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Gather round fellow believers and welcome to the Church of the Holy Crosses. We've come together today to discuss the one true constant in our daily lives, and that's points for crosses. If you're playing DraftKings weekly fantasy EPL, then you know what I'm talking "bout. I'm talking about, those always reliable, yet constantly overlooked, cross points. No, not the kettle bell and pull-up workout, that's Cross-Fit. We will not be making you do 40 boxes jumps, followed by a rope climb. I know, your Moobs just started to bead sweat didn't they? It's okay because what we're discussing today is the lord's work. That lord just so happens to be a 30-year old Englishman named Stewart. To all of my fellow believers out there I'm obviously talking about Stewart Downing ($7,300), hallowed be thy name. He's the lord in our weekly game and it has nothing to do with his ability to turn water to wine (well maybe a little). It instead has everything to do with his EPL leading 2.8 crosses per game. In the DraftKings format you are awarded one point for each cross a player provides. In Downing's case that's an foundation of three points on average, right off the bat. Factor in his importance in West Ham's attack, and you have one of the highest floors in Weekly EPL play. Now let's discuss some of the other Kings of Crossing. Sorry Smokey, this will not be about Drag Queens. You can save that for "Transfer(mation) Tuesday". Are you playing weekly EPL on DraftKings? Well why not?!? This is a great opportunity to get to know the league, or test your already precise knowledge of all things Premiership. But first,  make sure you sign up with us before you do. It's easy to signup by clicking the promo link here. All first time depositors will be entered into a free contest. I know it's a sweet deal! If you're the type that fears being alone, no need to fret. You can join our Saturday and Sunday leagues, featuring yours truly, as well as a host of other Razzball readers and friends.
So, as we do every Friday, we're giving you our loves and hates for this week in a segment called Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em.  You should know the drill but if you don't, we each pick one option from each position, and then, for a bonus, we show you our genius line-ups for the week.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  The best part is, you get two opinions for the price of one.  We do this as a tandem, it’s the Smokey and Ralph show.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So, Week 12 has a slew of intriguing games and some lopsided affairs as well. Fear not though, as there are no lopsided matches in Fantasy EPL. Well, there is if you don’t have the foggiest idea of what you are doing, or just don’t listen to us. So have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value.
Is it just me or are the forward rankings the funnest part of anyone else's week?  The overall depth and value at the position is so diverse and from week-to-week you can go with any of a multitude of directions.  Those directions are neither wrong nor right, but are fun to debate because of the diversity between top flight options in Aguero and Costa and the cost friendly versions on lesser clubs Austin and Perez.  There is no wrong way to build your club.  Scratch that.  There is but you obviously know what you are doing well enough that you don't need to wear a helmet while making your team or transfers for the week.  So my best advice for a starting forward set this week is start Aguero, then mix in two guys that no one else is rostering up front.  This works for two reasons, points that they might not receive and points that you catch up on.  If Aguero does his job, then the other two just need to make some noise and boom point differential.  So have at the forward rankings for Week 12.  Cheers!
Alexis Sánchez is an animal, a goal scoring beast that feasts on the blood and weaknesses of his opponent's back lines. The Chilean superhero has now scored 6 goals in the last 4 match weeks, and it's safe to say he's carrying Arsenal at the moment. Will it continue against the rival Red Devils this week? Well, with teenagers and midfielders once again making up the back line for the Manchester squad, it's hard not to rate Sánchez numero uno. I'm expecting a wide open game this week between the two giants of European football, and it wouldn't shock me to see the goal total approach 5+. In a match like that, the Gunners attacker should be in his element. And hey, he hasn't done me wrong ranking him first in consecutive weeks. So yeah, he's the number one middie once again. Who knows maybe one of these days I'll rank someone else number one. But for now that just sounds stupid.
This week's defender rankings are brought to you by the graciousness of the scheduling and to load up on Southampton defenders.  It's that plain and simple this week my friends. They play at Villa, who have 4 points out of a possible 15 at Villa Park.  Add to that they only have 2 goals on their home pitch, to go along with only 5 all year.  You know why that number 5 is special? It's the number of consecutive clean sheets the Saint's have coming out of this game if all goes well.  So do yourself a favor and stack it up, drop Tadic and/or any other Southampton player you may have rostered, and invest the £11.0 to at least roster a pair.  You will thank me later, or curse at me, both terms of endearment in my neck of the woods.  Here's the Week 12 Defender Rankings... enjoy!
Fraser Forster Well, it's been two weeks, anyone remember who I ranked first in our Keeper Rankings way back on November 5th? No!?!? Good me either!!! If only it were that simple. The truth hurts and when it's a gooberish keeper who's name rhymes with Snow Cart, it hurts more. That's right it's Manchester City Keeper and certified fantasy puddle Joe Hart! Way to go Joe! Nothing like watching your top ranked player give up two against a team you pegged for clean sheet fodder. Truth be told, Hart is not to blame. City's defensive corps are bruised, battered, and bad. Gael Clichy shouldn't be started by any title contending squad anywhere, even in MLS. While the injuries pile up it seems avoiding Hart for the time being is growing more and more prudent. Too bad too, he's typically been one of the most consistent performers at the keeper position the last three plus years. I'm sure he'll come around again, once City gets hot. Well onward and upward,  this week we're looking at another great slate of matches, and some good plays for keepers at lower price points. As always we'll rank the top 11, list the rest, and finish with last game-week's comparison between my rankings and reality.
In a week that never seemed to end, from an EPL perspective, we finally have the unrivaled Transfer Tuesday.  "It took me forever to get here" said Tuesday. The traffic and the international travel was very exhausting. So Tuesday's from here until the end of time, we will look at some key transfers that either look good price-wise, or just look good from a match-up perspective.  It's usually a pick on the bottom three-fest from week-to-week, well, to be honest, that's where you get the best chance to maximize on a crap team.  The bottom three this year are turning into the bottom five very fast, as they have only managed to muster 14 points out of a total of 90.  That my friends, and several enemies, is just not very good pitch-work for those clubs.  So if you are torn between starting someone versus West Ham or Crystal Palace, for the joy of common sense please just read that stat that I so whole heartily researched.  Enjoy the week to come as we jump back into the rankings and other fantasy EPL goodies through the week.
Finally the second International break has come to an end. With fixtures on the docket for this coming weekend. We're back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. Don't get me wrong it was a lot of fun doing Overrated, Underrated, and other posts over the last week, but it's nice to have some games to talk about. Well sort of........before we return to all that, we have something a bit in the middle of both. Today we're taking a look at the EPL players of note over the Euro Qualifiers this past weekend. Who knows maybe these guys are building some momentum for the next couple of gameweeks. Always good to take note of good form in football. Especially when we have our leagues kicking off in just a few weeks. Yeah that's right sign up for our RCL's. Do it now!