Every year, the hype wagon and subtle love affair for the promoted teams players happens.  It happens, sorry not sorry, but it does.  They come in with their Championship league stats all shiny and got the fantasy world by the tail.  I get it, they did great things in a league that is below the Premier.  For the official game, they have an additional appeal because we have seen it in the past that they can rise to be a useful cheap piece.  Deeney years ago, Andre Gray after that, and now we are hit with the influx of familiar names that have played in the Premier and are now back… at a discount now.  The fantasy attributes that Brighton, Huddersfield, and Newcastle boast have some usefulness as salary fillers or just a plain dump in some cases.  Because the four-buck defender still happens. So today we are focusing on some of the better fantasy options from the promoted squads and how they can aide in your quest to build the perfect XI or XV if we are being completely honest.  Because those four bench spots still matter when you are comprising your roster with a 100m budget.  So enjoy the kind words about this years crop of promoted players, you may or may not hear their names again this year so get a pad and pencil ready or since we have technology earmark this page with a cool bookmark that you got from the school library.  Cheers!

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