With the rankings of the midfielders and forwards this week, I have a boggle on my mind and I'd like a majority of opinions to help me figure it out.  The City midfield?  Is it just me or are the two guys we want to do something (Silva and KDB) getting pimped by the pair that we don't want or want to own more (Raheem and Yaya)?  It's funny, but it isn't a far-fetched question due to form currently... would the answer be so fast to say which pair you would rather own, KDB and Silva or Sterling and Yaya?   I know everyone's snap judgement answer would be the first, but it's getting to the point that Silva is getting pimped, points wise, by Sterling and Yaya, and DeBruyne is starting to feel that affect also.  Over the last four matches, the scoring is 33 combined for Silva and Kevin, 41 for Yaya/Raheem. At a salary discount of almost £4.0m, it is starting to make me scratch my head and think that a mixed up pairing needs to be made from the set of four.  It just sucks because we all know how great Silva can be, and how much of a pain in the ass Yaya can be.  Story over.  Go read the Week 21 rankings for middies and forwards now...

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The title should say it all, I know they play each other one of the fixtures but it's still double your pleasure double your fun.  Though I don't think this involves gum or the hot twins that promote that product.  Here at Razz-footie we don't have a female representative, unless you count when I lose a bet and have to paint my toenails a ridiculous color of fuchsia.  But that is a story for another time and a few pints between us to know that you are actually cool enough to know said information.  This week strategy is simple, maximize players.  You are going to be playing 2 Arsenal defenders, and one Sunderland.  Or if you are feeling frisky and wanna pull off the band-aids from your nipple nice and slow do it reverse.  It's your team or nipple, so have at it hoss.  So stick around as I break down the top XI defenders for the week of menopause, I mean 37.
Man this week looks skimpier than that time I was in Jamaica and some local guy said here you need to eat this plant.  Needless to say the dress code got a little luminous with my WASP colored pigment.  So with the four teams off this week, and alot of them considered usual suspects in the weekly rankings.  This week will look different,  you see that tree over there.  The nice bushy one with low lying limbs,  yea well I am going out it this week.  This week Aaron Cresswell leads the way for me.   Why?  Because his name sounds like a cookie company and he just so happens to play footie.  For my buck he has the best match-up of the guys in the top 10 this week as he takes on Palace.  Who coincidentally play in a stadium, not like the Taj Mahal or anything close to a Palace.  Freakin' exaggerators.  It's an off week with all the Chelsea names absent, the Leicester guys where they should be (not on the list) and the other top defenders face off against tougher squads or are just not in any form for fantasy value wise right now.  So take a look at the list that starts with Aaron and will probably end with another guy.  Cheers!
Short week, breeds short abbreviated rankings.  It could be worse, we could have just phoned it in and not done anything, completely ignored your question and completely shut down the Razzbol FC social media network. But we didn't, so you're in luck. Some key injury concerns this week and I am sure there will be a lot of Yaya Toure love on the wire, though I don't think there is a remote chance he plays after playing the full overtime match against Ghana.  So transfer wisely on the short notice week and any questions, we are always here to assist.  When we aren't helping old ladies cross the street of course.
1. Sergio Aguero, Man City £12.7 (vs. Hull) - If I could rank him higher this week, I would.  The laws of physics and the Justice League fan club of America strongly forebode it though.  So we are stuck at one, which really isn't bad because it's where he belongs.  See we have come full circle and we are still sort of friends.  Hull has only 4 points taken in last 6 matches and allowed 11 goals in that period, and captain band starts here this week.
It's a tough week for defenders.  Some tough matches against equally tough opponents have totally neutralized my powers of defensive persuasion.  Luckily, there are three fixtures that you can or should load up on, like your Noah and your roster is the ark.  Two-by-two my friends.  Abundance is bliss, excess is never enough.  Okay, I am officially out of cliches that make sense. Anyways, the gist of what I am saying is if you have the capacity to load up on Chelsea, City, or Liverpool defenders, please by all means, do so.  I don't need to sign your permission slip, or drive you there just do it.  Enjoy the rest of this week's rankings and as always good luck.
The rankings this week were supposed to be nice and easy. Diego Costa on top, because he hates being a power-bottom type fantasy option.  Then he has to go all stomp on Emre Can, and will be facing most likely be facing a three game ban.  Way to go!  I mean, what goes through the players minds that they aren't on camera at all times when on the pitch?  He must not think of all of us when he is doing this, as we all count on and rely on his goal scoring prowess.  I for one am more let down by everyone else because I preached about how he is to own in the Wildcard post.  Just sad.  So in three games, we will start over and figure out what's what, but until then, the show must go on as we enter Week 23 of the FPL down a man.  So peruse my rankings and let me know what you think.  Cheers and good luck!
It's like The Day After Tomorrow with this week's rankings, or also known as Week 1 after WC.  Yeah, we are getting all biblical with the defenders this week.  If you aren't good and don't behave, I will do a full mass with a full communion.  Now stop hitting your brother.  This week, the usual juggernaut defense's of Man City and Chelsea pit heads against each other and basically are neutralizing their play-ability.  That's okay, because if you follow us here, we explained and mapped out the ROS schedule in Ralph's Strength of Ranker, and it is augmented. Yeah, we got all types of vocabulary skills with our Wildcard Strategy.  So if you are late to the party, you owe us each a shot and a beer and about 15 minutes of reading.  For those of you that are on point, team all tidy lets just get to the Week 23 rankings, today the defenders of the crown, or goal, or what have you.  Good luck and cheers!
So the biggest question I keep hearing is predominantly about one thing, and one thing only...and I will finally answer it now. Yes, they are bugle boy jeans and they are most certainly comfortable. I wish that was the question, but the epicenter of the forward situation revolves around Sergio Aguero. I mean he is, when healthy, the best up front option in the Premier. The one problem is his health and how much burn he is going to get this week versus Arsenal. I see it this way, his price is a determinant for me to add him personally right now. If you have the loot to spare then don't listen to me and wait it out. Or you can just wait it out until next week, use your free wild card transfer and completely rebuild your roster into a down the stretch contender.  I see Aguero playing this week, but he isn't going 90 in no way shape or form. So roster pre-cautiously and have at least two other decent options up front. So now that we know about Kun, let's see where the other forwards rank this week. Cheers!
Before we get into the top 11 midfielders for Week 22, let me axe y'all a question. Who would you rather have Eden Hazard or Alexis Sánchez? You can't answer both, even if you own both. It's a tough call. On one hand you have Hazard, one of the top five maybe even three players in the world. A player who takes his team's penalties, plays every match, and who's dribbles are unrivaled. Hazard can create something from nothing. On the other hand you have the more experienced Alexis, a player who's taken England by storm since joining up with the Gunners during the summer. He's involved in everything and is head and shoulders the most dynamic player on the pitch for Arsenal in every match. Alexis is the better goal scorer of the two with 12 to the Belgian's 8. And though Hazard is slightly more consistent, Alexis is more capable of blow up's. Exemplified by his weeks of 16, 16, and 19, Hazard's biggest week is 14 and his next biggest week after that is 11. I don't think there's any right or wrong answer here, it's a matter of preference like boxers or briefs. Then again you can always take the "boxer brief" approach and just own both. I do...Midfielder Rankings for Week 22, read on.