Everyone has heard of the dented can theory, correct?  No?  Well, the dented cans are all hurt and/or dented, and therein lies the value. Today we look at said cans! More specifically, we look at guys that were injured, are returning to the pitch, and may have some intrinsic value for your roster.  Most of the guys that I have focused on have missed significant time this year, and really haven't had any chance to gel with their club for long periods of time.  There is value there if you are a penny pincher when it comes to making out your roster like myself.  There are two reasons you need to be frugal during the year right after the January transfer window, just in case a value comes along.  So take a gander at the list, most are for some, some aren't for most.  These are the guys that are coming back that you may want to stash as long as you have the loot to spare and a prayer to be answered.

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Well, competition makes the world go round, though I’m pretty sure gravity and some other scientific stuff that I won’t even attempt to spell.  So here at Razzball we are all about fun, and making fantasy fun.  So we are running a Razzball EPL league starting in Week 13 of the Premiership season.  This will be a from the start of that week ’til the end of the season.  It’s winner takes all in the classic format, with total points determining the utmost supreme being of EPL fantasy.  We are running it on fantasy.premierleague.com, and will be using the basic format that anyone has played in that league set-up is familiar with.  So for the ones that aren’t here are the basic rules:
Over the last five years I've been playing in a very competitive league with 20 friends, family, and acquaintances. Over that time I've won the league twice, once in 11-12, and again in 12-13. Each year I used my first wild card before the January window. I felt as though buying players at their lowest value after a few weeks/months of evaluation, allowed me to construct a team of cost effective options, while also staying ahead of the curb when it came to price increases. Well after falling short in the past two years with consecutive third place finishes I decided to change my wild card strategy. This year I'm determined to be patient and wait until March. I figure A. I just have to make it to the January window B. Any buys right now could turn into long terms losses if injuries and dips in form happen to 3 or 4 players in my lineup. Because that's what happened last year. After 4 months of reigning a top my league and within the top 2,000 on the Premier League site, I sunk like a stone from January to May. The big problem was A. By January everyone owned Luis Suarez B. I refused to transfer in Daniel Sturridge C. Mesut Özil and several others had significant dips in form. It was a turd tornado of epic proportions, and it's left me a changed man here in 14-15. So here I am waiting and it's killing me. Seriously Smokey used his this week and scored 83 points. With so many good low cost options in abundance my ultimate goal of pairing Sergio Agüero with Diego Costa is easily attainable. But no, instead I'm here staying strong. As a fun exercise I've played around with my lineup a bit to look at some different combos I could have, if by chance I used my wild card over the international break. See below...
When it comes to being underrated Charlie Austin is the king. He was born on a Wednesday, a very underrated day of the week. His favorite meal growing up was meatloaf, a very underrated dish. His favorite band? The Happy Monday's a very underrated band. But most of all Charlie Austin the footballer was very underrated. He was an unwanted bastard of the Reading youth system. So much so that he had to make his way through non-league football in his late teens. Playing semi-pro by night and laying bricks (literally) by day. After a few years he finally began working his way up to the lower dregs of the English football system. Scratching and clawing from Kintbury to Hungerford to Poole to Swindon to his big break with Burnley. He was underrated then and he's underrated now.
So yesterday we went over the overrated fellas, so naturally, today, we are doing the underrated guys.  The guys that are getting you value all across the board and allowing you to squeeze 3-4 top players into that £100 budget.  It's the same assessment theories as yesterday.  We look at value, cost, percent of usage, and value as it's associated to form.  All of these things are what makes up the current value of the player, and causes those pluses and minuses in value that make your team look good, or really good.  I didn't include goalies, which are like fantasy football kickers, or fantasy baseball catchers, and you play the one that looks good schedule-wise.  So take a look at the guys where I think the numbers are returning better value then we give them credit for.
So with the slow week, my colleague and I are going rover.  Not like the "red rover", well... to be honest, it's exactly like that. Now send your attention over... So this morning's post focused on the most overrated crew that currently rosters itself in Fantasy Premier.  We came up with these lads based on season form, value assessment, percent of usage, and a price per point analysis.  This analysis determines the true value of a fantasy player on a point-per-game basis and correlates it to there value as a percentage of your roster's salary.  So using all that goodness, wrapped in a pretzel roll, I have came to the determination that based on all those things, Yaya Toure is an absolute abomination to your fantasy roster.  Let's look at what he does on a weekly basis and what it does to your team as a whole if you are rostering him.
Overrated and underrated, it's a familiar and possibly overused concept. It's trotted out by every type of media from fashion magazines to fantasy sports sites like ours. What could be less alike than fashion and fantasy sports media types, amirite? I'm wearing a leather coat from 2006 and an old knit hat with a brim. Post-game Russell Westbrook I am not. Regardless, during the next couple of days we'll be sharing our overrated and underrated lists with you. Feel free to share yours or passionately disagree with ours. Hey, it's an international break you don't want us writing about Brazil's showdown with Turkey do ya? Just to be clear, I'm defining overrated one of two ways: 1. overpriced on the site 2. over owned by the general population. ONWARD!