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Every week, we rank positions for you as a gift.  So yes, you’re welcome.  One day, when the earth stops revolving around yourself and you stop taking selfies of you and your pet, you can repay me in kind.  Until then, I will continue to churn out quality over hogwash.  So it’s really Week 16 already, holy hell.  I think I picked the wrong week to stop doing crosswords.  So what are we looking at this week?… Arsenal, Spurs, United, and City look to have favorable match-ups for the CS potential.  Though with some more UCL games to be played and injuries to be sorted out from the two teams that played yesterday, it could make for an interesting Week 16 game of matches.  So here’s the backpitchers that will be the CS wannabees and the questionable tally adders for Week 16 in the FPL.



  1. Jack Butland, Stoke £4.9 (@ West Ham) 
  2. Hugo Lloris, Spurs £5.1 (vs. Newcastle)
  3. Peter Cech, Arsenal £5.7 (@Aston Villa)
  4. David De Gea, Man United £5.7 (@Bournemouth)
  5. Joe Hart, Man City £5.6 (vs. Swansea)
  6. Heurelho Gomes, Watford £4.7 (@Sunderland)
  7. Thibaut Courtois, Chelsea £5.2 (@Leicsester)
  8. Simon Mignolet, West Brom £5.0 (vs. West Brom)
  9. Tim Howard, Everton £5.1 (@Norwich)
  10. Boaz Myhill, West Brom £4.8 (@Liverpool)
  11. Kasper Schmeichel, Leicester £4.5 (vs. Chelsea)
  • Honest question: Who is a better option this week, Courtois or Schmeichel? It’s either the abundance of saves that the Chelsea defense lets up, or the lack of offensive capabilities by Chelsea.  Either way, it doesn’t point to anything positive for a Chelsea squad that is just fantasy dumpster fire.
  • Jack Butland is straight fantasy fire!  Two goals allowed in his last 5, 4 in his last 7.  For the math illiterate, that’s freaking awesome.  Get a Casio watch or just a plain ole’ calculator.
  • Myhill is slipping.  Myself included will be looking elsewhere shortly, because I am sick of West Brom being leaky as a West Boston apartment complex.
  •  I am leery of the mid-week tilt and what it holds for United for the weekend fixtures.  Injury news may be forthcoming…, stay by your computer.



  1. Toby Alderweireld, Spurs £5.6 (@Newcastle)
  2. Aleksandar Kolarov, Man City £6.4 (vs. Swansea) 
  3. Hector Bellerin, Arsenal £5.9 (@Aston Villa)
  4. Eric Dier, Spurs £5.2 (@Newcastle)
  5. Virgil Van Dijk, Southampton £5.6 (@Crystal Palace)
  6. Martin Skrtel, Liverpool £5.6 (@ West Brom)
  7. Bacary Sagna, Man City £5.5 (vs. Swansea)
  8. Philipp Wollscheid, Stoke £4.4 (@West Ham)
  9. Scott Dann, Crystal Palace £5.3 (vs. Southampton)
  10. Laurent Koscielny, Arsenal £6.0 (@Aston Villa)
  11. Seamus Coleman, Everton £5.9(@Norwich)
  12. Alberto Moreno, Liverpool £4.9 (@ West Brom)
  13. Danny Rose, Spurs £5.2 (@Newcastle)
  14. Erik Pieters, Stoke £4.9 (@West Ham) 
  15. Nacho Monreal, Arsenal £5.9 (@Aston Villa)
  16. Adam Smith, Bournemouth £4.0 (vs. Man United)
  17. Andre Nyom, Watford £4.6 (@Sunderland)
  18. Danny Simpson, Leicester£4.0 (vs. Chelsea)
  19. Glen Johnson, Stoke £5.0 (@West Ham)
  20. Guillermo Varela, Man United £4.2 (@Bournemouth)
  • I am banking on the Spurs to be all joyous in giving for this high holy period for all their fans.
  • Arsenal are my second best bet for a clean sheet this week, and you should own one of the trio listed.  I can’t make all the choices for you, so Rochambeau yourself in the mirror and see what happens.
  • I am anxious to see who United puts in the back for this Saturday’s game.  Smalling looked to be dragging a limb and Darmian went off with a hammy injury.  Looking at their team page is true indicator if you are color blind or not.  I listed Varela because he is basically the only green guy listed as of writing this.  Smalling would be a top 10 option if playing.



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