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If you are looking around like you stole something, and you basically haven’t done anything, don’t fret, you are amongst friends and in a safe place.  The week that happened, albeit an outlier based on it being midweek, was a weird and special week for everyone.  We all knew that Adam Lallana was going to go off (because I told you as such).  We even knew that Hazard was going to miss it two days before hand, once again a proclamation made by your’s truly.  I do get more wrong then I do get right though… but we don’t have to bring up old stuff just to make me look stupid.  We are past the sweet sixteen party and now are on to the young season getting it’s driver’s license.  So your insurance rates are going up because kids can’t drive for pooh.  But let’s concentrate your attention on the other side of the analogy, Week 17 of the FPL.  Most importantly, the transfer ideas and some strategy for the upcoming weeks.  It’s fun thinking about more then one week, when they are more then two days apart.  So after this week, it won’t feel like you have fantasy diarrhea and have to go change stuff every other second.  So get comfy as I am about to wax poetic on some stuff.  Cheers!

Pablo Zabaleta, Man City – Oh look, it must be the time of Prohibition because Pablo scored a goal.  Just No.  The face Arsenal and he is not very good or consistent except for licking envelops.  Read more then the last week’s high scorers.

Kieran Trippier, Spurs – Wanna bet the rotation of Spurs is coming.  They face the worst fantasy outputting offense i the Premier.  Or if it was German, the wurst offense in the premier.

Aaron Cresswell, West Ham – I don’t usually tell people to go to the hardware store to buy a hammer, but you should go buy a hammer.  Upcoming fixtures with Hull and Swansea and a differential to match.

Christian Eriksen, Spurs – price and ownership spike coming up.

Adam Lallana, Liverpool – See Eriksen, Christian.

Marc Pugh, Bournemouth – Hey congrats on teh first start of the year kid.  now go join Pablo in the “I don’t really pay attention pile”.  Listen your midfield roster should be: Eriksen, Hazard, Sanchez, Lallana and then insert your favorite 5.5 5th middie.  Period, stop send to print.

Benik Afobe, Bournemouth – A goal and 2 assists in last 3.  the forward ranks are more of a set it and forget it type sitch.  But when 3 forwards in week 16 scored in double digits it’s not time to panic it’s time to buy.  I remember that from my days buying frozen concentrated orange juice.  But in all seriousness Afobe is hot for a an Ok team and as a third striker punt I can dig it.