In a week built to attack the lower level squads, I am advising everyone to treat this as a one off week.  Pick guys that help you now.  Whether that be defensive matchups in your favor like Stoke or Swansea.  Or even on the offensive end with Bournemouth and crazy as it may seem Brighton.  The lower level clubs for me are getting a ton of my fantasy eye as we steam roll toward week 28 and the potential for fixture shuffle.  The best part of that is that we will have a full two weeks before the next game week to totally overthink our teams and mess with it six ways til Sunday.  So if you are having a debate in your head for transfers this week, pick the better matchup as you see it on paper.  In form teams right now aren't the ones you may expect.  If at all possible to go into week 28 with a second free transfer by all means do it because Arsenal and City may be blanking there.  One extra in the bank is better for the heart, mind and fantasy soul.  Enjoy the week 27 fixtures and happy transferring. Cheers!

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I was going to write the day of the transfer window, but beer and holiday weekend gets in the way of productivity.  So if you have been waiting with baited breathe for the transfer Tuesday news then, well, breath again my friends.  We are now at a what you see is what you get roster situation until the January window.  In between that is a plate full of 18 games that stretch out to the new year.  If you started out blah and haven't wild-carded yet... what are you waiting for?  Setting up your team for the next four-five games is important and will make or break your attention span of your team from the later part of the year.  Take advantage of the next few days, build the value of your team and get that accumulated value of your team close to 101.5.  Transfer Tuesday is about fun with some views on what's what so take what I have to say not as scripture but more as a holding your hand as we cross the FPL street.  Happy transferring!  Cheers!
With the launch of the official site (finally), we can now venture out into a brand new season of torture and mind-numbingly awesome fantasy footie.  I am excited.  It's like Christmas in July, because if you look at your calendar, it is July and the season starts in less than one month.  That only leaves one month of making drafts of your teams, watching exhibition games and then tinkering with your drafts some more.  then hearing some more transfer rumors and yet again tinker with your template of a squad for Week 1.  I can almost guarantee that every person will use more then 100 total players before the season starts in some way, shape, or form to build a roster to their perfect team.  This is an ADHD sufferers wet dream to be honest.  And it is all free, their are no hits, so go crazy.  If this is your first time reading about fantasy soccer then welcome and where have you been?  If you are a seasoned veteran, then hello again and we are in for a 38-week adventure.  So strap in my fellow beautiful game warriors, it's going to be another great year!
Back-enders on a holy week.  On a short kinda-double holy week to boot.  As always, it's all about the cleans.  No matter what else happens, that is what augments the scoring for you.  So a brief but thorough look at this week's fixtures leads me to believe that the best bets for a clean sheet result are: West Ham @ Villa, Sunderland @ Man City, and Norwich @ Spurs.  These three, especially with special emphasis on several other matches that pit struggling offenses and poor defenses.  Add that with the usual smattering of stout keepers and defenseman, it should litter the ranks with tons of ideas and transfer tidbits for you to munch on in the Christmas/Boxing day aftermath.  So here's the rankings for the keepers and defence for the first game of the quick turn around before week 19.
I personally think that Beck was a liar, and this is where it's at.  The goods.  The realm of being for any fantasy footie team.  The differentials aren't what they should be here, because we all are chasing that same dragon.  We all roster the same players because, well, I like to think that we are all geniuses.  We aren't... but the way the game is constructed, the transfers limit us to simplicity one at a time or sometimes two.  So with that, this week's fixture offers a ton of intriguing options for the front 7.  Minus the City/Arsenal game, which from a personal perspective, seems like a wash.  It really isn't, but from the standpoint that the gusy owned are either owned all over and it helps everyone or they aren't and it helps no one.  I actually read that in a fortune cookie yesterday, so I am regurgitating words of wisdom from a individually wrapped cookie.  Relate that into your work week and onto your fantasy team.  Only good can come of it I promise.  Well here's the rankings for the scorers and facilitators of fantasy funk, the Middies and Striker portion of week 17 for the FPL...
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend! Step inside, step inside.  Well, it ends in 22 weeks, but that is a whole lifetime away it seems, especially with the beautiful string of nice weather going down in my neck of nape. So like every other Wednesday, we start with the back-enders.  The clean sheet OCD'ers.  To put it bluntly, if they don't keep a clean sheet, they better score.  Goalies on the other foot, never do anything but stand there with goofy gloves on that smell like feet.  Seriously, they smell like feet.  Go ask your local club keeper to sniff his gloves.  If he doesn't tell you to go screw, I bet he lets ya.  Let me know how the results work... I already know.  This week brings on some fixtures with some sneakiness.  Not extra sneaky but some that could be viewed by some (not me) as no-brainer CS options.  Yeah, I am really staring at the BOU vs. Baggie, Swansea vs. West Ham, and Chelsea vs. Sunderland fixtures.  They, to me, seem like a huge trap that Admiral Akbar warned you about.  My general advice this week is go with your gut.  I think the Baggies have a great upcoming set, and Chelsea are dead to me. Add in the Arsenal and City match, and the defense is a muddled up mess of mediocrity.  So enjoy the first installment of the Week 17 Rankings.  Cheers!
Every week, we rank positions for you as a gift.  So yes, you're welcome.  One day, when the earth stops revolving around yourself and you stop taking selfies of you and your pet, you can repay me in kind.  Until then, I will continue to churn out quality over hogwash.  So it's really Week 16 already, holy hell.  I think I picked the wrong week to stop doing crosswords.  So what are we looking at this week?... Arsenal, Spurs, United, and City look to have favorable match-ups for the CS potential.  Though with some more UCL games to be played and injuries to be sorted out from the two teams that played yesterday, it could make for an interesting Week 16 game of matches.  So here's the backpitchers that will be the CS wannabees and the questionable tally adders for Week 16 in the FPL.
Well we all knew that was coming, and we should have known it was this week too. Hmmmm am I talking about Kun's Kaboom or Brendan Rodgers sacking? Could be either right? Well Liverpool's newly vacant managerial position is certainly of less interest than the rebirth of the FPL's best player, but to each his own. It was a welcomed development now that City has jumped back to the top of the table, and in even better news Sergio Aguero has once again reminded us why he's priced at £13.2. I mean 5 goals in 20 minutes is quite the feat, unless you're Robert Lewandowski, and it's tough to not be excited by what we saw from the triumvirate of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, and David Silva. I want to own them all and if I hadn't been so hasty in my use of the wild card I just might. We're almost a quarter of the way through the the season and it's probably just about the perfect time to use your wild card. You'll have the entirety of the international break to pick and choose your players and the knowledge of who's hurt and who's healthy coming out of the qualifiers. Now back to our regularly scheduled Kun-stonishment! I'd like to see how many squads implemented the triple captain on Aguero this week. No chance there's a higher scoring performance in FPL the rest of the term, unless it's from Kun himself. As previously mentioned Kevin De Bruyne should not be forgotten in all of this. He was fabulous, and I'd happily buy him at the expense of Pedro or Hazard. He's just a tick below Alexis right now in the overall midfield rankings, but it's closer than one might think. Same goes for Silva. Funny how in the matter of a few weeks, we've gone from wanting City defenders over attackers, to City attackers over defenders. Honestly the later is probably what it's supposed to be. Here's what else I saw in Matchweek 8.
What a waste of money this Anthony Martial guy is huh? Pfffftt £36 million for what, a 19 year old striker from Ligue 1 with 11 goals in 52 senior appearances. What an awful buy! All joking aside it's looks as though Manchester United have themselves a striker ladies and gents. With three goals through 2 matches it's tough not see the value at a newly minted £8.2. That's cheaper than Benteke, Kane, Olivier Giroud, and Wilfried Bony. I'd take Martial over all four of those chaps at the moment, I'm not sure that's saying much though. It's undoubtedly true that Tony is that tip of the spear type player so desperately needed by United in the early going. His very presence allows Rooney to slip back into the playmaking number 10 role that he is most comfortable with, and that's best for everyone. The tough thing with Martial is predicting where he falls the rest of the season in terms of goal production, because after three games (including UCL) he looks like a 20+ goal guy. That total on it's face seems outlandish to expect from a 19 year old player with just two fixtures under his belt in English football. But he's shown a coolness in front of net that can only be described as world class. I understand that this paragraph has been heavy on hyperbole but it's an honest reflection of just how good his goals have been. His direct approach and ability to cut inside will only lead to more goals and opportunities for the United attack. here's what else I saw in Fantasy Premier League, Week 6.
This is how Sunday went; I woke up watched a really boring Spurs - Sunderland match, went for a run, took a shower, turned on Leicester City - Villa. The Lions surprise the crap out of me, go up 2-0, and I immediately start writing about how Leicester has peaked and that they've been figured out. The Foxes then proceed to score three goals in the final 18 minutes and win the game on a beautiful ball from Riyad Mahrez, headed by Nathan Dyer. The six minutes of added time that follow can only be best described as the Riyad Mahrez show. Every time this guy has the ball under his control Leicester could score. I wouldn't even  hesitate to say he's better than Eden Hazard right now. Not just in fantasy but real life too. So another week will come and pass and another Mahrez price increase will occur. It's just the natural order of things, the sun rises in the east, sets in the west, and Riyad Mahrez and Leicester rack up fantasy point and price increases. If you don't own Mahrez just get him. He's still cheap and the return is too great. Think Harry Kane November of last year. Here's what else went down on the FPL scene.