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When is excess a bad thing?  Welp, when you only have a limited number of spots at your disposal for fantasy goodies (that being 11 starting spots), and then narrow that down even further because of the three-max per team, it becomes interesting.  Next thing you do is add-in the prices of the ridiculously expensive players that City has at it’s disposal…  They have 5 midfielders over 8.0.  I will repeat that: 8.0!  Just for comparison’s sake, there are nine teams that don’t have one player with an 8.0 price tag.  I am not going to repeat myself again there though.  The worst part is, those are just the entry point to the starters for the Sky Blues.  I am not even here to discuss the cheap players who aren’t cheap anyways,  I am hear to talk about Kevin de Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, and Sergio Aguero.  The over 10.0 super club.  I have seen in the preseason that they all have coexisted at some point or another on the pitch.  The problem is that if you wanna diversify your team, which one do you roster?  I am not going to climb to the mountain top and say you need a Man City offensive player, but I will whisper it carelessly.  Wham!

So choosing one will be a tough venture.  The price is a blah dot com proposition, and it will most likely be the choice of a second one or Alexis Sanchez (if he is still here). So it comes down to two choices really, but in segmented sub-parts.  First, do you believe in Jesus or Aguero being the guy up top?  Both may play along side each other, but you have to do a Sophie’s Choice kinda thing.  After you have made that choice, now it is that winning selection versus KDB.  These questions only get harder.  City are going to score a ton of goals, just like last year, but who is the guy that will be the “best value”?

Name Minutes Goals Assists Pts per 90
Sergio Aguero 2404 20 5 6.55
Gabriel Jesus 651 7 4 9.26
Kevin de Bruyne 2877 6 21 6.22

So looking at all the basic info here that you need to make your decision, the question now is who are you picking?  Is there a general consensus on this topic, because me personally would want KDB.



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  1. Any chance of an EPL RCL on the new draft site?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @VonHayes: we do the league play. Not really a fan of the official game draft style. If you wanna do a draft style I have a league going on Togga

      • Cool, haven’t done Togga yet, maybe I’ll check it

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @VonHayes: may have a spot in one if you are interested, hit me up on twitter @Fpl_mnop

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