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The biggest thing I always hear around the inter-webs is: will Davy Klaassen‘s skill on the pitch translate to something of a fantasy commodity?  The best answer people never give is: we will see. Listen, I get that he is a well-hyped player coming over from the Eredivisie, but how will his skill be a good thing for Everton?  The Toffees have a bigger hole to fill with the departure of Romelu Lukaku, but that post will be coming in the next week or so… let’s stay with the guy who are going to be the facilitators of goals for himself and others.  Klaassen had 14 goals and 8 assists last year in 2800 minutes played in the play-making/attacking role for Ajax last year.  Now, the League is not on par defensively with what the Premier brings, but has it’s pluses and minuses to help it match-up a bit.  So we can say that Davy is going to be used in a similar fashion as he was previous and play behind the front two of Rooney/Sandro or both in some sets.  That is a good thing because I think both of those top players offer up different things that will unlock the midfield for the Dutchman.

Last season, the Toffees were buoyed by the 25-goal performance of Lukaku.  They don’t have that option this year and if Everton wants to do anything remotely like they did last year, then they have to get goals from a number of frontal players as there isn’t one player on the roster capable of scoring 25 by himself.  So for the purpose of this we will say that Everton come close to their 62 goals from a season ago.  Which is just over a goal and a half per match.  Seems doable with what they look like on paper.  With a front of Rooney, Sandro, Mirallas, Barkley, and Klaassen, it seems that the goals will be spread around more, which I am here to tell you is a fantastic thing.

It is fantastic because they won’t cost you the price of a top flight team like Liverpool.  Where if you remember I said it would be bad to be so spread out.  See what I did there, full 180.  I like Day at his current price of 7.5.  I think there is some meat still left on the bone there.  If he repeats his stats from last year and goes 14 goals and 8 assists, you are basically looking at a Jamie Vardy-type return, not fantastic because Vardy wasn’t completely useful last year.  But remember Vardy was a 10.o player last year, not 7.5  I am expecting good thing from the young attacker this year, but am avoiding for the first six games of the year because the schedule is abysmal for Everton.  With games versus City, Chelsea, Spurs, and United wrapped around Stoke and Bournemouth.  Yeah, not good, and skip an Everton defender while you are at it as well.  Stat Prediction: 13 goals, 9 assists and 11 CS

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