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Wednesdays from now on are the day when we let nothing hide between friends. It is fairly simple: I will show you my team for the next three Wednesday’s leading up to the start of the season. I do expect that if you read this and that, you’ll do the exact same thing, because two heads are better than one, and 10 is even better. Get it? Cool. So this is draft number six on the year for me so far, the others were more fiddling out of boredom, but now we are starting to see news out and about pertaining to certain teams formations, transfers, and injury updates. So enjoy this early look at Smokey’s team and critique away, because I prolly deserve to be slandered for my thoughts and team selection. Cheers!


Keepers:  Nothing has really changed, I have spent the maximum that I am willing to pay at the position to start the year. Only an injury or replacement of one of them from the starting role will make me change, and that won’t happen until I utilize my first wildcard.

Defense:  I am going to start the year with a 4-man back line.  I have cover for the top three defense units schedule wise in United, Spurs, and So’ton.  I mix in with the belief that Ake, who I believe will be the most owned Cherries defender eventually. The four buck chuck is full affect with a hope and prayer call with Burnley’s Long.  I may regret or eventually go and get a Chelsea defender eventually and Marcos Alonso is looming like a tasty buy low guy because of ownership at 14% and the eighth most owned defender right now.

Midfield:  Out with the Sanchez, in with the KDB.  I am convinced that City are going to be a juggernaut for fantasy.  KDB makes that offense hit fifth gear. Alli has and still is my first insertion into a draft so far, love him this year.  The Nemanja Matic signing means that Pogba can move up the pitch a little, which increases his value in the official game.  I am ok with the two throw away middies because they will actual be playing, and not be a net zero like some other 4.5 options.

Forwards:  I have shifted my initial love for Morata to begin the year, fitness is everything and he doesn’t have it right now.  The Bobby Digital love fest for me is starting to burn a little brighter. I have United, Liverpool, and a could be surprising Palace team covered up top and I am happy… for right now.

  1. Rick MaHorn says:

    How do you feel about Sanchez this season if he stays at Arsenal? Can he match his production from last season? And is it worth putting him in my week 1 lineup?

    Also, do you think Ramsey could have a breakout season with some extra rest this summer?

    If you can’t tell, I’m a hopeless Arsenal fan… just want to field at least 1 or 2 on my team.


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Rick MaHorn: I love Sanchez, but the rumors and price exist. I am not a Ramset supporter but can see why because of the 7m price tag. I would rather have Ransey at 7 then Alexis at 12.5. Because when you line them up with others would you rather have dele alli and KDB at the same price as Alexis and a 7m midfielder. It’s pretty obvious which way I would go.

  2. Butterfield says:

    What do you think about opening the season with a 5-4-1 and using the wildcard after GW7? It would look something like this:

    Cedric – Bertrand – Trippier – Kolasinac – Valencia
    Eriksen – Pogba – Alli – KDB

    Bench: Elliot, Carroll, punt & punt

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Butterfield: I’m not against anything. Except this. Just kidding. Week 7 is a ton of time to go with that. Would be hard to get from dual dump forwards to something useful. That would be my only problem and I mean before the away

      • Butterfield says:

        @Smokey: Obviously I’m new to FPL. What’s the strategy that I’m missing there? Are those 5 premium players upfront not matchup proof?

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Butterfield: no you gave goods and all are spot on FPL players. Just with so much money tied up in middies will be tough to lose them to move the funds to forwards. And Cedric is iffy for the first week. I would down shift from Valencia to a silly and the Cedric to Bertrand. I also wouldn’t double up on Spurs midfielders but that’s just me. I’d want cover from Liverpool if you are committed to that 8.5 price tag look at Salah or Mane or even Coutinho if you wanna save half a buck.

  3. Alright, just switched it up again. Only in year 4 of PL fantasy so I’m a sheep following others advice. I’ll adjust my lineup daily just by being swayed by a persuasive article. So here’s my new one (3-4-3):
    K: De Gea/Foster
    D: Kolasinac/Bertrand/Azpilicueta/Mee/Rangel
    M: Zaha, Alli, Pogba, Ayew, Carroll
    F: Lukaku, Firmino, Sandro

    You sold me on a Saint on the back line although they look in bad form right now, Pogba’s gonna be big (see my comment on other article), I’m feeling the Firmino call as I do want a slice of that Pool cake. You think Ayew does what everyone thought he’d do last year especially with more weapons around him? Thanks again for all you do for PL fantasy and go Toffee Blues!

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