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It isn't a matter or who, it is a matter of how many.  Indulging in a salary cap league is the hardest itch to scratch.  It is almost like you have constant Alopecia rashes and are fiending for a longer stick to scratch your back.  The strain of contention I am basically going over here is the striker combination or combinations.  To me, it is a three-headed beast comprised of Zlatan, Diego, and Aguero.  The latter of the two coming back from their retrospective suspensions and are now on the docket for ownership.  The Aguero one has been gone over dozens of time by hundreds of fantasy experts. he is a must own player who offers what most can not.  The problem now is that the other two, Zlatan and Diego, may be the best bang for your buck combo going.  That is who I am advising you to go with... There is no wrong answer here because we all manage our own teams and have history with such and such a player and go by our own instincts.  But the numbers and form are completely in Costa and Iobra's favor, over bring in the 12.8 Kun.  Goals in quantity are there and the run of games are in their favor.  So go with the European duo instead of dipping into the warm waters of the South American.  Now that the forwards are out of the way, let's get to the other musings and stylings of the FPL transfer world.
Boxing Day Rankings!  That alone should be all that you need, but I have the gift of gab.  That and I think I am funnier when I am being all didactic.  The Monday slate is the goods, and then two solo games to follow.   Then a day of rest and then back at it again.  So the action in the FPL is fast paced, and not for the casual fan.  Which, if anyone is paying attention to the words around the Twitter speak, the zombie teams number (39%) is a staggering number compared to the number of teams.  I think that number is skewed by the number of teams who started bad and set the reset button, but whatever.  To each their own, I believe the expression is.  Regardless, we are in the here and now of Week 18 and here comes the FPL rankings for all positions.  Good luck with your transfer choices and Happy Holidays!
To transfer, or to not transfer, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them.  Maybe Hamlet was playing Fantasy Premier League back in the day.  You think he would transfer Diego Costa out?  My guess is: it depends.  It depends on your salary commitment to him, your timing in wanting to transfer him out and who you are going to bring in.  These are all the good questions.  Diego is scheduled to go down this morning, and due to his vast ownership, he will most likely go down once again before Monday's roster lock.  But these are all good things. My advice is drop him, or you should have dropped him immediately.  Wait it out, watch his price go down once or twice, and then re-buy in the next week.  I know it doesn't seem like a great strategy by using a transfer and then reinvesting it right back into the same asset, but it really does make sense.  He gets a rest for one of the games that he was probably going to get a rest for already so there is no guessing. You also may gain a penny or two and make it easier to transfer a big name like Harry Kane out in exchange for Diego in Week 19.  Because a Kane for Costa swap is easier to swallow than, say, a Kane to Origi swap.  I am only a vessel of interwoven knowledge here to guide your ship, not steer it.  So here are some Diego ideas for transfers and some other tidbits or transfer-ology.  Cheers!
If you are looking around like you stole something, and you basically haven't done anything, don't fret, you are amongst friends and in a safe place.  The week that happened, albeit an outlier based on it being midweek, was a weird and special week for everyone.  We all knew that Adam Lallana was going to go off (because I told you as such).  We even knew that Hazard was going to miss it two days before hand, once again a proclamation made by your's truly.  I do get more wrong then I do get right though... but we don't have to bring up old stuff just to make me look stupid.  We are past the sweet sixteen party and now are on to the young season getting it's driver's license.  So your insurance rates are going up because kids can't drive for pooh.  But let's concentrate your attention on the other side of the analogy, Week 17 of the FPL.  Most importantly, the transfer ideas and some strategy for the upcoming weeks.  It's fun thinking about more then one week, when they are more then two days apart.  So after this week, it won't feel like you have fantasy diarrhea and have to go change stuff every other second.  So get comfy as I am about to wax poetic on some stuff.  Cheers!
Short weeks lead to an abbreviated schedule... Everything feels rushed and out of sorts.  But rankings are rankings, they gotta be done.  So this week, I called in some helper elves, because why not?  Tis' the season for FPL cheer.  So I brought in my PIC to give me his perspective for the Week 16 rankings.  Kevin DeVries (@Kevrov) handles basically everything fantasy-wise that I do, and is my co-host on two separate podcasts we do together.  So if I trust him, you should as well.  He will handle the Keepers and Middies below, and I will tackle the Defense and Strikers.  A collaborative effort amongst the masses.  Here are the Week 16 FPL rankings for all positions!
The good thing is that the turn around for footie is minute. The bad thing is that the news in-between and the set-up preparation for it is slim. Very little room for error. Especially when it comes to transfers. With all teams basically playing two games in 72 hours time, it sets up for an interesting roster lock on Tuesday at 1:45PM EST. Questions surround almost everyone's roster. Will Sadio Mane get a ban for his actions, will Man City wake back up without Kun, what defenses do you trust for a clean sheet? All legitimate questions. I usually have all the answers, but for now, I am just like every other average Joe and waiting for news on stuff. But what I do know is who to target transfer-wise based on match-ups, form, and just basic drunken guessing. So hang right here for the rushed FPL Week 16 transfer targets and ideas. Good Luck and cheers!
I'm going back to full bundling-mode for this week.  I wanted to see what kind of sitters we saw midweek from the YCL line-ups, and I was right... they were zero-point "none" help.  So I do apologize if it completely messed up your OCD schedule of FPL goodies for the week.  Now go wash your hands again, and again, and one more time.  Cool?  Cool.  So Week 15 is upon us and it brings up a rampant schedule of three games in basically eight days.  What that means is mass hysteria, but in a good way.  For me, it just means from a constant standpoint: the next few days will be basically me typing, podcasting, and then retyping again.  No worries, I didn't really have a life anyways.  I am a man of the people and you my fellow readers are my people.  So a couple bits of advice for the first three fixtures we have, just in case I forget.  First, don't go super crazy with transfers to get a minus 8 or 12.  You get a free one in basically two days from lock.  Second, watch the yellow card situations of some players, kinda the Costa affect, but if a guy you are thinking about has 3 or 4 yellows and you are worried about the accumulation factor, downshift and transfer into someone else.  Third, enjoy your riches from Aguero.  You do not have to spend them all in one place.  Though I think it's impossible.  Save some for later, because he will be back.  Onto the ranks of the lads for Week 15 in the FPL, cheers and good luck!
With extra money breeds repetition. The allotment of funds and dispersal of them now that the 13m from Aguero is off the table leads to limited amounts of viable directions for FPL owners to go. Some view it as a windfall for their teams now that he is off the payroll, but is it really? His price and the money devoted to him makes owners have to scrimp in other areas like midfield, especially. Now they don't. Everyone will be owning Harry Kane and Diego Costa for the foreseeable month as they can now fit both players in and maintain a respectable team through the midfield. This is what Transfer Tuesday is all about. Talking stuff out or reading it in this case, to try and formulate the best possible tact for the next match week or weeks. So my first piece of advice is that you sorta have to go the Kane Diego route to keep up with the Fantasy Jonses' so to speak. You will be at a significant disadvantage if you don't as they are the best forward options going. So if you don't already that is your first pawn move of the week. Stay here as we get into the rook and horsey looking piece move in the Week 15 FPL transfer Tuesday chess game. Cheers!
We’re once again giving you our loves and hates for each week in a segment called “Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em”.  You should know the drill, but if you don’t, we pick one option from each position.  Pretty cut and dry, and quite simply… basic.  It is more based on my feelings and gut approach for the week upcoming and changes from week-to-week.  I look at match-ups and form to formulate my craziness.  It’s like musical chairs, without all the screaming kids and regretful feeling of loss. So sit back, relax, and have a look at who we would start and sit based on match-ups and value. It’s Fantasy Premier League Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em, Week 14 (plus a sleeper/under-owned fella that should be owned and isn’t).