Raise of hands, who panicked after last week when you scored a whopping 30 or under points?  Well I am not shy to admit it, I did and I am not ashamed.  I am also not ashamed of my Scott Baio poster that resides in my man den.  He is a man and he should get to chill with the guys.  Joanie is not welcome, I stand up and scream it like that scene from American History X.  The inflection not the topic.  Ralph touched on it yesterday with the back-enders, what have we learned from 2 games that will make us think there is actually a pattern to all this?  There is a semi pattern it’s almost like a crop circle, and it’s indecipherable.  With the midfielders this week it’s quantity guys over quality for me. Especially with no Chelsea love, personally they are all unownable for me until after the International break.  They may do something but I would rather roll with some other cats at mid and striker spots.  Here are the play rankings for week of 3.



Spurs @ Leicester
Liverpool @ Arsenal
Man City @ Everton


Newcastle @ Man United
Stoke @ Norwich
Sunderland @ Swansea
Aston Villa @ Crystal Palace


Chelsea @ West Brom
Southampton @ Watford
Bournemouth @ West Ham


  1. Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal £11 (vs Liverpool)
  2. David Silva, Man City £10.0 (@Everton)
  3. Yohan Cabaye, Crystal Palace £6.6 (vs. Aston Villa)
  4. Dmitri Payet, West Ham £7.5 (vs. Bournemouth)
  5. Yaya Toure, Man City £8.5 (@Everton)
  6. Andre Ayew, Swansea £7.1 (@Sunderland)
  7. Phillipe Coutinho, Liverpool £8.1 (@Arsenal)
  8. Memphis Depay, Man United £8.5 (vs. Newcastle)
  9. Eden Hazard, Chelsea £11.5 (@West Brom)
  10. Juan Mata, Man United £8.5 (vs. Newcastle)
  11. Riyad Mahrez, Leicester £5.7 (vs. Spurs)
  12. Ross Barkley, Everton £6.6 (vs. Man City)
  13. Gylfi Sigurdsson, Swansea £7.5 (@Sunderland)
  14. Mesut Ozil, Arsenal £8.5 (vs. Liverpool)
  15. Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea £8.9 (@West Brom)
  16. Marc Albrighton, Leicester £5.6 (vs. Spurs)
  17. Jordan Henderson, Liverpool £7.0 (@Arsenal)  (Injured)
  18. Nathan Redmond, Norwich £5.5 (vs. Stoke)
  19. Christian Eriksen, Spurs £8.5 (@Leicester)
  20. Dusan Tadic, Southampton £7.0 (@Watford)
  21. Raheem Sterling, Man City £8.9 (@Everton)
  • I am leery for all midfielders in the Liverpool/Arsenal match, except Alexis Sanchez.  He is match-up proof and I think the game comes down to forward play in this one.  Liverpool gets the nod if you wanna skip to below.
  • Love Andre Ayew for this week and future, I was bold enough to say he would lead the Swans in goals before the year and he is showing you why.  The same love goes for Gylfi this week don’t sleep on him at all.
  • Sneaky play this week who is vital for the teams success is Dusan Tadic.  he needs to be the service guy he was last year to set-up the Pelle’s and Mane’s.  A favorable fixture could see him net a helper or 2.



  1. Sergio Aguero, Man City £13.1 (@Everton)
  2. Wayne Rooney, Man United £10.5 (vs. Newcastle)
  3. Bafetimbi Gomis, Swansea £7.1 (@Sunderland)
  4. Christian Benteke, Liverpool £8.5 (@Arsenal)
  5. Diego Costa, Chelsea £11.0 (@West Brom)
  6. Harry Kane, Spurs £9.5 (@Leicester)
  7. Olivier Giroud, Arsenal £9.0 (vs. Liverpool)
  8. Graziano Pelle, Southampton £8.0 (@Watford)
  9. Romelu Lukaku, Everton £8.1 (vs. Man City)
  10. Diafra Sakho, West Ham £6.5 (vs. Bournemouth)
  11. Connor Wickham, Crystal Palace £5.9 (vs. Aston Villa)
  • Every week we hear about Wayne Rooney’s success against a team. He has 185 goals in his career so his scoring record will be good against anyone.  This should be the last week for awhile you roster him.
  • When will Harry meet goal?  Honest question, at £9.5 I would rather have Gomis and a better quality middie.
  • Listen at this point Gomis needs to be owned, leave your password to your team and I will get him in for you, but seriously don’t be lazy go do it.  Take out the trash why your going.



  1. Craig says:

    Why is Jordan Henderson listed when he is injured and not even playing? Makes all of your recommendations extremely questionable.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Craig: well where he is ranked you wouldn’t be playing him anyways. When written he was still a question mark. rankings have been fixed…enjoy

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