Clear Choice: Mohamed Salah, Liverpool - The King of Motown faces off with Manchester City at Anfield, and despite currently recovering from injury, since it feels like forever since we last saw Salah, let's just pretend taht he's extra rested. City are nothing to laugh about on defense, especially now that they have John Stones fit for matches playing alongside Otamendi and Kyle Walker. Furthermore, Liverpool lost Coutinho since their last league match, but I think that means Mo Opportunities for Mo Salah. City's defense is good, but an early goal either way will open the play up and both offenses will be trying to one-up the other. I predict Salah to come up on top.
Our first Double Gameweek of the season promised big scoring from both Hammers and Spurs, but managers were rewarded by 3 goals each by both clubs. That's a goal and a half a match, hardly enough to validate any big roster shakeups that occured by many managers. Beyond the ultimate lack in offensive output, December Darling Harry Kane fell ill to sickness and played in a limited capacity as a sub., failing to score versus Hammers. For a shit ton of owners that triple captained Kane (yours truly included) and were frusted by a single digit "haul." It sucks, but it doesn't end your season. Guess what does make or break the second half of your season? Picking healthy players with good upcoming fixture stretches, while also taking into consideration the changing dynamics of starting XI's as more players are transferred in and out throughout January. Captaincy choices remain the biggest way to increase your single season rank, but don't let it cloud your transfer process.
Smokey is sick from all of the extra el-bees he packed on over the holidays, or maybe he's just sick from the very spirit of Christmas itself. Regardless, I'm taking a stab at the transfer biznass, or so they say. Before all else, happy everything! Hope you celebrated with as much football as I did, and if you didn't then shame on you and may the January transfer window epically smash your fantasy prem team to bits and pieces. We had some high scoring matches  featuring 28 total goals in 9 matches - with just one from Manchester City! - and we still have Arsenal v Crystal Palace to go as of Thursday morning. That's an awful lot with the league leading attack only netting 1.
Cuz picking captains is definitely a form of a degenerative and debilitating gambling addiction! Black Jack: If we don't hit black jack, then at the very least I'm going to double down on Raheem Sterling's last week's performance. He's in form, he didn't play midweek, and Man Shitty face Bournemouth at home recovering from a midweek match. I'd take a stab at you getting a big pay out by captaining Mistah Rahz this week.

Fixture Rank for Next 6 (GW19-24)

Rank Team Opponents
1 Chelsea Everton (A), Brighton (H), Stoke (H),                  Arsenal (A), Leicester (H), Brighton (A)
2 Man City Bournemouth (H), Newcastle (A), Crystal Palace (A), Watford (A), Liverpool (A), Newcastle (H)
3 Watford Brighton (A), Leicester (H), Swansea (H),                Man City (A), Southampton (H), Leicester (A)
4 Huddersfield Southampton (A), Stoke (H), Burnley (H), Leicester (A), West Ham (H), Stoke (A)
5 Man Utd Leiceseter (A), Burnley (H),  Southampton (H),  Everton (A), Stoke (H), Burnley (A)
6 West Brom Stoke (A), Everton (H), Arsenal (H),                      West Ham (A), Brighton (H), Everton (A)
7 Liverpool Arsenal (A), Swansea (H), Leicester (H),            Burnley (A), Man City (H), Swansea (A)
8 Arsenal Liverpool (H), Crystal Palace (A), West Brom (A), Chelsea (H), Bournemouth (A), Crystal Palace (H)
9 West Ham Newcastle (H), Bournemouth (A), Blank, West Brom (H), Spurs (A), Huddersfield (A), Bournemouth (H)
10 Brighton Watford (H), Chelsea (A), Newcastle (A),  Bournemouth (A), West Brom (A), Chelsea (H)
11 Bournemouth Man City (A), West Ham (H), Everton (H),          Brighton (A), Arsenal (H), West Ham (A)
12 Stoke West Brom (H), Huddersfield (A), Chelsea (A), Newcastle (H), Man Utd (A), Huddersfield (H)
13 Swansea Crystal Palace (H), Liverpool (A), Watford (A),      Spurs (H), Newcastle (A), Liverpool (H)
14 Spurs Burnley (A), Southampton (H), Blank, Swansea (A), West Ham (H), Everton (H), Southampton (A)
15 Everton Chelsea (H), West Brom (A), Bournemouth (A),      Man Utd (H), Spurs (A), West Brom (H)
16 Newcastle West Ham (A), Man City (H), Brighton (H),            Stoke (A), Swansea (H), Man City (A)
17 Crystal Palace Swansea (A), Arsenal (H), Man City (H),    Southampton (A), Burnley (H), Arsenal (A)
18 Southampton Huddersfield (H), Spurs (A), Man Utd (A),            Crystal Palace (H), Watford (A), Spurs (H)
19 Leicester Man Utd (H), Watford (A), Liverpool (A),      Huddersfield (H), Chelsea (A), Watford (H)
20 Burnley Spurs (H), Man Utd (A), Huddersfield (A),        Liverpool (H), Crystal Palace (A), Man Utd (H)
X gonna give the GW 18 picks to ya, comon!!! WHAT!? Top Dog: Lacazette, ARS - Pretty apparent that the week after Arsenal goes goalless versus a "reinvigorated" Hammers squad is an all too perfect a moment to drive Gooner fans mad. I forsee prolific offensive output from their £50m striker, as Waka Laca Flame played 8 minutes midweek, and Wenger will realize what a wanker he is after he plays a full 90 and bags a brace.
Just that real sh*t...
  • I'm El Presidente, I Run Tings: Coutinho, Liverpool - Young Philippe just dropped a hat trick on Spartak Moscow midweek on the heels of his Steve Nash reverse hatty versus Brighton, and threw in a goal for good measure. Side note: Steve Nash is a huuuuge footie fan, and actually looks tall as shit on the soccer pitch! Anyway, Sunday is the Merseyside derby, and while Everton are off two straight clean sheets, they are not going to stand a chance at Anfield. Philippe will wreck havoc on this Everton side that is mess at the back. Oh, and let's not forget that Coutinho is just turning up so FC Barcelona will fork up whatever it takes to get him come July. Salah's form has been nothing short of legendary, but Coutinho is feeling it. Meu Filho Phillipinho is the top captain pick for the week.

GW 15 Highest Scoring Forwards

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, etc  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Firmino, LIV 1 1 3 BP 12/15/67
Calvert-Lewin, EVE 1 1 3 BP 12/19/50
Morata, CHE 1 2 BP 8/11/83
Austin, SOU 1 1 BP 7/21/36
Diouf, STK 1 1 BP 7/9/54
Lacazette, ARS 1 6/13/64
Murray, BHA 1 6/9/44
Gayle, NEW 1 6/8/25
Bony, SWA 1 6/9/17
Rooney, EVE 1 1 CS 5/20/62
Crouch, STK 1 5/8/31
Jesus, MCI 1 1 YC 3/12/74
  • Firmino is a troll.
  • Morata will be returning quite regularly - although maybe not huge hauls - with Hazard looking like he's rounding into top form.
  • The two forwards already mentioned are the only ones with likeable fixtures from the bunch. I'm probably not playing a third forward for a while and try to get prolific scoring from my midfield and defense.

GW 15 Highest Scoring Midfielders

Player, Team Goals Assists Bonus Points, Cards, PK, CS  Total Score (Week/Last 3 Weeks/Season)
Coutinho, LIV 1 3 2 BP 18/20/63
Hazard, CHE 2 3 BP 15/24/68
Lingard, MUN 2 3 BP 15/27/43
Fraser, BOU 1 3 BP 10/11/19
Sigurdsson, EVE 1 1 BP, 1 CS 9/21/47
David Silva, MCI 1 2 BP 9/11/78
Gray, LEI 1 1 CS 8/10/37
Can, LIV 1 1 BP 8/13/36
Allen, STK 1 3 BP 8/12/36
Shaqiri, STK 1 2 BP, 1 YC 8/19/69
Eriksen, TOT 1 3 BP 8/12/77
Surman, BOU 1 2 BP 7/12/57
Son, TOT 1 7/10/44
Ramsey, ARS 1 1 BP 6/22/79
Mahrez, LEI 1 1 CS 6/17/75
Salah, LIV 1 5/25/113
Martial, MUN 1 5/16/63
Pogba, MUN 2 1 RC 5/13/56
Dembélé, TOT 3 BP 5/8/20
De Bruyne, MCI 1 1 YC 4/19/91
Redmond, SOU 1 4/6/37
Cleverly, WAT 1 4/9/46
  • Sigurdsson has now returned in 4 straight matches, totaling 2 goals and 2 assists for 8/7/5/9 for 29 points after not having a single return through the first 11 weeks.
  • Shaqiri's last 6 matches: 5/13/5/9/2/8 for a total of 42 points (3 goals and 2 assists).
  • Hazard is flying high again and I'm slightly ina  bind to bring him in with 3 Chelsea assets. If you can get him, do so.
  • "Pogba is the most important attacking player on Manchester United, and while I know Jose Mourinho will need him for every match, you have to think his biggest concern will be to keep him healthy until Champions league enters the knockout stages (these fall between GW 27-28 and GW 29-31. Pogba absolutely has great value while priced at £8.0m, as he remains cheaper than any of the big Man City MFs and will definitely feast against poor defensive teams; just be warned he might not always go the full 90 as Mourinho will very carefully manage his overall fitness." - myself 2 weeks ago.
    • Well, he's definitely getting his fitness managed. Out with a 3 game suspension until December 23rd from a redcard from stamping down on Hector Bellerín. Sell and upgrade to Hazard, or maybe speculatively add Jesse Lingard. He's played 87 and 75 minutes over the last two weeks, the most in back to back matches he's had all season. Oh, Could be a sneaky play to fill in for Pogba at £5.8m. After they play home to city, ManU are home to Bournemouth and away to West Brom. Great punt.
  • Will Hughes is hurt! Bummer, I'll only be looking to add him once he's played a full 90. Doucoré looked dangerous versus Spurs, I'd add him if you need a cheap £5.4m. GW16 Watford faces away to Burnley, followed by Crystal Palace (A), Huddersfield (H), Brighton (A), Leicester (H) and Swansea (H) to end 2017.
  • Eriksen got a return. I'd still sell there and get some Hazard.