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Boxing Day Rankings!  That alone should be all that you need, but I have the gift of gab.  That and I think I am funnier when I am being all didactic.  The Monday slate is the goods, and then two solo games to follow.   Then a day of rest and then back at it again.  So the action in the FPL is fast paced, and not for the casual fan.  Which, if anyone is paying attention to the words around the Twitter speak, the zombie teams number (39%) is a staggering number compared to the number of teams.  I think that number is skewed by the number of teams who started bad and set the reset button, but whatever.  To each their own, I believe the expression is.  Regardless, we are in the here and now of Week 18 and here comes the FPL rankings for all positions.  Good luck with your transfer choices and Happy Holidays!
This month is like a whirlwind covered in toasted almonds. Three match weeks in 8 days, and it only gets worse here after for the Smoke Dawg. With matches upcoming for Boxing Day and thereafter, there won't be a day off starting that game week until January 4th. That;s right that is like 9 days of consecutive football. So let's not get ahead of ourselves and concentrate on 17 and let 18-20 figure it out. As always, the rankings are based on the metric of form, fixture, and sense. So for you following at home, that would be FFS. And when something goes wrong, that is what we can blame and then shout what FFS actually means at someone close to you. Not at me, though I probably deserve it. Here are some rankings for FPL Week 17. Cheers!
Short weeks lead to an abbreviated schedule... Everything feels rushed and out of sorts.  But rankings are rankings, they gotta be done.  So this week, I called in some helper elves, because why not?  Tis' the season for FPL cheer.  So I brought in my PIC to give me his perspective for the Week 16 rankings.  Kevin DeVries (@Kevrov) handles basically everything fantasy-wise that I do, and is my co-host on two separate podcasts we do together.  So if I trust him, you should as well.  He will handle the Keepers and Middies below, and I will tackle the Defense and Strikers.  A collaborative effort amongst the masses.  Here are the Week 16 FPL rankings for all positions!
I'm going back to full bundling-mode for this week.  I wanted to see what kind of sitters we saw midweek from the YCL line-ups, and I was right... they were zero-point "none" help.  So I do apologize if it completely messed up your OCD schedule of FPL goodies for the week.  Now go wash your hands again, and again, and one more time.  Cool?  Cool.  So Week 15 is upon us and it brings up a rampant schedule of three games in basically eight days.  What that means is mass hysteria, but in a good way.  For me, it just means from a constant standpoint: the next few days will be basically me typing, podcasting, and then retyping again.  No worries, I didn't really have a life anyways.  I am a man of the people and you my fellow readers are my people.  So a couple bits of advice for the first three fixtures we have, just in case I forget.  First, don't go super crazy with transfers to get a minus 8 or 12.  You get a free one in basically two days from lock.  Second, watch the yellow card situations of some players, kinda the Costa affect, but if a guy you are thinking about has 3 or 4 yellows and you are worried about the accumulation factor, downshift and transfer into someone else.  Third, enjoy your riches from Aguero.  You do not have to spend them all in one place.  Though I think it's impossible.  Save some for later, because he will be back.  Onto the ranks of the lads for Week 15 in the FPL, cheers and good luck!
If you tuned in yesterday footie fans, I discussed the importance of a stout backbone in defense. Today it is all about the face men. They have stunning dispositions, a knack for saying the right thing at the right time when it comes to fantasy goodies, and are just downright sexier options than their defensive counterparts. I can't make this stuff up. I mean, I could, but why would I wanna? I have at least three other things to do than tell you pork pies and a bunch of rubbish that has no relevance over FPL outputs. Plain and simple, these are the guys we rely on for goals and assists. Plain and simple. Sorry Mesut Ozil, your two whole assists are not enough to come to the picnic. Fun fact: there are 8 defenders that have the same amount (2) or more assists than the mid-9 priced Arsenal midfielder. Yet he is still owned in 9% of leagues, gotta love the zombie teams in the near over 4 million teams. So when zombies attack, you usually get red arrows because it is an off week from your decision making process for fantasy. So to avoid the apocalypse of the undead, here is the Week 14 FPl rankings for the Midfielders and Forwards. Good luck with transfers. Cheers!
Can you imaging playing any sport, real or fake, without a stout backbone?  No, you just can't.  It would be impossible and your team would just fall to the ground like a pile of gelatinous goo.  The Keepers and Defense ranks are no different.  Without some semblance of structure, promise, and talent, you will be a pile of fantasy goo at the bottom of the ranks.  Take a look at the transfers in and out this week.  The must have defenders are starting to shine, and from my vantage point you should start your back five with a Liverpool, a Chelsea, and a Southampton defender of your equitable suiting.  There is no wrong answer here just what ever fits into your budget and common sense choice.  So think about that next time you go to make a transfer in or out to pump up your last line of defense.  So with that and all the other hullabaloo here is the Week 14 FPL rankings for Keepers and Defense.  Cheers!
It's a holiday here start side, so while I am busy feeding my stomach I figured, why not feed the masses minds?  No, my knowledge doesn't contain tryptophan, and has been know to make the casually follower nod off on occasion, but I will attempt to keep it light and airy and just enough ample room for dessert. This week's rankings feature some tough matches to call and with a lot of key fantasy cogs involved in just a few of the matches. Namely the Chelsea-Spurs match that could go either way in my head.  It will either be a defensive mastery by both clubs resulting in a 0-0 draw, or it could be a 2-2 affair with plenty of involvement by all parties. Add in the Liverpool match, the Arsenal, and City matches, and you get a few better ideas that draw you to be more comfortable with transfers in and captains choice.  None the less, it will be a fun Week 13 in the FPL regardless of what happens, because after all, it is still footie and that is better then having no footie.  So good luck on transfers, Happy Holidays to all celebrating, and here are some Week 13 FPL rankings for you to peruse while eating Turkey or just waiting for traffic to subside.  Cheers!
As expected, the day after is the prize. I touched on it yesterday that the annexation of positions this week was happening. Why? Because it has been too long since I got to gab on about players, transfers, and rankings. Now finally we won't have a break until March, which is straight cool chillin' for me. Games every week give me two or possibly three extra days to drink. Not that I need an excuse, but just in case my liver needed a permission slip, I have it handy. The rankings this week are starting to take shape from a standpoint of we know who we can trust, and who we can sorta gamble against. While that sounds good in theory, it sometimes isn't. Teams become too cookie cutter and the differentials all run together. Don't fret though, as I am always here to unearth the beauties that lie beneath the radar every week in the Transfer Tuesday/Wednesday posts and then again on Fridays with my Start 'em and Sit 'em. So now that we are formally re-introduced to the schedule, let's get down to the meat and potatoes of the rankings, compared to the starch of the Keepers and Defense. Good luck on your decisions of transfers in and out. Cheers!
Every now and again, I enjoy a good change. I usually lump the rankings together in one useful and worthwhile post. This week, I am going back to the old "stand me" by breaking down the rankings between the back-enders and the glory riders (midfielders and forwards). I thought no one would mind, because if you minded you would have told me long before now that you did and I would have proactively done what you asked. Smokey is a people pleaser! The Defense and Keeper ranks are the fantasy wheelchair to the other positions being the backbone. The clean sheet monsters are just that, clean sheet driven. Their sole purpose and most points given are based from that... Granted, I get that some instances arise where people go off and have goals, assists, or a large number of saves to add to their fantasy bounty. But that is few and far between, so let's just stick to the chalk here and get down to the Fantasy Premier league Rankings for Keepers and Defense. Cheers!