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With the launch of the official site (finally), we can now venture out into a brand new season of torture and mind-numbingly awesome fantasy footie.  I am excited.  It’s like Christmas in July, because if you look at your calendar, it is July and the season starts in less than one month.  That only leaves one month of making drafts of your teams, watching exhibition games and then tinkering with your drafts some more.  then hearing some more transfer rumors and yet again tinker with your template of a squad for Week 1.  I can almost guarantee that every person will use more then 100 total players before the season starts in some way, shape, or form to build a roster to their perfect team.  This is an ADHD sufferers wet dream to be honest.  And it is all free, their are no hits, so go crazy.  If this is your first time reading about fantasy soccer then welcome and where have you been?  If you are a seasoned veteran, then hello again and we are in for a 38-week adventure.  So strap in my fellow beautiful game warriors, it’s going to be another great year!

A few new things have happened in the game that I wanted to point out first before I started waxing poetic about some guys that I like this year.  First thing, is that there is a new chip to use at your discretion.  It replaces the all out attack chip and is called the Free Hit.  It basically allows you to make unlimited free transfers for a single Game Week. At the next deadline, your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Game Week.  Fairly simple, it’s basically like the Plan B of chips and is the perfect resolution for weeks where multiple teams blank and you need to revamp and either have used your wildcard or you wanna save it.  So it is a wait ’til the end weeks when the schedule gets wonky.

The next thing is that they have finally put into defined words the actual Bonus Point System.  The BPS has basically been an undefined universe of who gets bonus points or not.  Now they have defined points for every thing that contributes to you accumulating post game bonuses.  I don’t know if I still trust it, and we’ll have to wait and see if it is actual telling the truth.  Numbers do lie sometimes, regardless if they are right in front of your beak.

Sound good so far?  Good well join the Razzball EPL league using code: 188358-66431 and compete against your fellow man, woman or alien.  Cheers guys, and I will keep the content flowing in your direction on a regular basis.