On June 2, 1988, Diego Maradona flew home to Buenos Aires after a long season with Napoli. Maradona was tired, and looking to unwind after yielding the Serie A Championship to A.C. Milan. With the desire to explore the unknown, and maybe bag a little strange, he headed to a club in the Las Cañitas section of the city by the name of the Kum Kum Room. After a long night of champaign and fine Colombian marching powder, Maradona stumbled home. As he shuffled one intoxicated step after another, he stopped to pee in the bushes outside a three-family home. While relieving himself in the well groomed shrubbery of Mr and Mrs. Antonio Aguero, he heard the cries of a newborn baby coming from the second floor of the home. In a cocaine-fueled delusion of grandeur, Maradona raised his right hand in the air and bestowed a divine sanction on the newborn babe. He then joyfully proclaimed: "May he be known as Kun!" Fast forward 26 years, and that baby is now the father of Diego Maradona's grandchildren, and one of the deadliest strikers in all of Europe. Yesterday afternoon, Sergio "Kun" Aguero had one of those vintage Maradona type of games. The Argentine scored all four of Manchester City's goals, as the the Citizens outclassed Tottenham from start to finish. Aguero's first goal was a thing of beauty, as he shook Younès Kaboul out of his boots, and belted a low hard strike past Hugo Lloris to the far right corner. His second and third goals came on penalties to the low left corner, that Lloris guessed terribly wrong on, both times. His coup de grâce came on his fourth and final goal, as he took a long pass down the right wing, made a move on Jan Vertonghen, and put a beautiful strike off his left foot into the far corner of the net. In the process of putting up a hat trick plus one yesterday, Aguero also became Manchester City's all-time leading premier league scorer, passing Carlos Tevez on his second goal of the day. I think it goes without saying, when Aguero is healthy and in form, he's one of the top two or three fantasy players in the Premier League. If you don't own Diego Costa, Aguero, or Wayne Rooney as one of your strikers, you're doing it wrong.

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Well, all you Razzball faithful guess what? Smokey here to tell ya, we blew out the walls that separate us (mostly bad teeth and charming accents) and have expanded across the pond.  That's right, we are going to be doing Fantasy Soccer, focusing mainly on the EPL and various other tournaments that we as fantasy degenerates like to peruse in an effort to throw time and money away. Week 8 is our starting point, and we'll be a continuous treasure trove of information, advice, and outlandishness from here on out, basically everything you'd expect from Razzball, but now with more balls. Soccer balls that is.