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With the rankings of the midfielders and forwards this week, I have a boggle on my mind and I’d like a majority of opinions to help me figure it out.  The City midfield?  Is it just me or are the two guys we want to do something (Silva and KDB) getting pimped by the pair that we don’t want or want to own more (Raheem and Yaya)?  It’s funny, but it isn’t a far-fetched question due to form currently… would the answer be so fast to say which pair you would rather own, KDB and Silva or Sterling and Yaya?   I know everyone’s snap judgement answer would be the first, but it’s getting to the point that Silva is getting pimped, points wise, by Sterling and Yaya, and DeBruyne is starting to feel that affect also.  Over the last four matches, the scoring is 33 combined for Silva and Kevin, 41 for Yaya/Raheem. At a salary discount of almost £4.0m, it is starting to make me scratch my head and think that a mixed up pairing needs to be made from the set of four.  It just sucks because we all know how great Silva can be, and how much of a pain in the ass Yaya can be.  Story over.  Go read the Week 21 rankings for middies and forwards now…



  1. Mesut Ozil, Arsenal £10.0 (@ Liverpool)
  2. Riyad Mahrez, Leicester £7.2 (@Spurs)
  3. Dimitri Payet, West Ham £ (@Bournemouth)
  4. Kevin De Bruyne, Man City £10.9 (vs. Everton)
  5. Willian, Chelsea £7.1 (vs. West Brom)
  6. Dele Alli, Spurs £5.4 (vs. Leicester)
  7. Marco Arnautovic, Stoke £6.7 (vs. Norwich)
  8. Yaya Toure, Man City £8.7 (vs. Everton)
  9. Ross Barkley, Everton £7.5 (@Man City)
  10. Andre Ayew, Swansea £6.8 (vs. Sunderland)
  11. Xherdan Shaqiri, Stoke £6.7 (vs. Norwich)
  12. Yohan CabayeCrystal Palace £6.5 (@Aston Villa)
  13. David Silva, Man City £10.0 (vs. Everton)
  14. Georginio Wijnaldum, Newcastle £6.9 (vs. Man United)
  15. Raheem Sterling, Man City £8.8 (vs. Everton)
  16. Gylfi Sigurdsson, Swansea £7.0 (vs. Sunderland)
  17. Theo Walcott, Arsenal £8.4 (@ Liverpool)
  18. Michail Antonio, West Ham £5.2 (@Bournemouth)
  19. Oscar, Chelsea £8.2 (vs. West Brom)
  20. Wilfried Zaha, Crystal Palace £5.3 (@Aston Villa)
  21. Erik Lamela, Spurs £6.8 (vs. Leicester)
  • Mesut versus the ragtag bunch of who and what against Liverpool should continue his assist domination.
  • Payet is back… go use your transfer thingy.
  • I really wish a Palace midfielder had some sort of consistency so we could trust someone to own.  With Bolasie out, who do we turn to against a tasty fixture against Villa? Cabaye? Zaha? Sako?
  • It is starting to get crazy, but is Stoke a team that you have to own 3 players from? Marco, a defender, and Butland.  Add Shaqiri to the list this week, as the Canaries look ripe for a rippin.
  • If Chelsea can continue form keep an eye on Oscar.  He may be the spot taker in the future and is a great ancillary piece playing off Willian.


  1. Odion Ighalo, Watford £6.4 (@Southampton)
  2. Sergio Aguero, Man City £13. (vs. Everton)
  3. Harry Kane, Spurs £9.8 (vs. Leicester)
  4. Romelu Lukaku, Everton £9.3 (@Man City)
  5. Olivier Giroud, Arsenal £9.2 (@ Liverpool)
  6. Jamie Vardy, Leicester £7.5 (@Spurs)
  7. Diego Costa, Chelsea £10.7 (vs. West Brom)
  8. Anthony Martial, Man United £7.6 (@Newcastle)
  9. Troy Deeney, Watford £5.2 (@Southampton)
  10. Jermaine Defoe, Sunderland £5.1 (@Swansea)
  11. Bojan, Stoke £5.2 (vs. Norwich)
  12. Andy Carroll, West Ham £6.4 (@Bournemouth)
  • Iggy’s secondary stats are top notch.  Shots on goal, chances… the list is phenomenal of what he is actually doing that the FPL format doesn’t score.  Whatever he is doing, he is the second highest scoring forward in the game.
  • Lukaku is a little gimpy and a tough match-up.  I don’t wanna tell you to transfer him out but set yourself up for a just in case scenario.  Same with Vardinho
  • Can Martial do it twice in a row.
  • Defoe is going to Wales and I am expecting a goal.  Swansea isn’t the greatest defensive unit.  They are just bad enough to be useless.
  • Andy Carroll is a headed ball maniac.  Payet is back for service expect good things.