Just that real sh*t…

    • I’m El Presidente, I Run Tings: Coutinho, Liverpool – Young Philippe just dropped a hat trick on Spartak Moscow midweek on the heels of his Steve Nash reverse hatty versus Brighton, and threw in a goal for good measure. Side note: Steve Nash is a huuuuge footie fan, and actually looks tall as shit on the soccer pitch! Anyway, Sunday is the Merseyside derby, and while Everton are off two straight clean sheets, they are not going to stand a chance at Anfield. Philippe will wreck havoc on this Everton side that is mess at the back. Oh, and let’s not forget that Coutinho is just turning up so FC Barcelona will fork up whatever it takes to get him come July. Salah’s form has been nothing short of legendary, but Coutinho is feeling it. Meu Filho Phillipinho is the top captain pick for the week.


  • Mid Level Playaz Club: Ramsey, Arsenal  Ramsey’s last three blanks: GW 7, October 1st versus Brighton; GW 8, October 14th versus Watford (benched because of Wales missing out on WC Qualification); GW 12, November 18 versus Spurs (but hey, he still got the CS!). Everything else has been nothing but returns, and Arsenal is fresh and ready for blood after being stuffed by David De Gea last weekend. Ramsey is a great pick long term as well, as Arsenal’s fixtures are prettay prettay good until February (as always!)


  • Low Level Levitate: Pascal Groß/Glenn Murray, Brighton – Huddersfield are bad, and have now given up 26 goals on the season and 13 goals in their last four matches: Bourmeouth (4), Man City (2), Arsenal (5), Everton (2). Brighton, meanwhile, have actually scored 14 goals in 15 matches. While it’s not an overwhelming goal total, it’s also not as aenimic as some other sides. The Seagulls are very capable moving forward and this is a must win home match for Huddersfield, so they will not be sitting back on defense. I’ll take their free-flowing German motor and the spring chicken striker to bag some points all day.