For those of us familiar with a certain store that sells cheap wine, the title makes complete sense.  For those that don't, I basically just told you that it is a cheap wine sold at a store, so now you are caught up.  Keywords being wine and especially in conjunction with FPL defenders being cheap.  This is the last part of the three-part positional series talking about cheap options, and defender is where the biggest price pinching goes on.  Every year the search for the sexiest starting option happens in the preseason and with 4.0 the stepping off point, why not start there and shed some light on the guys that re being bandied about as not complete throw away fellas as they looked to be semi nailed on?  Since the strategy for defenders is to basically either get 3 or 5, the sense to me is that you either want to spend on them for the full five players or spend on three great options and save for the rest of your roster.  Best part about FPL is there is never a wrong answer because it is your team, your favorites, and your attention.  So avoiding the noise and flow of everyone else is a good and bad thing, but always in your own favor.  So here are some 4 and possibly some 4.5 buck chucks to start the FPL season.  Cheers!

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Mohamed Salah is the biggest name in FPL right now, and rightfully so! He rocked into the Premier League last season and racked up a ridiculous 32 goals and 12 assists and obviously ended up as the highest scoring player in the official game. The question now is… should you own him this year?
A season ago Manchester City marched to the title, scoring a record number of goals en route to setting records for both wins and points. It was no surprise that at season's end they boasted the top four (4!) players in assists - KDB, Sterling, Sane and Silva - and the top three players in  fantasy assists (Silva's 11 assists in real life was also his total in FPL, dropping him behind four others). Midfield, it seemed, was not where City needed to strengthen. But then they went and signed Riyad Mahrez for a lot of chedder, or squids; really the foodstuff of your choice. In bulk.
You ever sit inside on a rainy day and put together a puzzle?  Well, that is what the official game is all about.  Filling in a puzzle.  Now take a heavy heaping off the top with owning Mo Salah at 13.o.  That is 13% of your opening day budget.  It is actually more when you factor in that you need four bench players that will take another 13-15% of you salary depending on how much of a bench commitment you are willing to run out.  So finding bargains and undermined pieces that fit your puzzle is key.  Currently there are 26 players that are being owned in over 10% of leagues, for this time of the year that is pretty template-y. So after the 7.0 striker post the other day, this is the second in the line of budget players that fit more into a budget rather than a spending spree.  Because owning Mo and maybe a City middie commits you to well over 20% of your budget to be sprayed around the rest of the 13 players. Not that much star power in that at every position if you think about the ownership rates of other players floating around.  Bargains are out there in undiscovered places or even in newer players to the Premier.  So unearthing them is a fun game that you can do on any day... doesn't have to be in the rain with your Grandma.  So here are the budget options that have caught my eye through the meat of your lineup.  Cheers!
Who’s got the pedigree to step up to the Premier League this season? As the FPL season draws near, it’s time to consider those new faces coming to the top-flight of English football. This list will be drawing on some big names playing in top European leagues last season, as well as giving you the pick of the relative unknowns that others might miss. While it’s not the best idea to overload on new players, who may need time to adjust and acclimatise to a new team and a new league, sometimes it’s good to cast the net wide and take a bit of a gamble. For those prepared to face the winds of uncertainty, the upside is great – real value-for-money and differential picks – and the satisfaction of beating the herd to the next set of ‘must-haves’. Here’s ten new players for FPL in 2018/19.
The key to building a stout fantasy squad to start the year is making the correct decisions when it comes to players on the come up at a bargain.  Yes, capitalizing on other factors matter; schedule, form and even ownership percentages. But the one thing that is similar to everyone's team from now until after the first week?  We all start with £100.  So finding the right 4.0 defender, 5.5 midfielder and 7.0 striker is clutch in the world of wanting all the shiniest toys.  I.E the Salah's, the Aguero's and the Aubameyang's.  All big priced commodities that takes some tinkering to get all three in... and you have to cut corners.   So cutting corners we will.  Here is a look at my 7.0 and under forwards and what I could see them producing this year (as 7 millions seems to be a popular price point for value at the striker position).  Lots of names and popular options.  So which one will you choose, and is only one the right answer?
In case the post-World Cup malaise had you down, we have gallantly returned to welcome y'all back to a fresh, new and exciting season of Razzball soccer. Like any other year, the EPL season will welcome three new teams to the ranks of the prem after saying adios to three definitive losers: Wolverhampton Wanderes, Cardiff City and Fulham have climbed the ranks of the EFL Championship to join the big boys at the top of the English footballing pyramid. Below are some quick numbers to give you a quick look of how each team did in the EFL last year:
And so it begins... Another arduous season of tinkering and self hate.  Only slightly kidding, but it is awfully arduous.  I kinda like that word today more than the other words, so if it turned you off to my wordsmithing and construction of the human language, my apologies.  The new FPL season is on the table and Razzball is the chef for all your culinary fantasy needs.  We will be here most days and definitely every week to give you the low down on the high brow info.  I've brought back some of the familiar folks and have added some new faces to the fray.  Relax, they may be not from the same country you are from, but they may root for the same club that you do.  So in theory, you can sort of trust them, but only as far as the end of the pub's bar.  I am excited for the year and look forward to grabbing as many other fantasy sport fiends as possible and roll them into the fray of FPL.  Listen, this fantasy stuff isn't for everyone.  Hell, I have been here at the world famous institute known as Razzball for 10 years.  A decade of brilliance... sort of.  So if you like sports, enjoy FPL this is the spot to be!  We are only slightly offensive, but definitely will not use your name directly to offend you personally.  Then use that kind of communication and roll that into fantasy knowledge on the highest level of comedic genius, mixed with the fact of the matter stats.  If you are here right now, you get what Razzball is all about.  Fun and a whole heaping of more fun.  Other sites may promise you the world with stats and knowledge, but we are more fun to drink with.  And that is a fact, because I have personally drank with a few fantasy heads from around the world and they are not the kind of lads who you would want to watch your kids for you on your date night.  So get comfy as we bring you 38 plus weeks of fantasy goodies and lots of laughs.  Cheers!
The last rankings round-up.  The unfortunate things that are really fun and annoying is that they have to come to an unfortunate end.  Way too many unfortunate things there, but for the gist of spitting at soccer it makes last week look like heaven's sent.  I am still trying to forget it and GW 37 just ended yesterday.  too many negatives don't equal a positive.  That is why i am thankful that week 38 is finally here so we can move on from our woes and set the record straight with one more good week to go out on a top note.  There is no need to be wordy with an intro this week, we have done this 37 times previous.  To wax poetic would just not be my style as I like it short, sweet, brunette and with a great personality.  Wait, we're still talking about FPL players...right?  So with out further adieu here are my views on the rankings for week 38.  Good luck, it has been a pleasure bringing you fantasy output this year and I have one more post of usefulness this year.  Cheers!
Unfortunately friends the FPl season has to end.  Even more unfortunate is that crap-fest of a DGW that we just witnessed.  If anything maybe it is a learning lesson for future doubles to come next year.  Leaving your chips on the table til the end make them go stale.  None the less we come down to the last week of games.  i am kinda sad.  What will I do with the countless hours of content typing time that I give on a weekly basis.  Oh, I know.  Jump on over to Fantasy Baseball where I do two posts a week covering saves and steals.  Not into baseball, well come on in and tell me how much you miss me on the FPL side.  It may sound cliche, and probably falling on deaf ears slightly after the output we just received last week, but empting the barrell for the week 38 fixtures and taking a minus or three isn't a bad way to go down in a blaze of glory.  Only bad thing is that will be the team you stare at through the World Cup and into the start of next year.  Giving you a reminder of the craptastic voyage we all took together on this 7 month journey.  Here is the last transfer helper of the year as week 38 is upon.  Cheers!