Everybody’s talking at the moment and it’s all “Pedro this” and “Pedro that” and who can blame them. If you watched the first half of his debut on Sunday it was easy to come away impressed. Newsflash, guys who contribute to Barcelona for several years tend to be good. I know Pedro is going to be the most transfered in player this week and it’s really not a shock. We probably would’ve seen that even if he played the final 30 minutes and just looked okay. Oh but wait he’s not the most transfered in player this match week!! That honor belongs to everyone’s favorite Fox Riyad Mahrez. As he’s now seen his price jump £.5m in just 3 weeks. Good God! Then again 4 goals and 9 bonus points in 3 matches will do that. But I’m not here to talk about Mahrez, I’m here to discuss Pedro and what his effect will be on the FPL going forward. The two biggest ripple effects of Pedro’s signing (IMO) are how he effects the value of Diego Costa and Eden Hazard. First off I think he boosts both of their value quite a bit, this is supported by the first two Chelsea goals from Sunday. Pedro can finish and create chances which in turn will lead to goals for Costa, and goals, penalty chances, and assists for Hazard. This is a much needed boost for Hazard, after he looked pretty flat the first two weeks. The biggest thing is Pedro should draw attention from defenders that just weren’t paying attention to Oscar or Willian. With that said I’m dumping Hazard all over, because at £9.5 Pedro has the very real possability of being the highest scoring midfielder, not only on Chelsea but in the game, rest of season. Okay I’ve said my piece now lets get into the Forward and Midfielder Fantasy Premier League Rankings Week 4.



  1. David Silva, Man City £10.1 (vs. Watford)
  2. Pedro, Chelsea £9.5 (vs. Crystal Palace)
  3. Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool £8.1 (vs. West Ham)
  4. Riyad Mahrez, Leicester £6.0 (@Bournemouth)
  5. Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal £11.0 (@Newcastle)
  6. Nathan Redmond, Norwich City £5.6 (@Southampton)
  7. Yaya Toure, Man City £8.8 (vs. Watford)
  8. Ross Barkley, Everton £6.6 (@Spurs)
  9. Eden Hazard, Chelsea £11.4 (vs. Crystal Palace)
  10. Nacer Chadli, Spurs £7.0 (vs. Everton)
  11. Xherdan Shaqiri, Stoke £7.0 (vs. West Brom)
  12. Jesus Navas, Man City £6.5 (vs. Watford)
  13. Yohan Cabaye, Crystal Palace £6.6 (@Chelsea)
  14. Marc Albrighton, Leicester £5.1 (@Bournemouth)
  15. Juan Mata, Man United £8.5 (@Swansea)
  16. Andre Ayew, Swansea £7.1 (vs. Man United)
  17. Max Gradel, Bournemouth £6.0 (vs. Leicester)
  18. Mesut Ozil, Arsenal £8.5 (@Newcastle)
  19. Dusan Tadic, Southampton £6.9 (vs. Norwich)
  20. Dimitri Payet, West Ham £7.6 (@Liverpool)
  • The City attackers lead the rankings and it’s easy to see why after witnessing more domination last week. The opposing Hornets don’t scare me at all, and the case could be made that they’re City’s weakest opponent yet. David Silva looks like he has a shot at the top scoring midfielder in the game this term as long as two things happen. 1. Sergio Aguero stays healthy 2. Silva stays healthy.
  • Speaking of City mids, I like Navas as a 4th midfielder in official and a number two option in Togga draft formats. His pace is paramont to the Citizens’ current form, and was heavily involved in several high quality scoring chances last week. His value is heavily tied to the De Bruyne chase, which seems to gain and lose momentum by the day.
  • Philippe Coutinho is currently averaging 5 shots per match and I can seem him making a jump into the fantasy elite this year. His propensity to cut inside and dribble past defenders paired with his ability to finish from distance provides a high floor for his fantasy upside.
  • Max Gradel is a attractively priced forward positioned as a midfielder in FPL, and he’s had some big seasons in France and in the Championship. The Cherries are a club that likes to attack and that could mean a rewarding hot streak for his owners.


  1. Sergio Aguero, Man City £13.2 (vs. Watford)
  2. Diego Costa, Chelsea £11.0 (vs. Crystal Palace)
  3. Chrisitan Benteke, Liverpool £8.5 (vs. West Ham)
  4. Olivier Giroud, Arsenal £9.0 (@Newcastle)
  5. Romelu Lukaku, Everton £8.2 (@Spurs)
  6. Wayne Rooney, Man United £10.4 (@Swansea)
  7. Bafetimbi Gomis, Swansea £7.2 (vs. Man United)
  8. Callum Wilson, Bournemouth £5.5 (vs. Leicester)
  9. Jermain Defoe, Sunderland £5.5 (@Aston Villa)
  10. Salomon Rondon, West Brom £7.0 (@Stoke)
  11. Rudy Gestede, Aston Villa £6.0 (vs. Sunderland) 
  • It’s all Blue Dream everything this week boys. Blue on Blue, Aguero and Costa should see the top two spots more often than not, but you already know that.
  • Callum Wilson busted out big last week and I wouldn’t be shocked if he follows up his breakout with a goal this week against a Foxes squad that’s less than stout defensively.
  • I’m a believer in Salomon Rondon, he looks like he belongs and is worth owning in all formats. Hurry up and sell Sadio already Baggies!
  • Rudy Gestede gets a great matchup this week with the Black Cats, looks for him to get his noggin on a ball or two in the box. The boys round the way call Rudy “Superhead”, it’s just as weird for Rudy as it is for you.


  1. ROJOPAL says:

    Fucking Callum Wilson! Of course I just transfered him out for Deeney the week he goes for a hat-trick.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @ROJOPAL: Hahaha this is the story as many. You can switch back or see if Deeney can find his stroke. I’d jump back on Wilson..

      • ROJOPAL says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz: Yeah I could and get him right before Norwich and Sundershit.

        • Ralph Lifshitz

          Ralph Lifshitz says:

          Sounds like a plan to me!

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