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So, week in and week out, we will be giving you our loves and hates for this week in a segment called Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em.  We will each pick one option from each position, and then, for a bonus, we show you our genius line-ups for the week.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply... basic.  The best part is, you get two opinions for the price of one.  We do this as a tandem, it’s the Smokey and Ralph show.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss.  So, Week 10 has a few excellent match-ups, and some that look lopsided to me. Fear not though, as there are no lopsided matches in Fantasy EPL.  Well, there is if you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you are doing, or just don’t listen to us. So have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value.


Dreaaaaaam Teaaaamer, I believe you can get me points tonightttttt. Dreaaaaaam Teaaaamer you're going to lead and be my captain riiight? Sorry for the off-key singing, but that one always gets me. It's like Shawshank Redemption, if it's on, I'm watching, or in this case, listening. Well, regardless of my affinity for Gary Wright's coup de grâce, welcome to the Dream Team. This is the post where Smokey and I round up our rankings for the week, and give you the Razzball FC Starting 11. We've linked to all of the rankings posts from the week below at each position. So if you disagree, post your gripes below, or go on each post and harass us one-by-one. You can also say nice things too! We're very sensitive. So read on young person....
It's "all if's and but's were soup and nuts" this week.  The reason is because those who own Diego wanna know where he is, and if he is playing.  The problem is, "The Special One", isn't tipping his hat, instead laying the blame on the Spanish national team and leaving all of us in the so-called fantasy lurch.  I don't like it, but have to trust he has some kind of game plane here to either mask Diego Costa's injury or to keep the other team at bay and actually give them hope of winning.  It is almost impossible to rank Costa this week, because if he plays, then he is a top-2 guy, no doubt. Or is he?  He may not be completely fit, and to be honest, Chelsea probably doesn't need the talented Spaniard, as they are deep enough to pull off a victory sans him.  So take a gander, or even stare at this week's FPL rankings for the fantasy strikers.


Welcome, midfield groupies, to this week's rankings. Last week, I missed badly on 2 of my top 3 choices in Eden Hazard, and Raheem Sterling. In fact, after Cesc Fàbregas, my next hits were David Silva at 5 and Alexis Sánchez at 7. Not bad, but I expect more out of my top-3. As I did in my Goalkeeper rankings yesterday, I'll be putting together a chart each week listing my top-11 midfielders from the previous matchday and their point totals. This way you can see for yourself just how genius… or idiotic I am. So take a look, share your thoughts in the comments, and keep coming back for more FPL goodies. AlexisSanchez
Defense! Defense!  No?  Okay, that was boring, unoriginal, and stale.  So this week's Defender rankings are here.  Don't rush like this is Black Friday, and cause a huge scrum over the new over-priced doo-hickey you are after.  It's not going anywhere (it's permanent type on a page that can be read and enjoyed by all).  So share.  This week (as a Blues fan) has me a little leery as we are missing our best defender in Branislav Ivanovic, who is a top-3 defender in most formats, and outside player Cesar Azpilcueta will be missing one more match.  So there is little there to reinvest you fantasy bucks in besides a Gary Cahill or a John Terry.  I think we see Nathan Ake or Kurt Zouma, or both, get some good run in this game as both are super young and super wet behind the ears in Mourhino's world.  Because that's what it is, we all just suffer through it from a fantasy football perspective.  So thankfully for Chelsea, they have the bottom feeding QPR and hope their defense can hold it down with hope, aspiration of clean-"sheetidness" and the vet presence in the middle.  So have at the rankings, I know that's what you came for.  See you tomorrow for the forward rankings, or you can leave a comment and we can talk now.
So here we are, another round in the books, and another week of rankings to devour, pick apart, and analyze. Now that I have your attention, three things before we get started... First, I will now refer to all clean sheets against as clean shats. Why? Because it makes me laugh, and well, because you also shatted in the cleanest way possible. Second, going forward, I'll be ranking all the Keepers on a weekly basis, but focusing my commentary to the top-11. Thirdly, I'll also be providing a chart detailing the prior week's top keepers based on their point totals from PremierLeague.com. Within the chart you'll notice I list the player, their club, the prior week's point total, their price, and my ranking of the previous week. This chart will hold me responsible for my wins and loses. Here at Razzball FC we're all about the transparency, and mustard... we really like mustard. Thibaut-Courtois
It's like Tuesdays with Morrie, but with Fantasy Soccer stuff involved.  All dressed up in cool kits, and sparkly boots.  The transfer time is always an important day of the week.  It's the first day that we preemptively get you geared up for the upcoming fantasy footsie week with some notes on early guys to look at.  Yeah, I know, it's too early in the week to be thinking about transfers, but this is a beginner stage to the week where we go through positional rankings, and the build-up to holding hands.  Baby steps. Remember what my pappy always said: "Spooning leads to forking." He was referencing a four-course meal, but secretly I was picking up what he was laying down.  So some interesting top-tiered teams take on some bottom dwellers this week and that to me screams fantasy goodies.  I am particularly looking for an underwhelming Arsenal side to date, hosting Burnley and Liverpool, then traveling to Newcastle.  Both Arsenal and Liverpool have some overpriced guys based on year-to-date production, the key is finding the ones that will feature and who will improve play this week.  So keep on doing what you are doing, that would be reading and checking out my early diatribe on who to keep an eye on this week for your transfer...


On a Sunday where the former class of the Premiership faced the new class of the Premiership, there was plenty to talk about leading up to kickoff. Now that the games are in the books there's even more to discuss. I'll take a look at what I observed, how it affected FPL play, and what implications these games may have on fantasy teams going forward. Let's rehash, shall we?
Let's breakdown this Saturday's games from the perspective of what I saw, what happened good fantasy wise, and what may come fantasy wise.  There were six games played, with some interesting matches and some bad results that left points on the table for some teams.  Enjoy the recap.