What’s going on people of YouTube… Wait a sec. I’m not a Youtuber and this ain’t Youtube. Pearson here with a preview of GW2. Every week I’m going to be rounding up the players and fixtures you should be targeting for your FPL sides, along with all the the information you need to set your team up for the weekend’s fixtures. The Bankers are those teams I believe will be the week’s high scorers. I’ll include a list of the most likely goalscorers here, followed by all the clean sheet odds. Bench Fodder are the teams, and by extension players, unlikely to enjoy a good game week. They’re the ones to avoid or stick on the end of your bench. Finally, the Red Herring is the week’s biggest trap, a player or team I don’t think will deliver, in spite of prevailing opinion. So smash that like button, subscribe if you’re new… goddamit. Feel free to drop a commment below.

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The beloved clean sheet.  Coveted by all, ascertained by so few.  It is an allusive beast that lures you in with great match-ups and decent form and leaves you sobbing after relying on Bournemouth or Stoke.  I wish there was so anger algorithm for how late teams concede and complete take a poop on your fantasy week.  fear not though, last week's misery is this week's hope. As we head down the December trail of busy fixtures hunting points and lots of them.  The differentials and good run of fixtures are there for keepers and defense and week 16 is the beginning of some good runs, and unfortunately the end of some others.  So shift your funds around, get some in-form players and head in to the week with confidence knowing that what you have is the best you can do.  This pep talk is over, so here are the week 16 rankings for the FPL for keepers and defense.  Cheers!
Yikes folks, three-game weeks in 10 days and if you don't have the need for adult diapers, now may be the time.  Excitement personified!  This is the last stretch run of games that come in succession like this for the rest of the year, and if you are big proponent of taking a minus and not having it affect you this is the time.  I say that because if you simply take a minus a week for the next 3 and set yourself up with one player for the week, and one for the DGW in 34 w/ United, Soton, and Palace... you will be ahead of the game and hold onto that coveted wildcard for the better looking DGW fixtures after Week 34.  But what the heck do I know? Enjoy the week.  Happy transferring and here are the Week 30 FPL rankings for all positions.  Cheers!
This week's rankings are condensed like soup.  Add the double week, and you have yourself a meal.  There are a ton of one game options that could make sense to try and squeeze out some value.  And by ton, I mean maybe a handful.  Doubling up this week is all the fad, its like the regular Oreo good, but with double the filling.  So twice the sugar, adrenaline, and hype of regular game weeks.  Whether you choose to maximize your roster via the WC or one of the chips at your disposal, you need to have a minimum of 8 DGW guys playing this week in order to keep up with the Jones's.  United, Arsenal, and Liverpool look like the best three options to max out your roster to three from each squad.  Whether or not all players play both fixtures, well... I am not the Amazin' Kreskin and not the best guesser on the planet, second best maybe. So transfer wisely, use good judgement and if you need to take a minus to get points back in your chase now is not the time to be all scared of the repercussions.  You will make it up just on minimal returns of a guy playing two games.  So the minus is not a deterrent for success this week and Doubles rule all!  Cheers!
No need to break 'em up this week, as we are in a hurry.  So you get all the rankings, all in one handy dandy Swiss Army knife type useful thing-a-majiggy.  I know that's not a word, but spell your ambitions for a bit and just enjoy the rankings as they are.  If you wanted word-smithing, you would go to a more proper site that likes to stick it's pinky out.  Though in fairness, those are the same guys, who two weeks after I call out a guy, they make a proclamation of their own and endlessly promote themselves as genius.  Well congrats, to them and their vanity.  Pfffft.  So enough with the side-winding talk and the endless barrage of non-information.  Here is the Week 22 Rankings for the FPL.
Happy Cinco De Mayo Mis Amigos, and welcome to the second to last installment of our 2015 UCL Daily Fantasy Soccer coverage with Mondogoal. I don't know about you, but my pants are getting tight just thinking about tackling a couple of refreshing pints while watching these giants duke it out. Look at the freaking teams involved 1. Barcelona, who seem to make every UCL semi-final, Bayern Munich, who also make every UCL semi-final, and a good chunk of the finals, Real Madrid who are looking to not only win their 11th European cup, or Undecima, but also repeat as the champs of Europe, and finally the dark horse, the underdog, the Old Lady, the Hunchback, Juventus. These games have everything, literally everything. Don't believe me? Where else are you going to see a concussed polish guy in a mask, or the return of a decorated coach against his star pupil, how about Pirlo's beard/hair combo, or the unholy trinity that is Barca's front line, Ronaldo's handsome mug. The best part, two of these club's are goingstamp their tickets to paradise...I mean to Berlin, or as I like to call it freaky deaky sex land. So don't just sit idly by, get the juices flowing, get crazy, drop a whole $2 and reserve your spot in the UCL playmaker with a guaranteed pot of $100 smackeroos.  Take some chances you pansy! It's only money, you can thank your Uncle Ralph later.
I did enough talking for the both of us yesterday so I'll keep this intro short and sweet. We had a classic match between Liverpool and Spurs yesterday with the most unlikely of heros (Mario Balotelli) scoring the deciding goal. Today we have 6 more fixtures to discuss and a ton of FPL stars in action. Enough with the hellos and how do you dos, let's get on to it. Matchweek Preview, Week 25, Wednesday Edition.
I love when they crunch the weeks back to back like this till we get an overdose of FPL fire. 20 games in 120 hours, a virtual speedball of Premiership footie, a bender of non-Beckham but more Keith Moon-esque  proportions. We're just peaking now as the middle of our trip is upon us kemosabe. So get out your glow sticks and drink your water because this party don't stop till tomorrow night. We're going to cover the four Tuesday fixtures in this post and Tomorrow we'll post part two covering the final 6 matches. Why two posts you ask? First off I don't want to leave you postless on a Wednesday. Hump days suck enough with all those Camel enthusiasts running around with their jokes. I'm not going to add insult to injury and make it worse. So we're going to split these up like Smokey and his less evil twin Fruity. Who's Fruity? What?? Smokey never told you....? Well it's Smokey's estranged twin. Fruity works at an Avant garde nightclub in the City where all of the patrons must wear primary colors. It's a weird place, but that's Fruity, Smokey's less evil twin formerly conjoined at the foot. Enough about that, so onto the four matches from today's docket. We're looking at three even fixtures in Hull City v Villa, Sundy v QPR, and the jewel of the day Liverpool v Spurs, and a single one-sided affair in Arsenal v Leicester. Let's dig a little deeper and talk about some players to keep an eye out for Fantasy wise. It's The Matchweek Preview, Week 25....Tuesday edition.
Week 23 was an all around win for us here at Razzból FC. With this in mind I'm hoping to bring some more of that same expert advice to the table here. Forgive me for being cocky but United is playing well, the Pats won the Super Bowl, and I overtook Smokey at the top of the FPL-RCL standings. I'm also very excited for some great potential matchups here in Week 24. We kick things off with the North London Derby, follow that up with the Merseyside derby and finish the week with United traveling to London to face West Ham. Potential for lots of FPL fireworks if I do say so myself. So crack a cold one find a barstool, couch, or Barca Lounger and prepare to be entertained. Friends, Romans, FPL Countrymen, Matchweek Preview, Week 24.
BOOYA! Week 23 is here my loyal 13 readers. That's right we picked up a new reader just yesterday. So we're onto a bakers dozen. I know, shocking! Let's just all enjoy it until he figures out this isn't a cooking blog. Aaaannnnnd we lost him...good riddance that's what I say. As for things of actual importance like the games, and players in them, we got you. Even though the large majority of my thoughts are with my beloved Patriots and the upcoming Futbol Americano Super Bowl. I found the time to carve out a little bit of study into the upcoming matches, and have put together my players to watch and all the happy horse shizz I do on a weekly basis. The fixtures are strong this week for the home sides with several of the top homebodies drawing plush matchups against inferior road competition. We also have a showdown between the top two clubs in Chelsea and Manchester City, as they continue to battle for the poll position in the table. This match will have major ripple effects in the title race, as Chelsea find themselves 5 points up with the ability to create a near three game advantage. The only other top notch fixture on the docket this week looks to be Liverpool and West Ham. Each club finds themselves on the cusp of the race for the top four. Liverpool is a team on the up swing as they've reeled off a record of 4-1-0 over their last five. With top striker Daniel Sturridge returning to the squad there's optimism abound at Anfield. West Ham on the other hand is looking to regain form as they return striker Diafra Sakho to the lineup. No matter what the results are in the 10 fixtures, it's sure to be another enjoyable weekend of footie. Matchweek Preview, Week 23, enjoy. One last thing.....GO PATS!