What’s going on people of YouTube… Wait a sec. I’m not a Youtuber and this ain’t Youtube. Pearson here with a preview of GW2. Every week I’m going to be rounding up the players and fixtures you should be targeting for your FPL sides, along with all the the information you need to set your team up for the weekend’s fixtures. The Bankers are those teams I believe will be the week’s high scorers. I’ll include a list of the most likely goalscorers here, followed by all the clean sheet odds. Bench Fodder are the teams, and by extension players, unlikely to enjoy a good game week. They’re the ones to avoid or stick on the end of your bench. Finally, the Red Herring is the week’s biggest trap, a player or team I don’t think will deliver, in spite of prevailing opinion. So smash that like button, subscribe if you’re new… goddamit. Feel free to drop a commment below.
Arsenal have served up an interesting FPL conundrum for the new season, with £100-million worth of striking talent vying it out to lead the line for the north London club – and potentially one of the vital premium striker positions in your FPL side. This is not the time for mistakes, people. On the face of things, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (£11.0m) is the obvious choice and one of the stand-out picks in FPL: a world-class goal-scorer, proven over many seasons against the meanest defences of the Bundesliga. His arrival at Arsenal, six months after Alexandre Lacazette (£9.5m), blew the Frenchman out of the water. Aubameyang made more starts and scored more goals, including five in his first six appearances. Currently sitting in 21.8% of FPL squads, compared to Lacazette’s 4.4%, going for Aubameyang over Lacazette would seem to be a no brainer… But is it? I’m going to argue that things might be a lot closer between the pair over the course of the 2018/19 campaign. Lacazette is a penalty-box predator, in his second full season, and a tantalizing FPL prospect at £9.5 million – if new Arsenal boss, Unai Emery, hands starts to both of them regularly.
Who’s got the pedigree to step up to the Premier League this season? As the FPL season draws near, it’s time to consider those new faces coming to the top-flight of English football. This list will be drawing on some big names playing in top European leagues last season, as well as giving you the pick of the relative unknowns that others might miss. While it’s not the best idea to overload on new players, who may need time to adjust and acclimatise to a new team and a new league, sometimes it’s good to cast the net wide and take a bit of a gamble. For those prepared to face the winds of uncertainty, the upside is great – real value-for-money and differential picks – and the satisfaction of beating the herd to the next set of ‘must-haves’. Here’s ten new players for FPL in 2018/19.