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Well we all knew that was coming, and we should have known it was this week too. Hmmmm am I talking about Kun’s Kaboom or Brendan Rodgers sacking? Could be either right? Well Liverpool’s newly vacant managerial position is certainly of less interest than the rebirth of the FPL’s best player, but to each his own. It was a welcomed development now that City has jumped back to the top of the table, and in even better news Sergio Aguero has once again reminded us why he’s priced at £13.2. I mean 5 goals in 20 minutes is quite the feat, unless you’re Robert Lewandowski, and it’s tough to not be excited by what we saw from the triumvirate of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, and David Silva. I want to own them all and if I hadn’t been so hasty in my use of the wild card I just might. We’re almost a quarter of the way through the the season and it’s probably just about the perfect time to use your wild card. You’ll have the entirety of the international break to pick and choose your players and the knowledge of who’s hurt and who’s healthy coming out of the qualifiers. Now back to our regularly scheduled Kun-stonishment! I’d like to see how many squads implemented the triple captain on Aguero this week. No chance there’s a higher scoring performance in FPL the rest of the term, unless it’s from Kun himself. As previously mentioned Kevin De Bruyne should not be forgotten in all of this. He was fabulous, and I’d happily buy him at the expense of Pedro or Hazard. He’s just a tick below Alexis right now in the overall midfield rankings, but it’s closer than one might think. Same goes for Silva. Funny how in the matter of a few weeks, we’ve gone from wanting City defenders over attackers, to City attackers over defenders. Honestly the later is probably what it’s supposed to be. Here’s what else I saw in Matchweek 8.


Yannick Bolasie, Crystal Palace £6.2 – Hail Yannick Bolaise! Run things rude boy! Big up! Beautifully headed finished, as Palace’s front line continually abused the Baggies midfielders. In particular Wilfried Zaha on Chris Brunt.

Wilfired Zaha, Crystal Palace £5.4 – In Opta scoring formats Zaha was second only to Aguero in beast mode levels. Problem is for every performance like this there are 5 meh ones. Damn you inconsistency.

Boaz Myhill, West Brom £4.7 – The Boaz does all he can to keep it clean but some days you’re just a victim of the 10 in front of you. Still the best keep in fantasy for my money. Problem is my net worth is £37.57. He was way off on the Cabaye PK.

Yohan Cabaye, Crystal Palace £6.4 – Finished the PK for Palace’s second tally. He’s not going to finish a ton from play, but he will see all the penalties, and there’s something to be said for that. His ball in to Bolassie on the first goal was a beaut.

Marko Arnautovic, Stoke City £6.0 – Created a ton of chances in the first half and converted on the only chance for either team in the first 30 minutes of the second half. Came off for a knock in the 69th minute. This game was like torture to watch. I fast forwarded through chunks on the DVR, and I never do that.

Graziano Pelle, Southampton £8.1 – The Graz owned this game, just droppin hair gel all up on the Chelsea defence. I immediately picked him up before the price jump. He’s got 4 goals and 5 assists in his last 5. He faces Leicester, Liverpool, and Bournemouth following the international break.

Sadio Mane, Southampton £7.9 – You can pretty much cut and paste everything I wrote about Pelle minus the tally numbers. Then again you’re only off by two goals.

Pedro, Chelsea £9.4 – Came in for the low down dirty classless 1 point “do nothing” 30 minutes. Thanks Pedro for locking in, also thanks for being an overrated piece of garbage eating up £9.4 of my budget with an arrow facing down. I’m not bitter at all……

Matt Ritchie, Bournemouth £5.7 – Looking for an up and comer on a discount, here’s your man. £.3 cheaper than when he came and looks like he could be coming on.

Glenn Murray, Bournemouth £5.6 – In his first start post Wilson he found the net and missed a PK. The missed PK is the lowest of the low in FPL. Nothing is close. At £5.6, he’s worth bringing in if you need a third striker on the cheap.

Heurelho Gomes, Watford £4.5 – Serious question who would you rather own Gomes or Myhill? Gomes is my answer. 5 saves, a penalty stopped and two bonus points, got to love a guy capable of getting you 9 points when letting up a goal.

Odion Ighalo, Watford £5.3 – 2015 is the year of Odion!

Riyad Mahrez, Leicester £6.5 – Got the day off going into the break, saving all those owners who captained him and vice captained Aguero. He’s the gift that keeps on giving, even when he doesn’t play he helps you. Mahrez FPL superstar, humanitarian, sous chef. I wonder what the number of Mahrez captains, Aguero vice captains was?

Jamie Vardy, Leicester £6.7 – Took the PK, scored the PK. Leads the Premiership with 7 goals. His price has jumped £.7 in the last 4 weeks. Reasonable to say he’s the number two forward behind Aguero at the moment.

Jeffrey Schlupp, Leicester £5.0 – There’s no denying he’s the best of the Foxes defenders for fantasy purposes. It always helps when he starts out wide in the midfield, rather than in a halfback role. Definitely worth the price if he’s playing on the outside.

N’Golo Kante, Leicester £5.0 – I don’t know if he’s going to be a regular starter going forward but he’s pulled 5 bonus points between two of his three starts this season. Worth a look in draft leagues or as a cheap Hail Mary in DFS.

Dieumerci Mbokani, Norwich £5.7 – They finally let Mbokani play a full half hour and he matched Cameron Jerome’s goal total over 572 minutes. Maybe just maybe Alex Neil starts him next week. Then again I’m not trusting a guy with two first names.

Jeremain Lens, Sunderland £6.5 – A beautiful finish was negated by a double yellow sending off, and a suspension for the next match. Which means there is no one even remotely ownable playing for Sundy in MW 9.

Dimitri Payet, West Ham £8.0 – I thought I was brilliant captaining Payet over Aguero. In most weeks a 20 point captain is amazing. In a week where you could have had a 50 point one, it’s a catastrophic event.

Manuel Lanzini, West Ham £5.3 – He got the start and setup Payet’s finish with a good attempt on Pantilimon. He’s a potentially interesting prospect going forward. His nickname is “The Jewel” after all. Talk about hyperbole huh?

Danny Ings, Liverpool £7.1 – In a perfect world Christian Benteke would have never signed for Liverpool, and Ings would have a regular starting job with no controversy. Unfortunately we live in an imperfect world where teams overpay for square peg players. Not sure if Rodgers sacking hurts or helps Danny boy’s value

Romelu Lukaku, Everton £8.3 – Knotted things just before the half on a lovely setup from Emre Can. I wonder if Can knows he’s on Liverpool? Bet he’s totally unaware that Brendan Rodgers was sacked.

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal £11.2 – I think it’s safe to say that Alexis is back. Hmmmm I wonder who called this a few weeks ago? I bet he’s extra handsome.

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal £8.4 – Good Ozil showed up today. Good Ozil frosts his tips and loves a good cry. Good Ozil celebrates Bauhaus’ catalog.

Theo Walcott, Arsenal £8.6 – I hope Olivier likes the seats on the Arsenal sideline, because he’s going to spend a lot of time there. What’s wrong with me? I’m actually considering bringing Theo into my squad.

Petr Cech, Arsenal £5.5 – This wasn’t a stand around clean, he made some stops to preserve the 3 goal advantage for the Gunners.

Matteo Darmian, Man United £5.8 – Was consistently abused by Alexis Sanchez. It was an all around mess for the Red Devils yesterday.

Christian Eriksen, Spurs £8.3 – Big day for the deadball ace, with the deadball brace.

Dele Alli, Spurs £4.9 – drew fouls to setup each of Eriksen’s free kicks, in turn he was awarded assists for each. Very interesting as a bottom of the bench option at sub £5.

Eric Dier, Spurs £5.2 – Picked up his 5th yellow card of the term, and will miss the next match. So much for all that extra points stuff for being listed as a defender, he’s losing ’em as quick as they’re coming.

Bafetimbi Gomis, Swansea £7.2 – Bafetimbi more like Baffletimbi! Amirite? I need this guy off my team. That means add him for next week. Because if you did the opposite of everything I told you to do you’d be in the top 1,000. But INSTEAD you listened to me. Shame on you!

Andre Ayew, Swansea £7.2 – Found the net for the Swans for the first time since August, we can only hope this is the start of another run of form. Well all of us who still own him.

Jefferson Montero, Swansea £5.8 – Absolutely abused Kyle Walker down the flank. Easily was the most dangerous player for Swansea on Sunday, probably for either club in fact. This was a much better game to watch than the United – Arsenal game, but you don’t need me to tell you that.


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