Now that the Champions League is finished for the week we can jump back on the FPL wagon and take a look at the match-ups that are more pressing in the official game.   Unfortunately rotations are going to be a major factor.  That and the injury to Paul Pogba.  His ownership is too much to look beyond.  My advice for him is this.  If you have owned him from week one then you can bench for the 2 weeks he most likely misses and not lose anything to your accrued team value.  If you only just bought him in the past 2 weeks then you can transfer out and look for some kind of reprieve for fantasy points.  But back to the rotation risks.  All of Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Everton are all at risk and the rankings will shy away from a few players that either played full 90’s or that didn’t see the pitch as much.  So be heady and keep your ear to the gossip for who will sit and who will play before making a atransfer this week in a trivial yet pivotal game week 5.  Enjoy the rankings and good luck.  Cheers!

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The biggest thing I always hear around the inter-webs is: will Davy Klaassen’s skill on the pitch translate to something of a fantasy commodity?  The best answer people never give is: we will see. Listen, I get that he is a well-hyped player coming over from the Eredivisie, but how will his skill be a good thing for Everton?  The Toffees have a bigger hole to fill with the departure of Romelu Lukaku, but that post will be coming in the next week or so… let’s stay with the guy who are going to be the facilitators of goals for himself and others.  Klaassen had 14 goals and 8 assists last year in 2800 minutes played in the play-making/attacking role for Ajax last year.  Now, the League is not on par defensively with what the Premier brings, but has it’s pluses and minuses to help it match-up a bit.  So we can say that Davy is going to be used in a similar fashion as he was previous and play behind the front two of Rooney/Sandro or both in some sets.  That is a good thing because I think both of those top players offer up different things that will unlock the midfield for the Dutchman.

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So do you like Fantasy Sports? Do you like soccer? Have you ever made a drunken bar bet and then been asked to not only justify your unjustifiable hubris, and then asked to actually come through and perform your favorite Nicki Minaj song in public?  Well, two outta three ain’t bad. … So, if you’re still with me, let’s see how a Novice fairs playing EPL fantasy soccer this season.  The pricing value scale will be as follows:

  • Buy. Just like with every new generation of the iPhone, you’re willing to wait in line to overnight to get this.  Full price be damned, this is worth it.
  • Grab. Lightning deal online. Get it now, the price won’t get better and it’s a good investment.
  • Avoid. This is that van that pulls up next to you at the gas station and says, ”Hey, wanna buy some speakers?” The answer is always no.     
  • Please, blog, may I have some more?