I love when they crunch the weeks back to back like this till we get an overdose of FPL fire. 20 games in 120 hours, a virtual speedball of Premiership footie, a bender of non-Beckham but more Keith Moon-esque proportions. We’re just peaking now as the middle of our trip is upon us kemosabe. So get out your glow sticks and drink your water because this party don’t stop till tomorrow night. We’re going to cover the four Tuesday fixtures in this post and Tomorrow we’ll post part two covering the final 6 matches. Why two posts you ask? First off I don’t want to leave you postless on a Wednesday. Hump days suck enough with all those Camel enthusiasts running around with their jokes. I’m not going to add insult to injury and make it worse. So we’re going to split these up like Smokey and his less evil twin Fruity. Who’s Fruity? What?? Smokey never told you….? Well it’s Smokey’s estranged twin. Fruity works at an Avant garde nightclub in the City where all of the patrons must wear primary colors. It’s a weird place, but that’s Fruity, Smokey’s less evil twin formerly conjoined at the foot. Enough about that, so onto the four matches from today’s docket. We’re looking at three even fixtures in Hull City v Villa, Sundy v QPR, and the jewel of the day Liverpool v Spurs, and a single one-sided affair in Arsenal v Leicester. Let’s dig a little deeper and talk about some players to keep an eye out for Fantasy wise. It’s The Matchweek Preview, Week 25….Tuesday edition.



 Ain’t no half steppin’


Arsenal Leicester


Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Alexis Sánchez 144 £11.2 5.5 0.5

Player to watch: Returns after a two week sabbatical on the sidelines due to a hamstring sprain. It’s good to have the FPL scoring leader back in active roster of players, even if he’s not on mine…at the moment. It will be interesting to see how the Arsenal midfield shakes out with a more or less healthy squad for the first time all season. My guess is that Theo Walcott remains the odd man out, but with such a quick turn around Wenger could sit anyone. Well anyone but Alexis… A brace in his return to action, is that too much to ask?


Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Jeffrey Schlupp 56 £4.5 1.3 0.3

Player to watch: 
Schlupp is the owner of a great name. I mean it’s perfect for a no name type player on a Championship destined squad. Seriously we could be talking about any Schlupp on Leicester, but we’re actually talking about Schlupp the one and only. What if I told you he has as many goals as John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic, and one more than the “Legendary” Leighton Baines? Well don’t look now because he does. I wish he was a touch cheaper than £4.5 but he’s a considerable option if you’re punting D to stack up your power 7.


Hull Aston Villa

Hull City

Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Sone Aluko 28 £4.6 2 0.4

Player to watch: He started the match as the lone striker in the 1-1 draw with Manchester City Saturday. He’s a real long shot play so I’m not advocating him just yet. BUT…if he starts in the striker position ahead of Jelavic, and Hernandez again we may have something. Aluko is of course a midfielder on your PL.com transfer list, and a midfielder playing as a striker, priced at £4.6 is like getting a dry aged ribeye on the dollar menu.

Aston Villa

Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Carles Gil 9 £5.0 3 0.6

Player to watch: Gil could be the surprise of the January window for fantasy players. Got the helper on Villa’s first goal in 6 matches. He’s been mentioned by Smokey this week and he does look like a useful player. Useful as long as Villa scores some freaking goals!


Sunderland QPR


Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Jermain Defoe 18 £6.1 6 1

Player to watch: I’m tinkering with the idea of selling Charlie Austin for Defoe. Through three matches with Sunderland he has a totals of 5, 6 ,7. and I like him again this week. Could make it three in a row with a goal. Old man strength!


Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Adel Taarabt 8 £5.3 1.3 0.3

Player to watch: Started last week and played 62 minutes. I’m not sure where he’ll be in the lineup in the wake of the Charlie Austin foot injury, but that’s why we’re watching. Once upon a time in the not too distant past Charlie Austin was a bricklayer and people thought Taarabt was good.


Liverpool Spurs


Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Daniel Sturridge 16 £11.2 2 0.2

Player to watch: Will he start this week? That’s what we all want to know. Rodgers is taking it easy on the striker and I can see why, he’s been what we in “the business” call “injury prone”, it’s a medical term. We all know what Sturridge can do when in form and playing 90.


Player Total Points Price Form Rating Value Form
Harry Kane 115 £6.2 9 1.5

Player to watch: Yeah I’m just watching Harry Kane 100% of the time. He is the greatest thing to happen in the history of the world. Seriously fire is less important than Harry Kane. What does your bank account, nuclear war, literacy, music, and air all have in common? All less important than Harry Kane…he’s that important.



  1. Andrew's Favorite Name says:

    Kane or Sanchez as my captain this week?


  2. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    I’d go Kane this week with the run he’s on. I can see him being a factor in what likely will be a close game.

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