Feeling a little rushed? Well, the accelerated schedule this week give us three games in eight days for all clubs.  That makes me happy, not only does it turns soccer into basketball or hockey, but even better, it's the beautiful game and we should as much as possible.  Just be heady that the short week will cause all type of physio nightmares for your projected line-ups, and we all know how close to the vest they keep these line-ups.  So make sure you have viable bench options with zero injury concerns as filler for your starters, cause ya never can have enough playable talent.  This week I am fully vested in taking advantage of plays against Hull and Leicester as both teams are scraping to get by and look nothing short of teams to get relegated right now. Enjoy the quick turn around and I will see you all tomorrow with Week 14 rankings.

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It's the blackest of all Fridays and we're all looking for a great deal. So drop that discounted sweater and portable DVD player that will break in a week and head over to DraftKings for a little weekly EPL madness. The deals are a plenty starting with a free game entry for all first time players who make a deposit. You can take advantage of this door buster by clicking the link here. We also have our usual Saturday contest going on here. This is a ten team league with a $2 entry fee, so if you think I'm a big dummy join and take my money. Now that you're all signed up and ready to go, let's equip you with the knowledge you need to make some pesos hombre! Onto your Uncle Ralph's Saturday lineup for BPL contests on DraftKings.
Ah, the day after eating way too much and the day before Week 13 starts...  I mean I know I couldn't think of another way to rejoice in my over-carbed out body then to sleep, grab a pint and chill.  It's kinda like waiting for the great pumpkin bit a week too late, and it's the 13th week.  Okay, that literally made no sense, but sounded funny when aided by sangria and some sort of schnapps. So this week we have some tasty match-ups for some of the top league scorers. Costa and his whoop-stick take on Sunderland as the Blues try to take revenge on the last time Mourinho was undefeated and the Black Cats ended it.  It isn't gling to be pretty, as this is one time I see Mourinho not so much parking the bus but driving it over the cats and circling the bus to do it again.  Line-ups without Costa or your max three Chelsea players tis week are at a disadvantage in my book.  So here are the Week 13 Forward Rankings, enjoy!
Since we started doing these rankings a few weeks back it's seemingly been an endless rotation of the same guys...over...and over again.  Problem is when it comes to midfielders there's THE GUYS, and there's everybody else. The scoring format on PL.com is limited, and it caps the value of players that effect the game in ways that don't show up on the scoresheet. So, a player like Mile Jedinak, for example, doesn't have the same sort of value he would in other formats. With this in mind I try and focus on middies that score goals or are premium playmakers. Unfortunately the Michael Carrick's, Marouane Fellaini's and Nemanja Matic's have little to no value. It's not that they aren't world-class players, they just don't have the type of roles that are conducive to the format....Sorry guys you always have "Reality"! ....I know much less exciting.
The back-enders are the key to every fantasy team.  The only problem is they are so tied to the clean sheet, that it makes it hard to commit to guys on a week-in and week-out basis.  Best strategy I have learned for this is that you should really pay for four starters and hope three have great match-ups and use the other as your first sub.  It's not concrete, but gives you the insurance that you need when you can only transfer once a week.  Especially this week, when fantasy defensive stalwarts like Ryan Bertrand and Nathaniel Clyne face a rough patch in their schedule.  So stay ahead of the game, add one now and make sure you have the one in reserve.  This is breought to you by the learning is half the battle campaign, sponsored by Kung Fu grip.   Enjoy this week's defender ranking, questions, comments and curse words are always welcomed.
Another week in the books and the rankings are upon us. We have a normal game week schedule this week, followed by a day off next Monday, and then our first mid-week game week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. So there's a lot of upcoming action for the month of December, and even more to discuss. Until then, let's focus on Matchweek 13, and the outlook for keepers in our little thing. Last week we saw another low priced option, on a relegation team, post the biggest week among net-minders. This just goes to show, you don't need to pay for clean sheets, just focus on the matchups. To steal a phrase from the Baseball site and rework it, C-SAGNOF! Clean Sheets Ain't Got No Face. To those not familiar with the concept it's easy, don't pay for the sexy names just focus on the production and matchups. In that tenor we begin our week 13 keeper rankings...
Today is the first day of a busy stretch for anyone who plays FPL.  3 games in 8 days time, and it all starts with this week.  Are you ready?  No, me either.  I am going to wear out the home row keys this week, invest in some cases of RockStar and just type goodness for you.  Whether you like it or not you are going to be barraged with info, so much info that it will be coming out of your keyster.  That's the first time I have ever typed the word keyster, so if it isn't spell-corrected, you know where to stick it.  So enjoy the new week's first fantasy pipe bomb of knowledge that we are dropping on you with the Week 13 transfer targets.