Welcome to the world of mid-February Fantasy Premier League decisionmaking. Should it be any different than it’s been all year? Well, that depends. If you have been dragging ass and dropping red arrow after red arrow without any hope in sight, well than yeah, it’s time to be bold. If you are absoulely demolishing your mini-league(s), then stay the course and bring in quality transfers and captain the smartest choice possible each and every week. At the end of the day, your weekly captaincy choice does play a huge difference in your weekly status, but nailing the pick each and every week isn’t as big of a deal as picking the right players and having them serve up consistent point totals over the length of the season.

Without any more rambling, I’ve decided that this week to provide you a few choices at each “category” for captaincy. The thinking behind this is that I don’t know who the hell you have on your damned squad, so it means jack shit to you if my recommendation is nowhere to be found near your actual squad.

Mount Olympus: The place only reserved for the gods fantasy prem.

  • Mohammed Salah, LiverpoolKing Salah wants to beat Harold Kane in the competition for the Golden Boot, and only trails the two-time defending champ by 1 goal after 26 matches. The mouth breather better watch out, as Salah clearly has his sites set on taking home honors as this season’s top goal-scorer. He is the best captain choice you never have to doubt, just go with him and thank me later.
  • Sergio Aguero, Manchester City – Man City faces Leicester at home this weekend, and I have every reason to believe that Aguero will be a part of a laugher at the Etihad over the weekend. Man City only need to win a few more matches to have wound up the premier league, making every match until that point critical to their longterm sustainability over the rest of the season.

Mount Everest: If you gotta climb to catch your rival in a mini-league, then you need a captain selected by few and loved by none. These two in particular are expensive as hell and hardly worth the shout, unless of course you are out of options and feel like this week could be the one that catapaults you to glory. They both have plenty of goals in their boots, so you could do a lot worse.

  • Alexis Sanchez, Manchester United – Owned in just 5.1% of leagues and facing Newcastle on the road, Sanchez just seems to be due a big game after having a relatively quiet (for him) campaign. While I don’t have the ability to say Sanchez is going to score this match, sooner or later the dude with the best touches on the ball will end up scoring goals.
  • P-E Aubameyang, Arsenal – Brought in to fill the scoring void left by the aforementioned Alexis Sanchez’s departure, Aubemeyang’s arrival showed his ability to integrate with his new Pierre-Emerickteam, and looked particularly dangerous with Mhkitaryan distributing the ball all over the field. He is owned by 4.6% of managers, making him the 16th highest owned FWD at the time of writing. If he excels as your captain, you’re team could vault forward leaps and bounds.

Krakatoa: If you’re looking for a crazy, one week explosion, these are your guys.

  • Jack Wilshire, Arsenal – Somebody has got to be the hero from the North London Derby, why not let it be ol’ Jackie Boy!? While Ramsey nailed home the hat trick last week, the key to picking a crazy captian choice is the complete leap of faith that your pick will somehow destroy the comption, reinderring you an idiot savant of the sport-betting world if your selected plaer has nothing else.
  • Glen Murray, Brighton – Goals in back-t0-back premier league matchups, and ready to get his head back on straight after trying to avoid the British authorities over tax envasion. Serious stuff, unlike a potential Murray captain pick that will either make you the top of the your mini league and/or universe.