New season, same ole Smokey goodness. We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called “Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em”.  You should know the drill, but if you don’t, we pick one option from each position.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  It is more based on my feelings and gut approach for the week’s upcoming and changes from week-to-week.  I look at match-ups and form to formulate my craziness.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Fantasy Premier League Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em, Week 1 (plus a sleeper/under-owned fella that should be owned and isn’t.)


StartShane Duffy, Brighton – Like him because he gets heads on balls, which sounds nothing like fantasy info, but he does it near a box.  Watford to me are a bottom 4 club that is going to rely on Andre barely 1,00 and T-roy to score.  by week 8 they will be the hen pecked CS team to stream against.

SitKieran Trippier, Spurs – I dig that everyone loves the World Cup show they got from him, but guess what is it 100% that he plays week one.  well he is currently the most owned defender in the game at 27%.  yikes that is a risky call from the jump on a 6.0 dude.

Contrarian PlaySteve Cook, Bournemouth – When I was a kid I went on a field trip to see the Cardiff giant, don’t know it , google it.  Anyways it was a fraud, so wasted bagged lunch for me.  the Cherries open up with a Cardiff team that could be a little of this or a lot of that.  The Cherries prevail.


StartAlexis Sanchez, Man United – Sort of a no brainer but owned well under 10%, so he qualifies.  The Pogba distraction stuff takes him off the fantasy map for me, and Alexis was just ok last year, priced too high, but ok.  If he score 3 more goals and assists on 2 more this year in a full gamut of minutes he is a top 5 scoring midfielder.

Sit Ryan Sessegnon, Fulham – Hype,as in way over.  Rumors are that he will play as a wing defender.  That my friends is WOOP.  Wrong out of position.  Doesn’t get rewarded for his involvment if he actually gets there like a defender would with goals and cleans.  Woop I’ll pass.

Punt PlayJorginho, Chelsea – yea, so I am a homer.  i am hoping he does good so we don’t have to see Ross the Boss anywhere near the Blues starting XI.  If your league counted passes he is going to be a great find, because next to Kante and soon Kovacic there will be plenty of plays through him.


StartJosh King, Bournemouth – selling out for him this year and hoping his semi-English name gives Norwegian size results. Bournemouth has zero other reliable options…no go sit down Callum you’re in time-out.

SitJaime Vardy, Leicester – has anyone actually seen if he is ok, I have heard zero news, notes or feedback on him.  Which sometimes is good bad, or bad good.  he is not a set it and forget it striker anymore based on his 9.0 price, but he was the second highest scoreing forward last year.  You know what that gets you week one? a seat at the kids table!

Lucky StrikeCharlie Austin, Southampton – he is like the cornbread version of Josh King.  He is going to set up a tent in front of teh Clarets net and maybe lite a campfire.  Joe Hart hates camp fires.


  1. Cafuné

    Cafuné says:

    “Watford to me are a bottom 4 club that is going to rely on Andre barely 1,00 and T-roy to score. by week 8 they will be the hen pecked CS team to stream against.”

    Andre barely 1,000* will end the season with more goals/per minute than Morata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Ings in immediately for everyone’s 3rd MF when Charlie Austin gets hurt midway through this weekend’s opener

  2. Von Hayes says:

    I love you two talkin junk on each other in the comments, Pereyra looked for real today maybe Watford not a doormat after all.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Von Hayes: Pererya did look good too bad he’s on Watford

  3. Von Hayes says:

    And Cafuné no captains columns this year?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Von Hayes: it’s Salah for 38 weeks.

      • Von Hayes says:

        @Smokey: yeah that’s what I was assuming

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