The metric for team-building has always been to avoid the tippy top of defenders when it comes to price.  That problem is getting a lot harder this year as nine defenders are priced at 6.5 or higher, and another ten over 6.0.  We all like to save a buck here or there, but that is why I am here.  To buck the trend, come up with either really smart or really dumb ideas, or to just be some sort of comic relief in the world of FPL.  All of what I just said is true, it’s just in the eye of the beholder for smart/dumb ideas.  So this year I have seen the same trend and a lot of complaints from the FPL heads that defenders are too high and not worth it as they scour for usefulness in the lower tiers of pricing.  I am going the opposite way currently, and all it will cost you in the end is 2m bucks.  I got last years stats in my pocket, and I know they don’t always correlate. The beautiful thing here is that there are so many options on high priced defense that you aren’t committed to just go with the chalk guys.  Keep on reading… I made a fun chart for you to peruse, and will have more goodies after the jump!

I thought it would be important to show last year’s point leaders and the prices that they are now to show how defense is the way top go if you spend the extra few sheckles.  First is the comparison to midfielders with defenders inserted where they would fall points wise…

Name Last Yr. Pts. Price
Alexis Sanchez 264 12.0
Dele Alli 225 9.5
Eden Hazard 224 10.5
Christian Eriksen 218 9.5
Kevin de Bruyne 199 10.0
Gylfi Sigurdsson 181 8.5
Gary Cahill 178 6.5
James Milner 178* 6.5
Marcos Alonso 177 7.0
Heung-Min Son 174 8.0
Phillipe Coutinho 171 9.0
Cesar Azpilicueta 170 6.5
Victor Moses 168* 6.5

*Milner and Moses scores would be them as a defender last year.

  • Now, I understand that the list is littered with Chelsea players, but when you have the best defense and garner 17 total CS all season, it doesn’t hurt.
  • Going further down the list, the next highest scoring defender was new Man City guy Kyle Walker at 142.  His price is 6.5, and would fall in line with the midfielders at around 19 with the likes of Wilfried Zaha, Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana.  All priced above Walker’s starting 6.5 price.

Now the forwards…

Name Last Yr. Pts. Price
Harry Kane 224 12.5
Romelu Lukaku 221 11.5
Diego Costa 196 10.0
Roberto Firmino 180 8.5
Gary Cahill 178 6.5
James Milner 178 6.5
Josh King 178 7.5
Marcos Alonso 177 7.0
Sergio Aguero 175 11.5
Cesar Azpilicueta 170 6.5
Victor Moses 168 6.5
Jamie Vardy 161 8.5
Fernando Llorente 146 7.5
Kyle Walker 142 6.5
Chritian Benteke 136 8.0

From this chart, it gets far more obvious.  To me, you have to spend on the high-priced forwards in order to keep up with the Jones’s of the world when it comes to keep pace in season long tallies.  But when the defenders score on pace with basically the top-8 of the forward ranks, this goes back to where my two million in savings is coming from.  Spend on Kane, Lukaku, or a Man City striker of your choosing, but only pick two and the punt the third.  Go get a cheap option that will play every week, Dwight Gayle, Troy Deeney or even a Tammy Abraham.  Then load up on anyone of the number of defense that has a hefty price tag, because the price tag shouldn’t matter it is the points of return that matter.  This year, to at least start the year, I am looking to go with a 4-4-2 formation and if the match-ups are in my favor for whom I have for my 5th defender then even a 5-3-2.  Listen, I know trying to get you to pull away from the traditional way to do things isn’t the easiest thing to do, but when you have pudding and there is proof in it you gotta at least consider it an option…

  1. Butterfield says:

    Are you going to release a defender ranking before the start of the season? Who do you have as the top-6 this year? Do you think it’ll be similar to last year (Cahill, Alonso, Azpilicueta, Walker, Milner, Moses) or will someone else take a top spot (Baines, Daniels, Clyne, Lindelof, Kolasinac)?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Butterfield: will have a week one ranking based ranking for that particular game week. it will have some chelsea guys in it and some other guys that have good-great matchups week one. It’s hard to put in rankings for the entire season, it’s more of a week to week approach. Love United, Chelsea, Spurs, West Brom (to start the year), Southampton defenders right now and on the cheap side of things watch for newcastle/Huddersfield rotation for a 5th def.

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