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We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called “Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em”.  You should know the drill, but if you don’t, we pick one option from each position.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  It is more based on my feelings and gut approach for the week’s upcoming and changes from week-to-week.  I look at match-ups and form to formulate my craziness.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Fantasy Premier League Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em, Week 2 (plus a sleeper/under-owned fella that should be owned and isn’t).



StartSead Kolasinac, Arsenal – In 5 weeks he is going to spike in ownership because of the first two weeks.  The schedule kinda flip-flops against good/bad teams.  has the ability both going forward and in defence. A covering defender from the Gunners isn’t the worst idea.

SitMichael Keane, Everton – When you have to travel to City it is an automatic sit this year for anyone.  They are going to run goal rough-shot over a lot of good defences and Everton is a good defence.  Treat him as your fourth defender this week and send him to time-out as a sub.

Contrarian PlayChancel Mbemba, Newcastle – 4 buck defenders that get minutes don’t grow on trees.  DO NOT transfer him in for a minus, but when wildcard time comes he could be of use.  Plus this matchweek maybe a net zero for the Terriers and Toons.


StartEmre Can, Liverpool – Is suffering from younger sibling syndrome from a fantasy perspective.  Mane, Salah and Bobby D are the love children who are all really good at football…..but so is Emre.  All red’s midfield parts are useful, and don’t forget Giorginio is at home too.

SitPaul Pogba, Man United – yes, he got his goal last week, but he isn’t going to score every week.  he has the ability to it is just that he won’t score every week.  At 8.0 he can’t really be sat, but if you have the choice of him versus Henrikh I am telling you to go with the guy with two H’s in his name.

Punt PlayAaron Mooy, Huddersfield – This is for people with Zaha money, and Zaha money only.  Ramsey is cute, Willian is sexy, but sleepers and value plays win you leagues.  That and I am starting to feel bad about shoving Granit down everyone’s throat.


StartSteve Mounie, Huddersfield – Why can’t a newly promoted squad bring in a new striker from a different league and basically write a run on sentence?  Mounie reminds me of what we saw from Watford two years ago with Deeney/Ighalo racing up ownership lists.  At 3.5% owned there is plenty of meat on the bone right now.  Not if he scores again though.

Sit Harry Kane, Spurs – Listen the Harry Kane voodoo of him not doing anything behooves us all.  A cheaper kane is able!  No goals for two more weeks and Jamie Vardy will be the second most owned striker.  August isn’t kind to Sir Harry and I am still rolling with that factor, plus I want an exodus in ownership for a price drop.

Lucky Strike – Jay Rodriguez, West Brom – The underlying stats say it is coming.  The stupid uniform and the players around him don’t though. Sorry baggies fans. The shots last week scream a goal, if you play DFs he is a must start this week.


  1. Tim says:

    I have to pick 1 from either Keane @ Man City or Moses @ Tottenham (draft league) … which should I go with? Thanks

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Tim: tough call. Both not ideal by any stretch. I would have to say Moses as the likelihood of him doing anything going forward is greater.

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