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1. Sergio Aguero, Man City £12.7 (vs. Hull) – If I could rank him higher this week, I would.  The laws of physics and the Justice League fan club of America strongly forebode it though.  So we are stuck at one, which really isn’t bad because it’s where he belongs.  See we have come full circle and we are still sort of friends.  Hull has only 4 points taken in last 6 matches and allowed 11 goals in that period, and captain band starts here this week.

2. Harry Kane, Spurs £6.1 (vs. Arsenal) – At this point, he almost has to be match-up proof, because in most scenarios you are pairing him with Aguero or another high priced flavor of the week.  One thing that also is in his week…  It’s Friday night, Harry just got paid, party huntin’, place is right.

3. Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool £11.2 (@Everton) – I was skeptical when he came back how he would mix and show his stuff.  So far, so good.  He blends nicely with what they have there and will be an added bonus and open the field for Raheem to sweat the technique.

4. Charlie Austin, QPR £6.5 (vs. Southampton) – Chuck at home, is gold Jerry…Gold.  Okay, so maybe not 24K gold, but still some semblance of the ore.  The facts are true: 9 goals in 11 games is pretty consistently awesome for you, your fantasy team, and probably your favorite ficus plant.

5. Robin van Persie, Man United £12.2 (@West Ham) – Someone has to score for United here and I flipped a coin and it came up Dutch.  If I had more to tell you, I would, but that was the truth and he won the coin toss.

6. Saido Berahino, West Brom £5.5 (@Burnley) – This is my gut talking here and I say he gets not one but 2 this week.  Crazy?  Absolutely, but you try typing with a straight jacket on and all hoped up on Mountain Dew.  It’s like being duct taped drunk, upside down on the monkey bars.

7. Danny Ings, Burnley £5.7 (vs. West Brom) – Had his three goal scoring streak snapped last week, I see him making this one 2-1, only he loses to Berahino in the talent and bathing suit compeition.  Saido has some killer gams, judges like the gams.

8. Jermaine Defoe, Sunderland £6.0 (@Swansea) – Two games, both 74 minutes and a goal and an assist.  Honestly that’s all you need, well, technically you need 60 minutes for it to be meaningful.  Expect an assist, hope for a goal, but realize that this wasn’t the same Black Cats of a month ago.

9. Olivier Giroud, Arsenal £8.3 (@Spurs) – iT’s tough to call this match.  I wanna call it a draw.  Give Harry his, give someone on Arsenal one.  The gunners have just so many weapons right now that are clicking fantasy wise it’s tough to call and pin the tail on one of them.

10. Loic Remy, Chelsea £7.2 (@Aston Villa) – I tend to think the midfielder’s for Chelsea are going to tickle the twine alot this week, but why cant he get one or an assist to make him worth of a spot until Diego returns from being a bad boy.  I mean he did it last week.

11. Dwight Gayle, Crystal Palace £5.0 (@Leicester) – For 5 bucks you could do a lot worse, what if I said he was 5 bucks and playing Leicester who give up 1 plus goal at home.  Sounds better right, yea well come closer I have an amazing deal on a bridge.