The last and final installment is here.  These guys are the goods, the bulgers of nets and fantasy pants.  We try to cram as many of the big names into our rosters as possible, and unfortunately it makes the rest of our team look inferior.  To me, the best scenario is to choose your high priced weapon, whether that be Kun or Ibra, and go from there.  The true value of a team in my opinion is loading up on the best midfielders possible and mixing and matching with the hot hand up top.  Now that doesn't mean to completely punt the forward position.  It means go take a look at the price of the forwards currently, now look at the players who rank in the top-10 in ownership five of the 10 are priced at £6.5 or lower.  There is a huge gap in what we want and what we can afford, and the names in between the likes of say the rosterable £6.5 lads and the pedestal guys above £10, the names do nothing for me right now from a fantasy perspective.  Yeah, they will be owned, because most of the 420 players in the player universe will have a fan, family member, or some guy who mimics his life after Buffalo Bill and listens to Wild horses on repeat all day.  So enough with all the jibber jabber and hullabaloo, let's get to the ranks and commentary fit for legends and mimicked by haters.

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It is a proven fact that the third of anything is always the best.  Hence, why they added a third yodel to pack, and why the third rail is always talked about while the other two are neglected. 3-D is all the rage for just about every pictorial display... and now?  Midfielders.  Once again I am joined by the ambiguously-ranking duo of Kevin Devries and John Wallin.  Both titans in their fields, even if that field is a farmers market and they are the foremost zucchini experts.  Nonetheless, they are my boys and mad props for doing these rankings with me for the preseason.  Midfield is by far the hardest group to rank for me because one man's opine about a player is sometimes vastly different than the others.  Parity makes the world go round, and at least this year it looks like we don't have a set template team that we did for most of last year.  So on with the show, and let's look at the fantasy stalwarts that are middies.  Cheers!
The second phase of our weekly ranking experiment and the controversy of our rankings which weren't premeditated in anyway rages on.  Three separate minds, all warped, yet sharp in their own special way.  Or that's what my grandma told me anyways.  Defense to me is all about the secret thing that make your team great from week to week and is my main point of gambling and using my free transfer.  I like to gamble, because the allure of that clean sheet is like fantasy crack and I like it.  Intervention to follow.  Look two games ahead only, I get a kick out of people looking farther then that down the schedule, by that time I will have had 2-3 transfers at my discretion to fix what I thought was broken.  Second key thing is find a stud any fantasy defensive stud and ride him for almost ever.  Last find a rotation that you like to start the year and stick with it for at least 4-5 games.  Like I just said, you can tinker here and there and the dreaded -4 looks better in the beginning of the year a rather then the end.  Here are the rankings, commentary brought by myself and Kevin Devries as well John Wallin of playtogga, the hippest and coolest draft style fantasy footie out there today...
And so it begins...  People can write hundreds of articles prepping you and singing the praises of dozens of players.  To me, they all scream the same thing: "We are all guessing."  Fantasy footie is one of the true sports that scream beauty and fantasy worthiness is in the eyes of the beholder... that's you lads.  So this week at Razzball, I will be giving you positional breakdowns, starting with keepers today and Forwards by weeks end.  I am basing my rankings on a few factors: job security, team as a whole, and value.  Match-ups come and go with every changing week, that's why I give you individually ranked positions every week for the next 40 weeks or so.  So get comfy, litter it with your opinion, and here are the preseason rankings as I see it for the upcoming FPL season.  Cheers! Oh, and for giggles, I called in some of the industry elite in Kevin Devries @Kevrov ,and usual draft style specialist John Wallin, @Fantasy Gaffer of Togga.
It doesn't make the whole earth rotate, but I hear it has some lasting effect on the gravity of the FPL universe (but the defensive rotation game is alive and well this year like every other).  There are several options to choose from and the one you like best is, well, probably the best.  I will explain my normal tactic when trying to engage in the defense selection of my team to at least start the year, and then divest that into some rotational team that match-up well enough that they can be used as that 3-4th defender based on what you think is necessary for you fantasy team.  FPL is like a hike, I am your walking stick.  You are the motor, I am the map.  So what I say has been said by dozens of other smart people who analyze fantasy footie from numerous sites.  None of us are wrong, well, they are, but just use this as a guide.  Common sense is the best advice FPL players should use.  So here are some defense rotational ideas for the beginning of the year for the first six games or so.  After that, all things can sometimes go in the crapper and that first wildcard is like having a free lap dance card in your pocket. Cheers!
Transfers come in and transfers go out.  The only difference between the real world and FPL is: how does it help you.  Not every move is of fantasy relevance, and if I touched on them, all I would be long-winded and be completely useless the rest of the day.  So for now, I am going to concentrate on some guys with familiar names in new situations and some guys of lesser known relevance previously that now seem to be at the forefront of possible fantasy usefulness.  Teams run different formations and bringing in new lads to fit their formation is a key point to finding cheap fantasy sleepers and values.  After all, we all get the same starting loot for the first week as everyone else, the key is listening to the right voices inside your head, or maybe get out a little more and find some trusty FPL experts to befriend.  Just a heads up... that would be me.  So here are some guys with new teams but with previous FPL tenure that I can see flourishing, not flourishing, or being a complete waste of time and basically being unrosterable. Cheers!
Promoted players/teams often are overlooked, but not because of value.  Mostly because they aren't that proven commodity, or don't have that name power that others with similar price tags offer.  For soothe, I shout from the balcony!  Everyone wants to roster five or more guys over the 7.5 price tag.  In order to do that, you have to cut corners... it's like that special lunch from grade school.  PB on white Wonder bread with no crust.  So don't be oft put by the promoted players because they have to play the same amount of games as everyone else, granted they are usually the unfavorable part of the match-up.  They still will score goals, they will still get assists and they still will get clean sheets.  So grab one, hell grab three, one from each team and fill out your roster and make mom and me proud.  The likes of Hull, Burnley, and Middlesbrough have some retread options that have had previous success in the premier league and have done fairly well in the championship prior to their promotion.  So let's get in the Razzball spirit of things and look at some of the promoted players that could be a swoon to your opening day roster consideration.  Cheers!
So after what appeared to be a week and forever of us waiting for the return of the game, it didn't end up disappearing, it actually started again.  All fit with new stats, a new skin, and some new looks but no real rule changes.  Which is good, we all fear change.  I have to change on a daily basis to my excessive sweat glands that pump out FPL and baseball knowledge all day, everyday.  So here is what to expect out of the one man band here at Razzball FC this year.  We have a crisp three weeks up until the season starts, so I will have positional breakdowns, good rotations to target for the early season schedule, and basic FPL fodder that only I can deliver.  I will also be running a RCL similar FPL game on the official site. 93785-32556 is the code go and join up while I try and hit up the powers that be for prizes of a magnitude that would make others join.  If not, just join up anyways and be a competitive footie.  So as you roster and re-roster your team 200 ways to Sunday, stand at comfort that Smokey has your back and will be dropping posts usually on the daily up until the first games start on August 13th.  So for now, lets get started shall we?  Everyone loves a sleeper or a bargain, and I am no different.  I feel that finding a bargain now to squeeze in your roster saves the day later for when you can add a big ticket item.  So here are some of my favorite cheap items from some guys that were playing in the EPL last year that should outperform their value from day one.  Cheers!
This is it folks.  The whole magilla.  The end of the road and the close to a spectacular season of fantasy soccer here at Razzball.  I want to express my gratitude to all the readers, commentators and the powers that be at Razzball, a special shout to Jay, for giving me this opportunity to bring you quality advice from a fun approach in the Razzball tradition.  So here we have the finale to the rankings for the 2015/2016 FPL season.  I would say it's now or never but that would be cliche and extremely too late. The best advice this week is don't go crazy taking minuses, don't make extreme gambles and go chalk with the rankings.  The high priced guys are high priced for a reason and this week the match-ups are in your favor and if you own them good.  Now go own more or as many as possible that can fit into your roster budget.  So here are the rankings for the final week of the season, I hope you all win your mini leagues or achieve the highest overall rank to date.  Cheers!
The final transfer idea thread of the year is a tough one to translate via the typed word.  If we were sitting in a pub, on your dime of course, we could converse for a good 8-10 minutes about what to do.  But alas, all I have is my home row keys of fantasy goodness to guide you.  This week is not a time to be cute and be all: "I am going to change the world with my transfers."  Because it is honestly too late.  You want the most points possible.  It is no different than any other week, just that you have to be a little different to do it.  I am specifically talking about people playing for pride in climbing the ladder of overall standings, and the guys you are chasing in your mini leagues.  This is the best advice I can give you, grab as many stars as you can, that may be different then the guy/girl you are trailing.  That dynamite piece of fantasy analysis is brought to you by sleep deprivation and a steady supply of marshmallows.  So with that your roster should consist of Alexis Sanchez, KDB, Kane, Kun and Payet.  After that, the world is your oyster.  All those names that I just mentioned have decent enough match-ups that the are sit proof and at this point in the season you have to play them.  To fill in the blanks for your team let's check out the transfer ideas I could see falling your way for week 38 in the FPL.