trophies this season.

GW 24 Highest Scoring Defenders

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Moses, CHE 1 1 2 BP, 1 CS 17/24/79
Monreal, ARS 1 2 3 BP 16/16/101
Mawson, SWA 1 3 BP, 1 CS 15/17/80
Fernández, SWA 1 2 BP, 1 CS 11/12/51
Koscielny, ARS 1 2 BP 10/10/86
Jones, MUN 1 3 BP, 1 CS 9/21/101
Maguire, LEI 2 BP, 1 CS 8/20/94
Davies, TOT 1 3 BP 8/16/93
Smalling, MUN 1 BP, 1 CS 7/13/62
Azpilicueta, CHE 1 CS 6/14/127
Alonso, CHE 1 CS 6/21/137
Rüdiger, CHE 1 CS 6/12/87
Chilwell, LEI 1 CS 6/9/34
Dragovic, LEI 1 CS 6/18/18
Zouma, STK 1 CS 6/9/54
Shawcross, STK 1 CS 6/6/41
Pieters, STK 1 CS 6/12/41
Naughton, SWA 1 CS 6/6/70
van der Hoorn, SWA 1 CS 6/13/42
Olsson, SWA 1 CS 6/8/64
Valencia, MUN 1 CS, 1 YC 5/20/114
Bertrand, SOU 1 5/7/64
Bauer, STK 1 CS, 1 YC 5/6/6
Clark, NEW 1 1 YC 3/11/60
Hoedt, SOU 1 BP 3/4/33
  • Victor Moses just absolutely killing it this week. Even more frustrating for Christensen owners to miss out on another clean sheet and seeing David Luiz return in limited action. Holding him and hoping he gets back to playing full 90s isn’t the worst shout, but if you have other Chelsea assets I’d move on for now. Having at least one Chelsea defender is a must until they play Man Utd and Man City in GWs 28 and 29.
  • Monreal scored 16 points (1 goal and 2 assists) in his first action since GW 19. He was able to stay on the field for just 33 minutes! But then was carted off with a hamstring injury. He’s in the starting lineup for the Carabao Cup, but I’d only be interested in bringing him or any other Arsenal defense after their potential blank in GW 28. Arsenal’s fixtures from GWs 29 to 35 are pretty damn sexy.
  • Let’s talk about cheap, unowned, defensive “assets”: Stoke, Swansea and Leicester defenders. These aren’t players you should look to start, but will be really important 4th or 5th defenders when we get to the blank weeks. Why? They are for the most part “nailed on” starters who will shouldn’t have any blank games in the upcoming weeks. Obviously a deep FA cup run could change things, but keep them in mind if you look to fill out your defense after spending a lot of money on your MF or other Defenders. Most of their fixtures are decent, and if they go up against Man City or another top side, you should be able to bench them for a better option.
    • Stoke DEF: Zouma (1.9% owned, £5.4), Shawcross (.7%, £4.8), Pieters (.3%, £4.7), Bauer (.1%, £4.5)
      • Stoke Next 6: Watford (H), Bournemouth (A), Brighton (H), Leicester (A), Southampton (A), Man City (H)
    • Swansea DEF: Mawson (1.0% owned, £5.0), Fernández (1.5%, £4.4), Naughton (2.9%, £4.5), van der Hoorn (.1%, £4.4), Olsson (.2%, £5.0)
      • Swansea Next 6: Arsenal (H), Leicester (A), Burnely (H), Brighton (A), West Ham (H), Huddersfield (A)
    • Leicester DEF: Maguire (12.4% owned, £5.5), Chilwell (.8% owned, £4.3), Dragovic (.1%, £4.9), Morgan (injured, 2.0%, £4.5), Simpson (injured, 1.7%, £4.3)
      • Leicester Next 6: Everton (A), Swansea (H), Man City (A), Stoke (H), Bournemouth (H), West Brom (A)

GW 24 Highest Scoring Keepers

Player, Team Saves Goals Against Bonus Points, Cards, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Schmeichel, LEI 3 0 2 BP, 1 CS 9/26/97
Butland, STK 3 0 2 BP, 1 CS 9/15/64
Fabianski, SWA 4 0 1 BP, 1 CS 8/13/100
Caballero, CHE 3 0 1 CS 7/7/7
de Gea, MUN 2 0 1 CS 6/19/127
Cech, ARS 4 1 3/7/87
Begovic, BOU 3 1 3/7/74
Pickford, EVE 4 1 3/7/93
Ederson, MCI 3 1 3/7/100
Darlow, NEW 6 3 3/14/30
Vorm, TOT 4 1 3/3/3
Foster, WBA 3 1 3/12/79
  • Kasper Schmeichel is at it again! 9 points this week, after 11 and 6 the following weeks. Now on 97 total after these last few weeks! I like Leicester fixtures, he could be a great GK to bring in if you are thinking of using the WC earlier than the DGW fixtures.
  • Fabianski kept a clean versus Liverpool! This was Swansea’s first clean sheet since GW 16 home to West Brom, but have now conceeded 1, 2, 1 and 0 goals in their last 4. Maybe they’ve turned things around and will be able to fight off relegation after all.
  • Courtois remains injured and might miss another week of action. Sucks if you own him like I do, but that’s the reason you have a viable backup GK on your roster to at least get a couple of points as a sub.