Clear Choice: Mohamed Salah, Liverpool – The King of Motown faces off with Manchester City at Anfield, and despite currently recovering from injury, since it feels like forever since we last saw Salah, let’s just pretend taht he’s extra rested. City are nothing to laugh about on defense, especially now that they have John Stones fit for matches playing alongside Otamendi and Kyle Walker. Furthermore, Liverpool lost Coutinho since their last league match, but I think that means Mo Opportunities for Mo Salah. City’s defense is good, but an early goal either way will open the play up and both offenses will be trying to one-up the other. I predict Salah to come up on top.

Rattle Off Frame: Jesse Lingard, Manchester United – The kid is for real, Stoke aren’t. I totally buy into the captain pick for him, but under the criteria of their now managerless opponent, Pogba and Martial would be sound picks (to hell with Lukaku). So why young Jesse? To be honest, he’s been in a very attacking position and Mourinho needs him to threaten while Pogba does more of the dirty work on defense. Lingard’s run has been extraordinary, and it will come to an end at some point, but if you still have him this is a great week to look to him for the captaincy band.

Lucky Bounce For The Net: Andy Carroll, West Ham – With Chicharito linked to another move in Premier Leauge, Carroll remains the only healthy striking option for the Hammers up top. He scored bagged 2 in his last 90 minutes versus Swansea, and could be in line for a lot of goals over the next several weeks if he remains healthy.