BIG NEWS EVERYBODY! BIG NEWS! If you couldn't figure it out by the headline then you're not very good with context clues....Come on it says DraftKings dude....Well regardless of your reading comprehension skills we're in the DraftKings business! That's right, just like we do on the other sites, Yours Truly and The Smoke Monster will be covering Weekly EPL every Friday. Here in our first installment I'm going to break down the rules and scoring a bit, alert you of some sweet promotions, and in closing let you know who I'm buying this week. Sound good? Cool then let's go! First and foremost, scoring. As with any game in the fantasy universe being 100% aware of the scoring is important. How else are you going to know what to target? Right? This is where you nod. Are you nodding? Alright good! So scoring is as follows...

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So, week in and week out, we will be giving you our loves and hates for this week in a segment called Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em.  We will each pick one option from each position, and then, for a bonus, we show you our genius line-ups for the week.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  The best part is, you get two opinions for the price of one.  We do this as a tandem, it’s the Smokey and Ralph show.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So, Week 11 has a slew of lopsided match-ups and two intriguing games on each end of the schedule. Fear not though, as there are no lopsided matches in Fantasy EPL. Well, there is if you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you are doing, or just don’t listen to us. So have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value.
Pardon me as I do the shmoney dance....okay good to go. Why am I doing the Shmoney dance you ask? Well, pull up a stool and I'll tell you… last week we nailed 5 of the top 11 midfielders. Including the top two scorers in Alexis Sánchez and Stewart Downing. We also had two huge misfires in the top 11. One that was a bad call on Christian Eriksen, and another that was dead on arrival in David Silva. (Bravo City! Way to injury your best playmaker in a meaningless Cup game.) Silva will be out for a bit, so he won't see the inside of these rankings for a few months. It's really too bad to, because he was rounding into solid form. As for Eriksen he can kick rocks. There are too many good midfield options to wait for the Dane to catch up. Sparkeplader Klipper Fodboldspiller! That means kick rocks footballer in Danish.
Well, hello there footie fans.  We conclude this week's rankings, and the EPL fantasy for two weeks because of the international break stuff going down with the fantasy forwards.  So after this week, prices will be mellowed like yellow for a bit.  So if you have the loot to buy and sit on guys for the time being, then go do it.  Go look at schedules, find the match-ups that are in your favor, and give your roster some surplus energy or flair.  Or come here everyday and get all the vital information that you will need for transfers, rankings, and daily strategy.  Yes, that's a praying Pelle below, because we all who owns him wants a goal, so special novenas aside, put one in the net.   He is aggressively ranked because I have faith in the higher power that it will happen... that a good point will occur.  So go check out the other forward's rankings and stay for a comment or some virtual tea.
Each and every week, we will be ranking the positions for the fantasy EPL.  These rankings are based on the week of play for that week and aren't for the ROS.  The rest of season posts will be coming in a few weeks, so don't get all antsy and wanna jump ahead.  This week's defender rankings are becoming a usual who's who.  But I would like to focus on the trio of defenders that man the back line for Southampton.  Nathaniel Clyne, Jose Fonte and Ryan Bertrand each individually would be a solid starting option for your fantasy team.  The trio has amassed such a great stranglehold on 3 of the top 5 spots, that they are hard not to rank collectively from week to week in the top XI.  The schedule for Southampton has been in their favor, but garnering 6 clean sheets is no easy task for anyone.   Note that their schedule takes an uptick with upcoming fixtures vs. Man City, @Arsenal and vs. Man United.  I am not going to say they are benchable from this point on, because we still have two weeks until then.  I am just saying keep it on the back burner and a potential swap in swap out for your transfer.  So have at the Week 11 Fantasy EPL Defender Rankings...
Damn you Charlie Austin and your beautiful goal. If it wasn't for your tricky back heel I might have nailed my top two picks last week. Such as life, and the tricky mistress that is fantasy EPL. To rehash wins and losses, I won on Wojciech Szezesny, Fraser Forster, Ben Foster, Tim Howard, and Lukasz Fabianski. I missed on Hugo Lloris, Julian Speroni, Simon Mignolet, And Adrian. My biggest omissions were Tim Krul who I embarrassingly ranked way too low at 17 and Joe Hart. Hart played great in last weekend's Manchester Derby and you'll see he's tops on our list for round 11. So maybe last week I let my United allegiances get the best of me. Shoot me okay! Onto the rankings!
Well, competition makes the world go round, though I'm pretty sure gravity and some other scientific stuff that I won't even attempt to spell.  So here at Razzball we are all about fun, and making fantasy fun.  So we are running a Razzball EPL league starting in Week 13 of the Premiership season.  This will be a from the start of that week 'til the end of the season.  It's winner takes all in the classic format, with total points determining the utmost supreme being of EPL fantasy.  We are running it on, and will be using the basic format that anyone has played in that league set-up is familiar with.  So for the ones that aren't here are the basic rules:
Transfer Tuesday is the first look of the week at who we are looking at early in the week for a multitude of reasons.  Those reasons are based on team form, personal form, match-up and price.  You factor all those things together, plus a nice cold pint, and you have your one free transfer of the week (or if you been having a few belts go crazy and lose the 4 points and do multiple).  Who is going to judge you? It's your team.  Tell 'em all to go piss up a rope and scream from the mountain tops "I do what I want!".  So this week has some great fixture that should be great for fantasy purposes.  The Southampton and Leicester, Spurs and Stoke and Arsenal and Swansea all look to have great scoring possibilities by all parties involved.  Now if you are like me and like to exploit the weaker teams by stacking your team against them then have a read below, as I am all over West Ham this week as a clean sheet and multiple goal win by them looks possible.  So have a look at the transfer ideas that grabbed my attention for the week of double ones.
A look at the games that should be on the TV nearest you for Sunday Week 9…


Do you know what today is? It's only the second most exciting day of the year besides New Year's Eve. That's right! It's Derby Day, and sure there are other Derbies but there are only two that matter (Merseyside and Manchester) and only one of those has annual championship implications. I'm going to lay it out there, I'm unbelievably bias in this instance. I'm a huge Manchester United fan, and other than nuclear war and carnies, there's not much I like less than Manchester City. I'm going to try and keep it objective but it seemed responsible to at least reiterate my allegiances.