This is shaping up to be a week with no clear captain favorite, but certainly necessary to consider all of your options (however few they may actually be). Spurs vs United removes your HaroldLukaku and Pogba/Son/Eriksen/Sanchez/Martial or any of their teammates from the logical reality that ManU will probably try to park a bus to beat Spurs. Arsenal and Chelsea seem like too much a mess to bother to put the captain band on their boys, although with them playing Swansea and Bournemouth respectively, it could end up being an Ozil or Alonso that steals the day. The players below are the most clear-cut choices for captaincy, but we can all agree that both my pedigree and decision-making for this season is average at best. So here’s to celebrating what little I know and what even less remains of my gut feel…cheers!

First Class – Kun Aguero, Manchester City: After a hat trick last week, Kun is primed to keep his scoring ways at home to West Brom. Keep in mind this is the same West Brom that just beat Liverpool over the weekend, so they’re no pushover, but City would love to see this turn into a goalfest. If you own Kun, he’s the top choice. If you don’t, well read on…

Biz Class – Mo Salah, Liverpool: Mo burned me last week, but the weekend loss to West Brom in the FA cup showed that it’s more a Liverpool team issue than it is his own personal issues around the goalmouth. Liverpool visit Huddersfield, who have been awful as of late, allowing two 3, 4 and 2 goals in their last three PL matches versus Leicester, West Ham and Stoke, respectively. Liverpool will come in hungry to return to their winning ways, and can’t imagine this game staying 1-0. Salah’s last fixture should not have made you lose faith in him, but if you are trying to make up points in a mini-league and don’t want to go with the most captained option, there’s always a few other sneaky picks.

Last Minute Upgrade to First Class – Any City Attacking Player That Starts, Manchester City: This game has the makings of a slaughter, with a random City attacker (here’s looking at you, KDB, Sterling, or the Man, Myth and Legend, DAVID SILVA!) coming through and delivering the goods. With Sane injured and out for the forseeable future, it could well end up being Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho or even Gundogan that ends up being the favored disciple of Pep’s offensive outputs. One of these lads could be your “differential” captaincy option, especially if you don’t or can’t get in on the loving from the one known as KUUUUUUN.

Coach – Xherdan Shaqiri, StokeClearly I’m not advocating for Shaqiri for any of the players listed above on Man City, but they face Watford at home, and I don’t expect a new manager bounce from the Hornets. They still don’t have anything figured out on defense, and Stoke seem to be on the mend from their spell of inept play featured more commonly earlier in the campagin. Shaqiri has 4 goals on the season, and might very well add to his tally during the midweek feature.

  1. Von Hayes says:

    Dang, those 7 minutes from Ox screwed you today

    • Cafuné

      Cafuné says:

      @Von Hayes: Haha, yeah I was pretty livid yesterday, buuuuut it looks like my first sub Ayew will come in with 8 points anyway for Mahrez.

      I went Andre Gray to Ayew and Arnie to Mahrez on Monday evening after waiting thru all the cup games and what I thought were actual transfer rumors, definitely expecting the Algerian to start, and voila! transfer bullshit gets in the way.

      the Chelsea trip defense of mine is done though, can’t believe I never got 3 CS from all three players once haha. Now with Chelsea giving up 2 goals to Bournemouth and Christensen out with an injury…sheeesh! Christensen’s gotten me 4 points in 5 weeks since I brought him in GW 20.

      How’s your week goin?

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